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Get Organized: 50+ Clever Craft Room Storage Solutions for Fabric, Tools, and Supplies

Get Organized: 50+ Clever Craft Room Storage Solutions for Fabric, Tools, and Supplies

Keep Your Craft Room Organized and Tidy

Having an organized craft room can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your creative hobbies. Clutter and mess can quickly take over the space, leaving you frustrated and unable to find what you need. With some simple storage solutions and regular maintenance, you can keep your craft room in tip-top shape.

Best Storage Solutions for Fabric

Fabric has a tendency to pile up and take over craft rooms. Keep your yardage, scraps, and works-in-progress under control with these storage ideas:

  • Clear plastic bins or storage boxes to neatly stack folded fabric
  • Hanging shelves or cubbies to store and display folded fabric yardage
  • Over-the-door fabric holders to hang large cuts of fabric
  • Under-the-bed containers to utilize vertical storage space

Organizers and Containers for Sewing Notions

Tiny items like thread, buttons, pins, and more can quickly become a jumbled mess. Use containers and organizers to keep these notions tidy:

  • Plastic tackle or small parts organizer for thread spools, buttons, snaps
  • Magnetic pin bowls or strips to hold pins and needles
  • Clear plastic bins for categorizing notions
  • Turntables or lazy susans to easily access storage

Racks, Shelves and Drawers for Tools and Materials

Give everything its own dedicated storage space with organizers like:

  • Wall-mounted pegboards with hooks to hang rulers, scissors, and other tools
  • Drawer organizer trays for small containers of paints or glues
  • Spice racks repurposed for spools of ribbon and trim
  • Shelving units to store baskets of supplies

Portable Options for Crafting On-the-Go

Make your projects portable with carrying cases and containers:

  • Tote bags or craft caddies to hold essential tools and supplies
  • Plastic cases or zippered pouches for transporting projects
  • Tackle boxes, fishing vest, or aprons with ample pockets
  • Portable drawer organizers that can be brought anywhere

Tips for Decluttering and Maintaining Order

Here are some tips for keeping your craft room clutter-free:

  • Go through your stash regularly and donate/trash unused items
  • Assign everyday items like scissors and adhesives a designated home
  • Use baskets, bins and bulletin boards to conceal clutter
  • Label storage containers so you know what's inside
  • Break down larger goals into individual tasks to prevent feeling overwhelmed

With some thoughtful organization and storage, you can enjoy your favorite creative hobbies in a tidy, inspiring space.

Best Storage Solutions for Fabric

For sewers, quilters and crafters, fabric can quickly take over any storage space. Neatly organizing fabric keeps it protected and makes projects easier to start. With the right storage solutions, you can effectively organize fabric yardage, scraps, tools and more.

Clear Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are a crafter's best friend when it comes to organizing fabric. Look for stackable bins with lids in a variety of sizes to:

  • Store folded fabric yardage upright to easily see your options
  • Separate scraps or remnants by color, pattern or fabric type
  • Keep projects-in-progress protected from dust, pets or spills

Hanging Shelves

Install hanging shelves or cubbies to neatly store folded fabric. This allows you to:

  • Easily view entire yardage pieces
  • Group coordinating fabrics for specific projects
  • Access fabric without having to unfold and refold

Over-the-Door Fabric Holders

Long cuts of fabric can be neatly stored and accessed with over-the-door fabric holders:

  • Hang over closet doors to keep yardage wrinkle-free
  • Install on craft room doors or walls to save floor space
  • Allows fabric to be stored full width for easy cutting

Under the Bed Storage

Utilize the often neglected space under your bed to store fabric with:

  • Underbed boxes or bins to stack yardage flat
  • Roll up yardage around empty gift wrap tubes
  • Store rolled fabric in underbed bags with handles for pulling out

Small Parts Organizers

Plastic small parts organizers are perfect for keeping notions, scraps and tools tidy:

  • Store thread spools upright in adjustable divisions
  • Use tiny compartments for buttons, snaps, embellishments
  • Keep scissors, seam rippers and other gadgets from getting lost

Invest in quality fabric storage solutions to save time, keep your creative space organized and make your projects go smoothly.

Organizers and Containers for Sewing Notions

A crafter's notions—thread, pins, buttons and more—can easily become a jumbled mess without proper storage. It's frustrating to rummage for supplies when inspiration strikes. Get organized with practical storage solutions for all your sewing notions.

