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Effective Drum and Pail Handling Equipment for Safe Industrial Material Transport and Storage

Effective Drum and Pail Handling Equipment for Safe Industrial Material Transport and Storage

Introduction to Drum and Pail Handling Equipment

Drums and pails are common containers used to transport, store, and dispense liquids, powders, and granulated materials in industrial and commercial settings. However, manually handling drums and pails can be labor intensive, unsafe, and result in spills or injuries. Using proper drum and pail handling equipment can greatly improve efficiency and safety when working with these containers.

Common Drum and Pail Handling Challenges

Manually handling drums and pails often involves risks such as:

  • Injuries from lifting heavy containers
  • Sprained muscles from awkward movements
  • Spills and leaks from tilting containers
  • Contamination from open tops while dispensing

These issues can reduce productivity and profits. Investing in drum and pail handling equipment provides an ergonomic material handling solution.

Types of Drum and Pail Handling Equipment

There are several types of equipment designed specifically for drums and pails:

Drum liftersDesigned to lift drums for dispensing or emptying contents
Drum trucksUsed to transport drums safely around a facility
Drum rotatorsRotate drums to mix, blend or agitate materials
Drum pumpsPump liquids out of drums safely and cleanly

Drum Lifters

Drum lifters safely raise drums off the ground for pouring or dispensing contents. They use hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical lifting mechanisms. Drum vises securely grip the drum for controlled pouring at any angle.

Drum Trucks

Drum trucks have wheels and drum cradles allowing safe movement. Models include standard two-wheel hand trucks or four-wheel carts moved by hand or powered vehicles. They prevent spills with security bars and drum restraints.

Using proper drum and pail handling equipment improves efficiency and safety when working with these awkward containers. Investing in the right equipment helps prevent injuries, spills, and contamination in industrial facilities.

Common Drum and Pail Handling Challenges

Drums and pails are used to store and transport liquids, powders, and granulated materials in many industries. However, manually handling these heavy, awkward containers presents safety and efficiency challenges.

Ergonomic Strains and Injuries

Lifting, tilting, and moving drums often requires awkward postures that strain muscles and joints. Common injuries include:

  • Back injuries from bending and twisting
  • Arm and shoulder strains from lifting heavy loads incorrectly
  • Slips, falls, and crushed feet from mishandling drums

A study by NIOSH found that handling 60-120 lb drums manually results in a high incidence of lower back disorders and injuries.

Spills and Leaks

Tilting heavy drums by hand often causes spills and leaks. For example:

  • Tilting a 55-gallon steel drum to dispense liquid requires force that can cause sudden spills.
  • Plastic drums flex and deform when tipped, resulting in splashes and spills.
  • Loose drum closures and bungs result in leaks when transported or stacked.

Spills create hazardous slip and fall risks and product loss.


Pouring from open drums exposes materials to external contaminants. This can compromise product purity and quality.

Efficiency and Productivity Losses

Manual drum handling is time consuming and labor intensive. Workers expend high effort moving heavy loads instead of performing value-added tasks. This lowers productivity and utilization.

Improper drum handling results in product loss, workplace hazards, injuries, and reduced efficiency. Implementing ergonomic drum handling equipment improves safety and productivity.

Types of Drum and Pail Handling Equipment

Several types of specialized equipment are designed to efficiently and safely handle drums and pails in industrial environments.

Drum Lifters

Drum lifters raise drums off the ground for dispensing or emptying contents. Models include:

  • Drum handlers - grip drum rim for lifting and tilting
  • Drum vises - clamp around drum for secure lifting
  • Drum grabs - lift from drum underside using chains or hook mechanisms

Powered drum lifters use hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric operation. They enable precise positioning at any height or angle.

Drum Trucks

Drum trucks transport drums around facilities. Types include:

  • 2-wheel hand trucks - manually operated for moving 1-2 drums
  • 4-wheel platform trucks - motorized or hand operated
  • Forklift drum clamps - lift drums via forklift

They provide stability and prevent rolling or shifting during transport. Drum restraints and cradles keep the drum centered and secure.

Drum Rotators

Drum rotators turn drums up to 300 rpm for mixing, blending, or agitating contents:

  • Horizontal rotators - drum rests on side and turns on shaft
  • Vertical rotators - drum remains upright while rotating
  • Tumblers - drum rolls and tumbles inside enclosure

Variable speed control allows adjusting rotational speed for specific applications.

Drum Pumps

Drum pumps safely transfer liquid products out of drums without exposure to contaminants. Types include:

  • Electric drum pumps - protect liquid integrity and purity
  • Pneumatic pumps - offer precise flow control
  • Drum pump kits - provide tap, spout, and pump in one kit

Using the right drum handling equipment improves efficiency and prevents injuries when working with drums and pails.

Drum/Pail Trucks

Drum/pail trucks are equipment designed to transport and mobilize drums and pails around work facilities. They provide a safer, more efficient alternative to manual drum handling.

Benefits of Drum/Pail Trucks

Using drum trucks offers several advantages over manual drum transport:

  • Prevents injuries from lifting and carrying heavy drums
  • Increases productivity by speeding up drum transport
  • Reduces spills and leaks with drum restraint systems
  • Easy operation requiring minimal worker effort
  • Hand trucks allow moving 1-2 drums; motorized trucks handle multiple drums

Drum trucks improve drum handling efficiency and safety in industrial environments.

Types of Drum Trucks

Common drum truck types include:

  • Two-wheel hand trucks - Worker tilts and rolls drum into place. Handles 1-2 drums up to 500lbs.
  • Four-wheel platform trucks - Motorized or manual models hold drums on platform. Larger capacity.
  • Stati

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    What Are The Different Types Of Drum Handling Equipment Available??

    Drum handling equipment is essential for the safe and efficient handling of drums and barrels. Here are some of the different types of drum handling equipment available:

    1. Transport Drum Handling Equipment
  • Drum Trucks
  • Drum Porter
  • Drum Gripper
  • Drum Positioner
  • Drum Grab
  • Drum Rotator
  • Drum Lifters
  • Drum Clamp
    1. Lifting Drum Handling Equipment
  • Drum Handler
  • Forklift Drum Attachments
  • Drum Lifting Hooks and Slings
    1. Tilting Drum Handling Equipment
  • Drum Cradles
  • Drum Upenders
  • Drum Dumpers
  • Drum Stackers
    1. Drum Storage Equipment
  • Drum Storage Racks
  • Drum Cabinets
    1. Other Drum Handling Equipment
  • Drum Crushers and Compactors
  • Drum De-Headers/Openers
  • Drum Tumblers and Rollers
  • Each type of drum handling equipment has its own unique features and benefits. It is important to choose the right equipment for your specific needs to ensure safe and efficient handling of drums and barrels.