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Make Protecting Your Clothes And Ironing Board Look Easy With These Custom Ironing Board Cover Tips

Make Protecting Your Clothes And Ironing Board Look Easy With These Custom Ironing Board Cover Tips

Protect Your Ironing Board with a Custom Cover

Ironing board covers take a beating over time. The constant heat from the iron can cause wear and tear, and standard covers don't always fit your ironing board properly. A custom cover is the best way to protect your ironing board and make your laundry tasks easier.

Benefits of a Custom Ironing Board Cover

  • Perfect fit - A custom cover will match the dimensions of your ironing board exactly.
  • Durability - Custom covers are often made from higher quality materials that resist heat and stand up to frequent use.
  • Convenience - With a tailored fit, a custom cover stays in place better while ironing.
  • Appearance - You can choose fun fabrics and prints to liven up your laundry room.

Choosing a Material

Look for a heavy material like canvas or denim for durability. Cotton blends work well too. Avoid 100% polyester, which can melt under the heat of an iron. The material should also have a bit of padding for extra cushioning and heat resistance.

Taking Measurements

When ordering a custom cover, you'll need to take a few key measurements:

  • Length - Measure the length from end to end.
  • Width - Measure across the widest part.
  • Thickness - Measure the height off the table surface.

Also make note of any special shapes or corners.

Securing the Cover

Most custom covers secure with elastic bands, ties, or straps that go under the ironing board. This keeps the cover taut and prevents shifting. Some may have a zipper or envelope closure to enclose the padding.

Adding Personal Touches

Look for shops that offer customization options. Many will use the fabric of your choice. You can also inquire about:

  • Monogramming or embroidery with your initials or name
  • Fun painted designs
  • Your favorite colors or patterns

With a custom cover that fits your ironing board perfectly, you can keep your board protected and enjoy a functional, stylish accent in your laundry room.

Choose the Perfect Ironing Board Cover Material

The material of your ironing board cover greatly impacts its effectiveness and durability. Choosing the right fabric is key to smooth gliding while ironing and protection from heat damage.


Cotton is a popular ironing board cover choice. It's breathable, helps prevent moisture buildup, and withstands high temperatures. Look for tightly woven 100% cotton or cotton blends.


Canvas is durable and heavy duty. It's made from cotton or cotton-polyester blends. Canvas contains tight fibers that don't fray easily when exposed to heat. It provides great heat protection.


Felt is dense wool fabric that's an excellent heat insulator. It makes ironing smooth and prevents scorching. Felt covers should have rubber backing to stay in place. Wool felt can be prone to shrinking.


Silicone covers are tear resistant and grip the ironing board well. Silicon withstands temperatures up to 500°F. The slick surface also makes gliding an iron easy. Liquid silicone covers conform to any shape.


Denim is hardwearing like canvas. It is woven tightly to prevent moisture absorption. Denim covers retain less heat compared to other materials, so they stay cooler.

Avoid These Fabrics

  • Synthetic blends with polyester, nylon or acrylic - they can melt
  • Low density cotton - thin and absorbent
  • Flannel - retains too much heat
  • Terrycloth - scorches easily

Other Considerations

  • Thickness - multiple fabric layers provide more protection
  • Textured fabrics like seersucker improve steam circulation
  • Dark colors show less signs of wear
  • Waterproof backing prevents moisture damage

Invest in a quality ironing board cover made from the right materials. With proper care, it will keep your ironing board protected during countless laundry sessions.

Ironing Board Cover Buying Guide

A quality ironing board cover makes all the difference during laundry tasks. Follow this buying guide to choose the right cover for your needs.

Measure Your Board

Ironing board covers come in standard sizes, but boards can vary. Take measurements before shopping:

  • Length - Measure end to end
  • Width - Widest part across the top
  • Height - From tabletop surface to top of pad

Covers that are too small won't fit properly. Allow an extra inch or two for a comfortable fit.

Fabric Type

Fabric impacts gliding ease, breathability, and durability. Top choices include:

  • Cotton - Natural fiber with good heat resistance
  • Felt - Provides protection and smooth gliding
  • Canvas - Hardwearing and dense for strength
  • Silicone - Withstands high heat and prevents sticking


Thicker padding provides better heat protection and more cushioning. Look for foam or cotton batting padding between 1⁄4" to 1⁄2" thick.

Fit Features

Details like stretch elastic or ties keep the cover firmly in place while ironing. Zippered styles fully enclose the padding.

Care Instructions

Covers that are machine washable make cleaning easier. Some materials like wool felt require dry cleaning or spot cleaning.

