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Store Gear, Tools, and Seasonal Items with Outdoor Storage Solutions

Store Gear, Tools, and Seasonal Items with Outdoor Storage Solutions

The Surprising History of Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage may seem like a modern convenience, but evidence shows humans have been finding creative ways to store items outside for thousands of years!

Ancient Outdoor Storage

Archaeologists have discovered remnants of outdoor storage solutions used by ancient civilizations:

  • The ancient Egyptians dug underground pits to store surplus grain.
  • In Pompeii, large terra cotta jars were embedded in the ground to hold oil, wine, grains, and other goods.
  • The Inca carved shelves and niches into mountainsides to store preserved foods.

Keeping food cool and pest-free was a challenge before refrigeration, so underground caching was an ingenious solution.

Medieval Methods

During the Middle Ages, many goods were stored outdoors including:

  • Firewood was stacked near homes for easy access in cold months.
  • Winter fodder for livestock was kept in thatched roof barns.
  • Fruits, vegetables, and herbs were laid out to dry for preservation.

Outdoor storage rooms called cellars were dug to shelter salt, flour, beer, and wine. Closed containers helped protect supplies from vermin.

The Rise of Modern Outdoor Storage

In the 18th-19th centuries, elaborate root cellars were built to store fruits and vegetables. By the late 1800s, prefabricated metal sheds offered an alternative for protecting outdoor goods from the elements.

Today we have many forms of weather-resistant outdoor storage including:

  • Plastic deck boxes
  • Steel tool sheds
  • Vinyl garbage can enclosures
  • Resin storage benches

With modern outdoor storage, we can keep our belongings neat, organized and out of sight while still conveniently accessible outside.

Key Takeaways

  • Humans have improvised outdoor storage for millennia.
  • Sealing, digging underground, and sheltering goods are key to outdoor storage.
  • Durable outdoor storage units keep modern yards looking great.

Keep Your Gear Safe and Dry with Outdoor Storage

Keeping your outdoor gear in good condition can be a challenge with exposure to sun, rain, snow, and dirt. Investing in weather-resistant outdoor storage can help protect your equipment.

Shelter Backyard Play Sets

Backyard playsets are a big investment. Help them last by storing them in a shed or under a waterproof cover when not in use.

  • Covers: Polyethylene covers provide an affordable way to shield playsets. Look for UV and water resistant materials.
  • Sheds: A plastic or resin shed offers more complete protection. Choose sheds with vents to prevent mold and mildew.

Also bring cushions, toys, and other accessories inside when they are not being played with.

Secure Bicycles Outdoors

Bikes left out in the elements suffer rust, sun damage, etc. Protect them by:

  • Bike sheds: Wood or metal sheds are secure spots to store bikes.
  • Bike covers: Waterproof covers defend against rain, snow, and UV rays.
  • Bike racks: Store bikes vertically on a rack to conserve space.

Be sure to lubricate the chain regularly and inflate tires to prevent cracks and dry rot.

Keep Grills Covered

Grills left uncovered can corrode and collect dirt and debris. Help grills last longer with:

  • Heavy-duty grill cover: Fits snugly and is water, UV, tear and fire resistant.
  • Grill gazebo: Provides shelter from sun, rain and snow year-round.
  • Grill cabinet: Offers enclosed storage when not cooking out.

Also empty ashes and grease trays regularly to minimize corrosion and fire risks.

Preserve Patio Furniture

The best way to extend the life patio furniture is to:

  • Clean it regularly with mild soap and water.
  • Check for cracks or fraying in fabric.
  • Use furniture covers or store inside when not in use.
  • Apply protectants to defend against UV damage.

Proper storage goes a long way in keeping patio sets looking their best season after season.


With the right outdoor storage solutions, you can keep your backyard gear in tip-top shape and make it last for years of use and enjoyment.

Protecting Your Valuables from Theft with Outdoor Storage

Outdoor areas can be vulnerable spots for burglars to steal bikes, tools, grills and other valuables. Smart outdoor storage choices can help safeguard your belongings.

Lockable Storage

Lockable sheds, cabinets and boxes prevent easy access to stored items. Consider these lockable options:

  • Storage sheds with hasp and padlock
  • Locking cabinets for garbage cans or tools
  • Bike storage with integrated lock
  • Lockable deck/pool boxes

Be sure to use high quality padlocks that can't easily be broken.

Secure Locations

Strategically place storage where you can monitor it. Avoid putting sheds or boxes:

  • Near fences or gates - makes for easy escape
  • Far from the house - harder to see
  • Under cover of trees/shrubs - hidden from view

Position storage in well-lit areas visible from the house.

Alarm Systems

For extra security, install alarm systems such as:

  • Shed alarms - motion sensor lights or alarms
  • Security cameras - capture criminal activity
  • Yard signs - deter thieves by advertising alarm system


Taking steps to properly secure your outdoor storage areas will give you peace of mind and protect your valuable belongings from theft.

Organize Backyard Tools and Toys with Outdoor Storage

A cluttered yard filled with strewn tools and toys is an eyesore. Outdoor storage solutions can help organize the backyard for functionality and aesthetics.

Tool Storage

Frequently used tools like rakes, shovels and hedge trimmers need a designated spot. Consider these storage options:

  • Freestanding tool shed - metal, resin or wood sheds keep tools protected but accessible
  • Wall-mounted shelves - keep shovels, rakes and hand tools up off the ground
  • Tool cabinets - lockable metal cabinets keep dangerous tools safely stored away

Group tools by function to make them easy to find and access.