Plastic Tackle Boxes or Small Parts Organizers

Angler's tackle boxes or plastic small parts organizers have adjustable compartments perfect for tiny sewing supplies like:

  • Thread spools - stand upright in adjustable dividers
  • Buttons, snaps, hooks - keep types separate in compartments
  • Bobbins - a place for every spool and every spool in its place

Magnetic Pin Bowls

Never go hunting for a stray pin again. Magnetic pin bowls corral pins and needles safely in one spot. Look for bowls that:

  • Are sized appropriately for your notion stash
  • Feature strong magnets to catch pins and needles
  • Have a weighted bottom for stability

Clear Plastic Bins

See-through plastic bins are ideal for categorizing notions while keeping them visible. Label bins by type like:

  • Fasteners - hooks, eyes, snaps, buttons
  • Zippers and other closures
  • Interfacings, stabilizers and batting

Lazy Susans

Turntables or lazy susans allow easy access to notions without having to move bins and boxes around. Great for placing on:

  • Shelves - spin to find thread, buttons etc.
  • Work table - access tools and supplies while sewing
  • Inside larger bins - rotate to see full contents

Portable Storage

Tote your notions anywhere with portable cases like:

  • Makeup bags or pouches for small tools and fasteners
  • Multi-compartment fishing tackle boxes
  • Small parts organizers with handles for easy transport

Organized sewing notions make projects easier and more enjoyable from start to finish!

Racks, Shelves and Drawers for Tools and Materials

Every crafter needs a specialized space to store all their supplies and creations. Racks, shelves and drawers keep your craft room tidy and make tools accessible when inspiration strikes.

Wall-Mounted Pegboards

Utilize vertical wall space and keep frequently used tools right at your fingertips with pegboard panels. Add hooks to hang:

  • Rulers, stencils and French curves
  • Scissors, snips and rotary cutters
  • Pliers, tweezers, hole punches

Drawer Organizer Trays

Insert small parts trays or cutlery trays into drawers to neatly arrange and separate:

  • Paints, glues, adhesives and inks
  • Brushes, sponges, droppers
  • Mixing palettes and water containers

Repurposed Spice Racks

Make use of wall-mounted spice racks to store and display:

  • Spools of ribbon, trim, rickrack
  • Embellishments like buttons, charms, beads
  • Packages of smaller items like fasteners, elastic

Shelving Units

Open or closed storage cubes and bookshelves allow you to organize by:

  • Project - yarn for crochet, paper for scrapbooking etc.
  • Color or style - vintage papers, floral fabrics
  • Material or medium - cross stitch floss, acrylic paints

Baskets and Bins

Woven baskets or plastic bins fit neatly on shelves for categorizing:

  • Embellishments - ribbons, buttons, beads
  • Hand tools - pliers, clippers, picks
  • Ongoing projects - works-in-progress

Creative storage solutions keep your craft area organized so you can find what you need when inspiration strikes!

Portable Options for Crafting On-the-Go

Crafters shouldn't have to stay cooped up in their craft room! Portable storage solutions allow you to take projects and supplies anywhere inspiration strikes.

Tote Bags and Craft Caddies

Tote your hand tools, notions and project essentials in portable bags and cases like:

  • Canvas tote bags with plenty of pockets
  • Zippered vinyl craft caddies
  • Utility bags or tool belts with built-in organizers

Plastic Cases

Hardshell plastic cases protect delicate works-in-progress from crushing or spills:

  • Toolboxes for paints, brushes, tools
  • Small parts organizers for beads, buttons, fasteners
  • Quilted bags with handles for fabric and sewing projects

Fishing Vest

A fishing vest transforms into a wearable crafter's tool belt with:

  • Multiple large and small pockets
  • Tool holders and attachment points
  • Lightweight, hands-free mobility

Portable Organizers

Compact containers designed for portability keep essentials organized:

  • Drawer organizer cases
  • Interlocking modular storage cubes
  • Collapsible crates and buckets

With the right portable storage, crafters can stitch, scrap, glue and create on adventures near and far!

Tips for Decluttering and Maintaining Order in Your Craft Room

Even the most organized crafter can experience clutter creep in their creative space. By regularly decluttering and establishing maintenance habits, you can keep your craft room clutter-free.