Extra Features

Added features to consider include:

  • Reflective foil lining for increased heat bounceback
  • Carrying tote or pocket for convenience
  • Fun patterns, colors or monogramming

Set a Budget

Quality ironing board covers range from $10 - $50. Set a reasonable budget and stick with trusted brands for the best value.

With the right size cover and features for your needs, you can make ironing faster, easier and prevent damage to your ironing board.

Give Your Laundry Room a Makeover with Cute Ironing Board Covers

The laundry room tends to be purely functional, but a charming ironing board cover can add personality and style. With so many fun prints and colors, you can accessorize this hardworking room.

Brighten Things Up

In a small, windowless laundry room, an energetic print or vibrant hue keeps the space from feeling too dark and dreary. Opt for covers in sunny yellows, soothing blues or verdant greens.

Express Your Style

An ironing board cover is a perfect opportunity to showcase your design style:

  • Modern - graphic black and white prints
  • Rustic - burlap textures or buffalo check
  • Vintage - delicate florals and pastels
  • Whimsical - colorful polka dots or animal prints

Coordinate with the Room

Tie everything together by matching your ironing board cover to the laundry room decor. Pull a color from the wallpaper or complimentary bath towels.

Seasonal Touches

Swap out your cover to fit the season or holiday. Some fun ideas:

  • Spring - botanical or floral patterns
  • Summer - nautical stripes or sailboats
  • Fall - autumn leaves or buffalo check
  • Winter - snowflakes or reindeer

DIY Cover

For a custom creation, make your own ironing board cover. Use a favorite fabric like a vintage tablecloth or recycled curtain. Add details like ruffles, ribbon or trim.

Display with Pride

An eye-catching ironing board cover deserves to be shown off. Mount the board on the wall or set up an ironing station to highlight your new accessory.

With a cute ironing board cover that reflects your personal flair, laundry duty will seem a little more charming.

Ironing Board Cover FAQs

Ironing board covers have some key considerations when it comes to materials, sizing, care and more. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What fabrics make the best covers?

Look for tightly woven natural fabrics like cotton, linen or felt that can withstand high heat. Canvas and denim are also durable choices. Silicone covers resist damage too.

How do I know if a cover will fit my ironing board?

Measure your board length, width and height. Compare to size charts, allowing an extra inch or two for a comfortable fit. Elasticized fabrics provide some flexibility for slightly off sizes.

How can I secure the cover in place?

Most covers have a drawstring or elastic edging to keep them taut and prevent shifting. Others have straps that go under the legs or a zipper enclosure.

Should I hand wash or machine wash the cover?

Always check care tag instructions. Cotton, canvas and felt covers can usually be machine washed warm and tumble dried low. Silicone and wool felt require hand washing.

How can I make ironing smoother?

A lightly padded cover helps clothes glide easily. Rubber backing grips the board. And smooth fabrics like felt or silicone minimize friction and wrinkling.

How do I fix a burnt cover?

For minor scorch marks, rub the area with an art gum eraser. Badly burnt patches likely require cover replacement, as the damage is permanent.

What’s better - printed or solid color?

Solid covers show less dirt and wear over time. But printed covers can hide iron scorch marks more easily. Choose based on your laundry room style.

With quality materials and a good fit, an ironing board cover should provide years of heat protection during laundry day.

Pick the Right Size and Shape Ironing Board Cover

Choosing an ironing board cover with the proper dimensions ensures a smooth, wrinkle-free ironing surface. Consider size and shape to find the best fit.

Measure Your Board

Ironing boards come in standard widths like 12", 14" or 18". But the shape and length can vary. Take key measurements:

  • Length - End to end
  • Width - Widest part across the top
  • Height - From tabletop to top of pad

This ensures you select a cover that aligns with the exact dimensions of your board.

Check the Shape

Common ironing board shapes include:

  • Rectangle - Most traditional shape
  • Tapered - Wide at one end, narrow at the other
  • Round - Circular work surface
  • Tabletop - Folds down from a cabinet or wall

Match the corresponding cover shape for a smooth fit.

Consider Extra Room

Covers that are slightly larger than your board allow for easy stretching and slipping on. An extra inch or two in length and width gives a comfortable fit.

Tailored vs. Stretchy

Fitted covers have tailored dimensions to match your board. Stretchy fabrics like cotton/poly blends and silicone provide more flexibility.

Secure the Cover

Features like ties, elastic edging and zippers keep the cover firmly in place and prevent bunching while ironing.

With accurate sizing and a shape that mirrors your ironing board, you can enjoy wrinkle-free results with ease.

DIY No-Sew Ironing Board Cover Ideas

Protect your ironing board with a custom cover you can make yourself without any sewing required. Follow these easy no-sew DIY ideas.

