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Must-Have Bathroom Furniture Items to Create a Functional and Organized Bathroom Space

Must-Have Bathroom Furniture Items to Create a Functional and Organized Bathroom Space

Common Problems with Bathroom Furniture and Solutions

When designing or remodeling a bathroom, choosing the right furniture is key to creating a functional and stylish space. However, bathroom furniture comes with its own set of potential problems you'll want to avoid. Read on to learn about some of the most common bathroom furniture issues along with tips for solutions.

Small Bathrooms

One of the top complaints about bathroom furniture is that it takes up too much space in small bathrooms. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to work around a cramped footprint:

  • Opt for narrower vanities - 24-30 inches wide instead of 48 inches
  • Install a pedestal sink or wall-mounted sink to save floor space
  • Use a space-saving corner sink vanity
  • Skip the bathroom linen closet and install shelving
  • Install taller but narrower bathroom cabinets
  • Use a wall-mounted toilet to save space

Lack of Storage

Even in a larger bathroom, you can still run into the issue of not having enough places to store towels, toiletries and other essentials. Some tips to maximize storage include:

  • Look for vanities and medicine cabinets with built-in organizational features like pull-out drawers and shelves
  • Add freestanding shelves or shelving units
  • Use wall-mounted cabinets and floating shelves
  • Install an over-the-toilet storage unit
  • Opt for bathroom furniture with hidden storage like a cabinet behind a mirror

Outdated Styles

Bathroom designs can easily become dated and unappealing over time. To ensure your bathroom furniture stays stylish:

  • Stick to timeless materials like marble, granite, porcelain, or wood
  • Choose neutral colors like white, gray, black or wood tones
  • Look for classic silhouettes with clean lines
  • Invest in higher quality furniture built to last
  • Update hardware like knobs and pulls to refresh the look

Moisture Damage

The high humidity in bathrooms can wreak havoc on furniture over time. Prevent moisture damage with these tips:

  • Select water-resistant materials like molded wood composites, metal, solid surface, or laminate
  • Avoid materials like particleboard that warp easily
  • Use moisture-proof finishes
  • Allow proper ventilation and air flow
  • Quickly clean up spills and drips
  • Consider waterproof storage options like closed cabinets instead of open shelving

By keeping these common bathroom furniture problems in mind and utilizing clever solutions, you can create a bathroom that is functional, organized, and beautiful.

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Furniture

Selecting the right bathroom furniture is key to creating a space that is both stylish and highly functional. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for vanities, cabinets, and other bath furnishings.

Consider the Size of Your Bathroom

Before shopping, take careful measurements of your bathroom including:

  • Total dimensions
  • Doorway widths
  • Window and wall lengths
  • Plumbing locations

This will prevent buying items that are too large or incorrectly sized for the space. It also allows you to create an accurate layout when planning.

Focus on Multifunctional Pieces

Opt for bathroom furniture that serves more than one purpose such as:

  • Vanities with built-in storage
  • Mirrors with concealed medicine cabinets
  • Cabinets with pull-out organizational features
  • Freestanding cabinets that can double as side tables

Dual purpose furnishings maximize utility in the limited footprint of most bathrooms.

Choose Moisture-Resistant Materials

Bathrooms tend to have high humidity. When selecting materials, look for options that can withstand excess moisture such as:

  • Wood composites
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Metal

Avoid furnishings made from particleboard, MDF, and other materials that warp easily when exposed to moisture.

Select Timeless Over Trendy

While color trends come and go, clean-lined styles in neutral hues will remain relevant. For a classic look choose:

  • Crisp, straight vanity silhouettes
  • Plain cabinet fronts
  • Mirrors with simple frames
  • Metallic hardware in satin nickel, chrome or matte black

This creates a sophisticated, enduring look you won't tire of down the road.

Consider Size of Bathroom When Choosing Furniture

The size of your bathroom is a major factor to consider when selecting furnishings. Carefully thinking through layout and measurements will help you choose pieces that work in the available space.