Go Through Your Stash

Set aside time each season to go through your craft supplies and declutter. Be ruthless and honest about what you actually use. Donate or trash:

  • Dried up paints and glues
  • Fabric scraps smaller than fat quarters
  • Yarn and ribbon where less than a 1/4 skein remains

Assign Every Item a Home

Clutter accumulates when things don’t have a designated stash spot. Give every item a “home” so it can be returned to its place. For example:

  • Store colored pencils in a desktop caddy
  • Hang scissors on a pegboard hook
  • Keep ongoing projects neatly in cubbies

Use Baskets to Conceal Clutter

Baskets corral messy-looking clutter while adding style. Use baskets to store:

  • Yarn, threads and ribbons
  • Embellishments like buttons, beads, pom poms
  • Works-in-progress off your worktable

Label Storage Containers

Use labels so you and others know what’s inside boxes and bins without opening them. Label:

  • Fabric bins with type and print
  • Project totes with name of contents
  • Shelves with item categories

Do Small Organizing Tasks Daily

Maintain order by doing quick daily tasks like:

  • Wiping down countertops
  • Restocking notion supplies at your workspace
  • Putting tools back on pegboards

Staying on top of messes prevents your craft room from becoming a disaster zone.

How Amazon Prime Benefits Crafters Needing Storage Solutions

For crafters who are regularly buying storage and organization supplies, an Amazon Prime membership provides many useful benefits.

Free Two-Day Shipping

Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping on eligible items. This allows crafters to quickly receive storage items like:

  • Plastic bins and baskets
  • Wall mounts and racks
  • Drawer organizers and trays
  • Craft caddies and portable bags

Without paying shipping fees, crafters can frequently replenish supplies and try out new storage solutions.

Amazon Prime Pantry

Prime members have access to Amazon Prime Pantry for discounted shipping of household essentials. This allows economical ordering of craft storage items like:

  • Clear plastic bins and containers
  • Labels, hooks and racks
  • Small parts organizers and hardware

Prime Early Access

For craft supplies that are new releases or high demand, Prime Early Access allows members first dibs on the inventory. This ensures crafters can get hot storage solutions before they sell out, like:

  • Just-launched personalized storage systems
  • Trendy limited-edition craft organizers
  • Must-have tools and gadgets

Prime Savings and Deals

Exclusive Prime member deals can offer big savings on pricey storage items. Members may benefit from discounts on:

  • High-capacity multi-drawer cabinets and carts
  • Luxury rotating cutting and sewing tables
  • Designer fabric racks and cabinetry

A Prime membership provides crafters with convenient, affordable access to specialty storage solutions.

What Are The Best Storage Solutions For Sewing Supplies??

Here are some of the best storage solutions for sewing supplies:

  1. Thread racks: Keep your thread spools neat and easily accessible with a thread rack. Choose from wall-mounted racks or stand-alone racks with varying capacities.
  2. Fabric organizers: Avoid wrinkling and creasing by storing your fabric in a way that keeps it flat and organized. Use fabric organizers to keep your fabric stash in check.
  3. Storage boxes: Keep your sewing supplies organized and within reach with storage boxes. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs.
  4. Wall-mounted solutions: Make use of your wall space by installing wall-mounted storage solutions. These can include shelves, pegboards, and other creative options.
  5. Portable storage: Keep your sewing supplies organized on the go with portable storage solutions like sewing baskets and travel cases.
  6. Jars and containers: Use jars and containers to store small items like buttons, zippers, and other notions. These can be both functional and decorative.
  7. Repurposed items: Get creative and repurpose items like bookcases, toolboxes, and kitchen canisters to store your sewing supplies.

These are just a few of the many storage solutions available for sewing supplies. Whether you have a dedicated sewing room or a small space, there are options to fit your needs and keep your supplies organized and easily accessible.

Sewing Storage Ideas

If you're looking for sewing storage ideas, there are plenty of creative solutions to help you keep your sewing room organized. Here are some ideas from various sources:

  1. Store like items together, such as thread spools, fabric, and notions.
  2. Invest in a sewing table to keep your machine and supplies organized.
  3. Use storage canisters to keep small items like buttons and zippers organized.
  4. Hang a pegboard to store scissors, rotary cutters, and other tools.
  5. Use baskets or clear bins to store fabric and scraps.
  6. Repurpose items like kitchen canisters and bathroom organizers for sewing storage.
  7. Use jars and tins to store small items like clips and basting pins.
  8. Consider using the back of a door for storage.
  9. Use multi-purpose bins to contain a variety of items.
  10. Convert a closet or small bookshelf into a sewing space.
  11. Use a sewing craft armoire to hide a complete sewing studio in plain sight.

These are just a few of the many sewing storage ideas available. Whether you have a large sewing room or a small space, there are options to fit your needs and keep your supplies organized and easily accessible.