Tablecloth Cover

Make use of a tablecloth in cotton, vinyl or oilcloth fabric. Wrap it over the ironing board and secure underneath with elastic, ties or velcro strips.

Felt Wrap

Cut a piece of wool felt 1-2 inches wider and longer than your board. Hot glue the edges to wrap and adhere to the underside. Use rubber backing for grip.

Paper Bag Cover

Brown paper grocery bags make a sturdy, recyclable cover. Layer and glue bags together for durability. Secure with masking tape or staples on the underside.

Fabric & Foam Cover

Cut foam or batting to size and wrap in cotton fabric, adhering together with spray adhesive or hot glue. Add corner ties or elastic edging.

Canvas Wrap

Use adhesive-backed canvas or mesh to wrap the ironing board securely. Add cotton batting inside for extra cushioning.

Quilted Cover

Piece together fabric scraps in a quilted design. Fuse layers with iron-on adhesive. Attach ties or elastic to keep the cover taut.

Outdoor Fabric Cover

Vinyl exterior fabric is waterproof and protective. Adhere it to felt or foam padding. Secure with velcro or grommets and bungee ties.

With some simple no-sew techniques, you can create a fitted ironing board cover customized to your space and style.

How to use your Amazon Prime to buy Ironing Board Covers

Amazon Prime provides fast, free shipping on millions of items - including a wide selection of ironing board covers. Follow these tips to use your Prime membership to buy the perfect cover.

Browse the Ironing Board Cover Selection

Go to www.amazon.com and search for "ironing board covers." You'll see options for different sizes, shapes, colors and opening types. Prime eligible covers are clearly marked.

Check Dimensions

Pay attention to the cover dimensions shown. Measure your ironing board at the widest and longest points to find the right fit. An inch or two extra is ideal for a smooth stretch over the board.

Compare Materials

Common ironing board cover materials include cotton, felt, silicone, canvas and denim. Each has pros and cons for durability, heat protection and ease of use. Choose the fabric that fits your needs.

Look for Prime Shipping

Covers that qualify for Prime's free 2-day shipping will be labeled with "Prime Eligible." This perk is only available to Prime members. Add Prime-eligible covers to cart to get fast, free delivery.

Check Reviews

Reading buyer reviews can provide helpful details beyond the product descriptions. Look for covers with at least a 4-star overall rating from a significant number of reviews.

With Prime's vast selection, free 2-day shipping and helpful reviews, you can easily find a high quality ironing board cover. Happy shopping!

Don't have Amazon Prime yet? Sign up for a free 30-day trial to enjoy all the perks.

Based on the search results, here are some of the most popular ironing board covers on the market:

  1. The Original Gorilla Grip Ironing Board Cover, Silicone Coated
  2. Whitmor Reversible Ironing Board Cover and Pad
  3. Brabantia Ironing Board Cover Thick Felt
  4. Minky Homecare SmartFit Super Size
  5. Bartnelli Ironing Board Cover and Pad
  6. TIVIT Aluminum and Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover
  7. Hold N’ Storage Ironing Board Cover and Padding
  8. SheeChung Extra Wide Ironing Board Cover
  9. Memeaty Ironing Board Cover and Pad

It's worth noting that the popularity of these ironing board covers may vary depending on factors such as personal preference, size of the ironing board, and specific needs.

What Are The Differences Between The Top-Rated Ironing Board Covers?

Based on the search results, here are some differences between the top-rated ironing board covers:

  1. Material: Ironing board covers are made from different materials such as cotton, silicone, felt, foam, and metalized cotton. Cotton is non-toxic and non-chemical, while silicone and metalized cotton are heat-resistant and scorch-proof. Felt and foam provide extra padding for a smoother ironing experience.
  2. Heat reflection: Some ironing board covers are designed to reflect heat back to the clothes, which helps to iron more quickly and effectively.
  3. Design: Ironing board covers come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best reflects your tastes and personality.
  4. Durability: Some ironing board covers are laminated with superior thick felt and foam, ensuring remarkable durability for long-term ironing effectiveness.
  5. Fit: It's important to choose an ironing board cover that fits your board well. Some covers come with adjustable fasteners or drawstring cords to ensure a good fit.
  6. Price: Ironing board covers vary in price, from very affordable to more expensive options. It's important to consider your budget when selecting a cover.
  7. Padding thickness: Quality padding built-in to board covers reduces the risk of shining your clothing by absorbing some of the pressure.
  8. Coating: Many ironing board covers come with a silicone, silver, or aluminum coating. The coating goes a long way to reflect heat and steam, thereby reducing the ironing time significantly. Additionally, the coating also helps negate the incidences of scorching and staining quite appreciably.