Take Measurements

Start by measuring your bathroom to understand dimensions and layout:

  • Overall length and width
  • Length and width of each wall
  • Doorway opening widths
  • Window measurements
  • Distance between plumbing fixtures

Having detailed measurements is key for choosing furnishings of the proper size.

Consider Traffic Flow

Think about how you move through the bathroom space. Measure for clearance around doors and passages accounting for traffic flow. This ensures you don't choose pieces that cramp the room.

Know Your Clearances

Factor in minimum clearance needed between furnishings, walls, doors and fixtures. Typical minimums include:

  • 21-24 inches clearance in front of sinks and toilets
  • 32 inches of clearance for bathroom doors
  • At least 1 inch between wall and vanity or freestanding tub
  • 15 inches clearance between separate bathroom elements

Consider Existing Plumbing

Note plumbing fixture locations so you can select vanities, sinks and cabinets to fit:

  • Measure rough-in distance for toilets
  • Note drain and pipe locations under sinks
  • Mark locations of supply lines for sinks and showers

This allows you to choose compatible pieces.

Visualize the Layout

Using your measurements, sketch possible furniture layouts on paper to scale. This helps you see what configurations work best and identify any problem areas before purchasing.

Carefully considering the size and layout of your bathroom ensures you select furniture that fits properly and creates an organized, functional space.

Focus on Multifunctional Pieces When Choosing Bathroom Furniture

One of the best ways to maximize both style and utility in a bathroom is to select furnishings that serve more than one purpose. Opting for multifunctional pieces allows you to add storage, surfaces and style without cluttering up the space.

Storage-Focused Vanities

When choosing a bathroom vanity, look for options with built-in storage such as:

  • Drawers to corral small items like cosmetics
  • Cabinets to hide clutter
  • Pull-out organizers for toiletries
  • Tip-out bins for razors and toothbrushes

Vanities with smart storage help keep bathrooms tidy.

Medicine Cabinets Do Double Duty

In addition to surface-mounted options, consider medicine cabinets that serve a dual purpose such as:

  • Recessed cabinets that sit flush with the wall
  • Corner units that tuck away out of sight
  • Mirror cabinets that hide contents behind a reflection

These take up zero additional floor space.

Floating Shelves Add Function

While floating shelves lend style to a bathroom, they also add useful surface area for displaying towels, toiletries and decor. Look for shelves that:

  • Come in different lengths to fit your space
  • Offer open and closed storage combinations
  • Have sides to corral small items

Floating shelves increase functionality in any footprint.

Cabinets Work Overtime

Freestanding bathroom cabinets seamlessly increase storage. Seek out flexible designs like:

  • Cabinets with baskets or cubbies
  • Side cabinets with countertop work space
  • Soft-close drawers and doors
  • Adjustable shelves

With smart cabinetry, every inch of space works harder.

Choosing multifunctional, storage-focused bathroom furniture is the key to a tidy, useful and stylish space.

Choose Materials that Resist Moisture for Bathroom Furniture

With their naturally high humidity levels, bathrooms require furniture made from materials capable of withstanding excess moisture. Selecting furnishings constructed using water-resistant materials will help them better endure the damp environment.

Laminate Surfaces

Laminate makes an excellent choice for bathroom furnishings thanks to its durable, moisture-resistant properties. Options like:

  • High-pressure laminate counter tops
  • Laminate veneers on shelves
  • Laminate cabinet boxes

Stand up well to moisture, resisting swelling and warping.

Tile and Stone Materials

Timeless ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles add style while resisting water. Use them for:

  • Vanity countertops
  • Tiled walls as shower surrounds
  • Backsplashes
  • Decorative insets on cabinets

Their hard, non-porous nature prevents moisture damage.

