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How to Choose Streamers and Incorporate Them into Your Party Decor for Maximum Visual Impact

How to Choose Streamers and Incorporate Them into Your Party Decor for Maximum Visual Impact

The Essential Guide to Streamers for Your Next Party

Streamers are a fun and festive way to decorate for any party or event. Used properly, they can totally transform the look and feel of a room. Here is an essential guide to using streamers to decorate for your next party.

Types of Streamers

There are a few main types of streamers to choose from:

  • Crepe - These are made from crepe paper and are lightweight and delicate. They come in vivid colors and patterns.
  • Metallic - Metallic streamers add a touch of shine and shimmer to your decor. They are bolder and reflect light.
  • Tissue - Tissue streamers are inexpensive but can look cheap. They wrinkle easily. Best for simple decor needs.
  • Foil - Foil streamers are shiny and sturdy. Great for outdoor events as they hold up to weather.

Streamer Uses

Streamers can be used in many different ways to decorate:

  • Doorways - Outline doorways for a festive look as guests arrive.
  • Ceiling - Criss-cross streamers across the ceiling for an overhead canopy.
  • Walls - Hang streamers along walls to frame a room.
  • Tablecloth - Use streamers as an inexpensive tablecloth substitute.
  • Centerpieces - Incorporate streamers into floral arrangements.

Hanging Streamers

Proper hanging is key for streamers to have maximum visual impact:

  • Use tacks, string, ribbon, or tape to attach streamers.
  • For ceilings or walls, attach streamers at regular intervals.
  • Layer multiple lengths of streamers for a fuller look.
  • Mix and match colors and textures as desired.
  • Streamers can be hung straight, in swoops, or gathered and bunched.

Combining Streamers

Combining streamers with other decorations can really make them stand out:

StreamersCombine With
TissueCrepe paper pom poms
MetallicFestive string lights

Getting creative with how you use and combine streamers will ensure they make a bold impact on your party decor.

Shopping for Streamers

You can find streamers at any party supply store, discount retailer, or online. Consider:

  • Length - Longer streamers make more of an impact.
  • Thickness - Multiple layers of thin streamers work better than one layer of thick streamers.
  • Hues - Mix colors or stick to a theme.
  • Materials - Balloon streamers float in the air better than paper.

With this guide, you have all the tips and inspiration needed to decorate with streamers for your upcoming celebrations and events!

Choosing the Perfect Streamers to Match Your Party Theme

Streamers are a versatile party decoration that can be tailored to match any theme or occasion when you choose the right styles, colors, and textures. Here are some tips for selecting streamers that coordinate with different party themes.

Birthday Parties

For birthday parties, match streamers to the guest of honor's favorite colors, interests, or age:

  • Kids - Bright crepe streamers in their favorite colors
  • Teens - Metallic streamers in black, silver, gold
  • Adults - Classy crepe or tissue streamers in their favorite color

Graduation Parties

For graduation celebrations, use streamers in school colors:

  • Crepe streamers in school's official colors
  • Metallic streamers representing graduates' majors (i.e. science, arts)
  • Tissue streamers with school logo or mascot printed

Wedding Receptions

For weddings, select streamers to match the overall color scheme:

  • Crepe in wedding colors for ceremony and reception space
  • Metallic golds and silvers to complement elegant decor
  • Tissue in coordinating shades for head table and cake table

Baby Showers

For baby showers, stick to pastels and gender reveal colors:

  • Pink and blue crepe for boy/girl reveal party
  • Yellow, green, purple crepe for gender neutral shower
  • Metallic pink, blue, or gold for glamorous shower

Seasonal Parties

Match streamers to seasonal themes and colors:

OccasionStreamer Ideas
New Year's EveGold, silver, black metals
Fourth of JulyRed, white, blue crepe
HalloweenOrange, black crepe

Tips for Coordinating Streamers

  • Use 2-3 core colors in varying hues and patterns
  • Mix matte and shiny streamers for visual interest
  • Add streamers to balloons and other decor in theme colors
  • Incorporate streamers into floral arrangements and centerpieces
  • Use streamers to accent buffet tables, guest tables, etc.