Metal Surfaces

From stainless steel to powder-coated aluminum, metal bathroom furnishings handle humid conditions well. Consider:

  • Metal legs and frames on vanities or cabinets
  • Aluminum cabinet boxes
  • Metal wire shelving and storage

Metals won't crack, peel or warp with exposure to moisture.

Mold-Resistant Drywall

On bathroom walls and ceilings, use mold and moisture-resistant drywall. Look for types that have:

  • Glass fiber-reinforced facers
  • Additives to inhibit mold growth
  • Water-repellent paper backing

For added protection behind sinks, showers and tubs.

Selecting the ideal moisture-resistant materials for each element of the bathroom will result in attractive, durable and long-lasting furniture.

Opt for Timeless Over Trendy Styles for Bathroom Furniture

While color and finish trends come and go, clean-lined bathroom furniture styles in neutral hues will remain relevant years into the future. Opting for classic over trendy designs is the key to long-lasting style.

Focus on Simple Silhouettes

Choose smooth, straight lines and rectangular forms for an enduring look. Consider:

  • Plain, slab-front cabinet doors
  • Minimalist metal drawer pulls
  • Floating box shelves
  • Pedestal sinks

Timeless silhouettes will work with evolving trends.

Select Neutral Tones

While bold paint colors fall in and out of fashion, neutrals have ongoing appeal. Go for hues like:

  • Crisp white
  • Warm antique white
  • Dove grey
  • Beige

Mixed with textures like woodgrains, marble and metallics for added visual interest.

Natural Materials Stay Relevant

Natural materials like stone and wood maintain appeal year after year. Consider:

  • Marble, granite or quartz vanities
  • Tile backsplashes
  • Wood cabinetry and shelving

Their innate elegance remains in style.

Metallic Finishes are Classic

Warm metal finishes feel glamorous and sophisticated. Opt for fixtures like:

  • Oil-rubbed bronze or antique brass faucets
  • Aged brass or champagne gold hardware
  • Pewter or silver mirror frames

Their luster endures, adding a touch of timeless luxe.

Focusing on simplistic forms, neutral hues, organic materials and metallic accents results in elegant bathroom furniture with lasting appeal.

Must-Have Bathroom Furniture Items

Certain essential furniture pieces help make any bathroom both functional and beautiful. Investing in these key items will ensure your space is organized and complete.


A vanity is the bathroom's central furniture piece and workhorse. Choose a size that fits your space, typically 24-36 inches wide in standard baths. Options like double vanities work well for master suites. Consider built-in storage and countertop materials like quartz or ceramic that withstand moisture.


Strategically place mirrors to reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space. Oval mirrors over smaller vanities help expand tight areas. Opt for safety-backed mirrors above sinks to prevent shattering. Frameless mirrors feel sleek and contemporary.

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets maximize storage while freeing up counter space. Recessed or surface-mounted cabinets keep toiletries organized yet hidden. Choose mirrors with adjustable shelves, integrated lighting and charging ports.

Storage Cabinet

Freestanding cabinets add essential storage for linens, toilet paper and bathroom cleaning essentials. Close proximity to the toilet allows for easy access. Include pull-out hampers, shelves and drawers customized to your needs.


Hampers neatly corral dirty laundry and towels. Freestanding and hidden hampers keep laundry out of sight. Consider caddies that mount on cabinet doors to save floor space. Sorting hampers allow separating lights and darks.

Towel Rack

Install towel bars and racks sized appropriately for the space. Opt for general 18-24 inch widths. Place racks conveniently near the tub and shower within reach. Choose finishes like brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

Invest in these fundamental bathroom furniture items for enhanced organization, storage and style in any bath.

How to Get an Amazon Prime Subscription for a Profit When Shopping for Bathroom Furniture

An Amazon Prime membership can net you significant savings when furnishing your bathroom. Here are tips to maximize the value and get your membership essentially "for free" thanks to Prime perks.