With a little planning, you can easily find streamers to match any theme or occasion. The key is focusing on coordinating colors, textures, and styles. Start early and shop party supply stores, online retailers, discount stores, or make your own. With perfectly matched streamers, your party decor will come together for a cohesive and festive look.

Streamer Ideas for Various Events: Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations

Streamers are a fun and festive decoration that can be tailored to any special occasion. Here are some streamer ideas for popular events:

Birthday Parties

For kids' birthdays, use:

  • Crepe streamers in their favorite colors
  • Balloon streamers for lively decoration
  • Streamers printed with their name or age

For adults' birthdays, use:

  • Metallic streamers for glamorous style
  • Milestone age streamers (30, 40, 50, etc.)
  • Streamers in their favorite color


For weddings, use:

  • Crepe streamers in wedding colors
  • Elegant metallic streamers for reception
  • Floral printed streamers for outdoor weddings


For graduations, use:

  • School color crepe streamers
  • Foil or metallic streamers
  • Custom printed streamers with grad's name


  • Mix colors and textures for visual interest
  • Layer multiple lengths of streamers
  • Use streamers to accent other decor
  • Customize with names, dates, logos as needed

With the right streamer choices, you can create festive decoration for any special event or occasion. Have fun and get creative!

Different Types of Streamers: Crepe, Metallic, Tissue, and More

Streamers come in a variety of materials, textures, colors, and widths to suit any party decor needs. Here is an overview of some of the most common streamer types:

Crepe Streamers

  • Made of crepe paper
  • Lightweight, delicate, and easy to hang
  • Come in vivid, saturated hues
  • Great for birthdays, celebrations, everyday decor

Metallic Streamers

  • Made with foil, plastic, or wire
  • Add shine and shimmer to decor
  • Sturdy and hold shape well
  • Perfect for glam parties or New Year's Eve

Tissue Streamers

  • Inexpensive, thin tissue paper
  • Lightweight, bundles create fullness
  • Wrinkle easily and look cheap alone
  • Best layered with crepe or metallic streamers

Other Types

  • Balloon streamers - Float and move in air
  • Giant streamers - Oversized statement pieces
  • Custom streamers - Printed with logos, names, etc.

Evaluate the look you want to achieve, budget, and how streamers will be used to select the right types. Mix and match for the fullest, most festive impact!

Hanging Streamers Properly for Maximum Visual Impact

Hanging streamers strategically is key to transforming a space for any event or party. Follow these tips to hang streamers to maximize their visual impact:

Assess the Space

  • Determine best areas to hang streamers - doorways, walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Measure room dimensions to calculate needed streamer lengths.
  • Identify attachment points like hooks, nails, fixtures, etc.

Prep Streamers

  • Cut streamers to varied custom lengths as needed.
  • Consider gathering streamers at ends for fuller look.
  • Curl ends of streamers with scissors for added volume.

Hang Streamers

  • Use tacks, string, ribbon or tape to attach streamers.
  • Space streamers close together, overlapping edges slightly.
  • Cross two layers of streamers at right angles for full coverage.
  • Cover visible attachment points with extra streamers.

Creative Hanging Ideas

  • Crisscross streamers across ceiling for canopy effect.
  • Outline doorways and entry points with bold streamers.
  • Drape streamers over lighting fixtures.
  • Incorporate streamers into floral arrangements.

Take time to hang streamers intentionally for best visual impact. Layering, dense coverage, strategic placement, and creative arrangements allow streamers to transform any space into a festive party zone!

Fun Ways to Incorporate Streamers into Your Party Decor

Streamers are a party decorating staple that can be used in endless creative ways. Here are fun ideas for incorporating streamers into your party decor:


  • Outlining doorways and arches
  • Hanging from ceiling to brush guests' heads
  • Twisting and draping around banisters


  • Running streamers floor to ceiling
  • Accenting specific wall areas as a focal point
  • Outlining windows and wall hangings


  • Attaching to a central fixture and fanning out
  • Crisscrossing for a streamer canopy
  • Bunching around lighting fixtures


  • Using as inexpensive tablecloths
  • Incorporating into floral centerpieces
  • Wrapping around table edges for color


  • Threading through napkin rings
  • Securing table numbers or place cards
  • Accenting DIY drink stations

With some creativity and advance planning, streamers can be used throughout a party's decor to tie everything together with a cohesive, festive look.

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