Take Advantage of the Free Trial

Amazon offers a 30-day free trial of Prime. Sign up to enjoy benefits like free 2-day shipping and streaming during this period. Just be sure to set a reminder to cancel before the month is up if you don't want to continue the paid membership.

Buy Large or Bulk Items

The free 2-day shipping with Prime provides the most value on bigger, heavier items like vanities, mirrors and storage cabinets. These often have high shipping costs without Prime, so you can save substantially.

Bundle Small Purchases

While you likely won't save much on the shipping of small items like towel bars or wastebaskets, you can take advantage of Prime by bundling these kinds of purchases together. Place one larger order to maximize the shipping benefits.

Shop Prime Day Deals

Time your major bathroom furniture purchases around Amazon's Prime Day, when members get access to exclusive discounts on tons of items. You can score serious savings on pricier pieces.

Use the Prime Credit Card

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Stream Entertainment

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Leveraging all the Prime benefits allows you to furnish your bathroom for less. Get the most from your membership when shopping on Amazon.

The Essential Guide To Bathroom Furniture

The Essential Guide to Bathroom Furniture is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to design or renovate their bathroom. Here are some key takeaways from the search results:

  1. There are two main types of bathroom furniture: traditional vanity units and storage cabinets.
  2. Vanity units are cupboards that go around the base of your sink and offer plenty of storage space for bathroom essentials.
  3. Storage cabinets come in a variety of finishes, designs, materials, and colors, making them a versatile option for any bathroom.
  4. Towel rails are another essential piece of bathroom furniture that can help keep your space organized and functional.
  5. When selecting bathroom furniture, it's important to find a balance between style, storage capacity, cost, and the ability of the furniture to fit into the size, shape, and design of your bathroom.
  6. Bathroom furniture must also be long-lasting and sturdy to endure spills and dampness.
  7. A well-designed bathroom can be a sanctuary and a place to start and finish each day.

Overall, the Essential Guide to Bathroom Furniture should cover the different types of bathroom furniture available, how to choose the right pieces for your space, and tips for creating a functional and stylish bathroom.

Small Bathroom Furniture The Essential Guide

Small bathrooms can be challenging to design, but with the right furniture, you can create a functional and stylish space. Here is an essential guide to small bathroom furniture based on the search results:

  1. Vanity units are a popular choice for small bathrooms as they offer storage space and can be customized to fit the size and shape of your bathroom.
  2. Storage cabinets are another option for small bathrooms, and they come in a variety of finishes, designs, materials, and colors.
  3. Minimalistic bathroom designs with less decor and more space can make a small bathroom feel more spacious.
  4. Towel rails are a great way to keep your bathroom organized and functional, and they don't take up much space.
  5. When selecting small bathroom furniture, it's important to find a balance between style, storage capacity, cost, and the ability of the furniture to fit into the size, shape, and design of your bathroom.
  6. Small bathroom sinks are a great way to save space and can be incorporated with a cabinet to add storage.
  7. Ceramic is a versatile and durable material commonly used for small bathroom sinks.

Overall, the essential guide to small bathroom furniture should cover the different types of furniture available, how to choose the right pieces for your space, and tips for creating a functional and stylish bathroom.

What Are Some Space-Saving Bathroom Furniture Options For Small Bathrooms??

Here are some space-saving bathroom furniture options for small bathrooms based on the search results:

  1. Use vertical space by adding shelves above the toilet or sink.
  2. Install a towel rack or hooks on the back of the door or wall to save space.
  3. Consider using a sink with built-in storage or a pedestal sink to save floor space.
  4. Use a small storage cabinet or cart with wheels that can be easily moved around.
  5. Add a medicine cabinet or mirrored cabinet to the wall to save counter space.
  6. Use a shower caddy or corner shelf to store shower essentials.
  7. Consider using a toilet paper holder stand with built-in storage for extra space.

Overall, there are many space-saving bathroom furniture options for small bathrooms, including using vertical space, adding storage cabinets, and using multi-functional furniture.