Toy Storage

Outdoor toys easily become hazards if left on the lawn. Contain them with:

  • Storage bench - keeps toys contained but accessible for playtime
  • Deck/patio boxes - corral small toys like chalk, balls, jump ropes
  • Shed or closet - larger ride-on toys and playsets stay organized

Use bins, hooks and shelving inside to neatly arrange toys.


To keep your outdoor organization on track:

  • Purge broken or unused items regularly
  • Clean interior and exterior of sheds/cabinets
  • Use drawer organizers, peg boards, bins
  • Label storage areas clearly

A little upkeep goes a long way in maintaining backyard organization.


Proper outdoor storage for tools and toys makes yards not only look great but also function efficiently for play and groundskeeping.

Storing Seasonal Gear with Outdoor Storage Solutions

The changing seasons often mean changing out your outdoor equipment. Proper storage keeps seasonal items organized and protected when not in use.

Winter Gear

Once winter ends, store seasonal equipment like:

  • Snow blowers - empty gas, wipe clean, and cover before storing in shed
  • Salt/sand buckets - empty contents and stack buckets in shed or garage
  • Sleds - hang on wall mounted hooks or store upright in closet

Keeping snow gear in an enclosed, dry area prevents rust and damage.

Summer Items

As summer winds down, put away equipment such as:

  • Sprinklers - drain hoses, fold and hang in garage or pegboard
  • Pool toys - rinse, deflate and pack into labeled bins in shed or garage
  • Patio furniture cushions - clean, allow to fully dry and store in boxes or bags

This protects soft goods from mold and prevents trip hazards in the off-season.


Clearly labeling storage areas makes seasonal changeover easy:

  • Bin/shelf/hook labels - identify contents at a glance
  • Hanging bags - sort cushions, gloves, hats, etc. in breathable bags
  • Color coding - use one color storage for winter, another for summer


With proper outdoor storage solutions, transitioning between seasons is a breeze. Your equipment will be protected and ready to go when needed again.

Maintaining Pool Toys and Floats with Outdoor Storage

Pool floats and toys can be a big investment. Properly storing them when not in use will extend their life span.

Rinse and Dry

The first step is thoroughly rinsing off items once out of the pool to remove chlorine and minerals which can degrade materials. Allow floats and toys to fully air dry before storing.

Storage Containers

Next, pack dry items into storage bins or bags:

  • Plastic totes - sealable and waterproof, great for large floats
  • Mesh bags - promote air circulation to prevent mold
  • Garbage cans - sturdy and pest-proof for general storage

Containers that seal or zip closed prevent dirt, debris and pests from getting in.

Deflate and Fold

For inflatable items without rigid frames:

  • Deflate fully and fold/roll tightly to minimize storage space.
  • Hang deflated items on wall hooks to maintain shape.

This prevents creases or warping when items are reinflated next season.


Store containers of pool toys:

  • In the garage or shed protected from elements
  • Up off the ground on shelves to prevent water damage
  • Away from sharp, pointed objects that could poke holes


Taking a little time at the end of swim season to properly store pool toys and floats will add years to their lifespan and function.

Concealing Garbage and Recycling Bins with Outdoor Storage

Trash and recycling bins can be an eyesore. Outdoor storage solutions allow you to conveniently store them out of sight.

Storage Sheds

A shed makes a great garbage can hiding spot. Look for:

  • Sheds with ventilation to control odor
  • Doors wide enough for bins to roll in and out
  • Ramps or level threshold for easy mobility

Consider placing the shed next to your back gate for easy access on collection day.

Garbage Can Enclosures

For a more tailored solution, try a garbage can enclosure such as:

  • Steel or wooden cabinets designed to fit 1-2 bins
  • Resin or vinyl sheds to coordinate with home exterior
  • Decorative fencing with a gate to obscure view

Enclosures neatly conceal bins right up against the house or garage.

Creative Solutions

If sheds or enclosures won't fit, get creative with screened or planted areas such as:

  • Lattice panels or yard art surrounding the bins
  • Potted shrubs, vines or bamboo to camouflage
  • A decorative fence or wall to block from view


With the right outdoor storage, messy garbage and recycling bins can be conveniently tucked away and kept out of sight.

The Benefits of Amazon Prime for Outdoor Storage Buyers

For those who frequently purchase outdoor storage items, an Amazon Prime membership can be extremely valuable. Here are some of the key benefits Prime offers for regular outdoor storage buyers:

Free Two-Day Shipping

One of the biggest perks of Prime is free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items. This means you can quickly get the outdoor shelves, deck boxes, sheds, and other storage solutions delivered right to your door.

Prime Early Access Deals

Prime members get 30 minute early access to Lightning Deals on outdoor storage brands like Keter, Suncast, and Lifetime. You have first dibs on the best discounts before inventory sells out.

Prime Try Before You Buy

The Prime Try Before You Buy program allows you to try select outdoor storage items for a week before purchasing. Test out a storage bench or cabinet to ensure it fits your space and needs.

Streamlined Returns

Returning storage items that don't work out is simplified with free return shipping. You can easily send back that oversized deck box that doesn't quite fit the porch.

Subscription Savings

Save up to 15% when you subscribe to receive regular deliveries of supplies like garbage bags and shelving units. Useful for recurring outdoor storage needs.

Overall, the fast shipping and other Prime benefits make it easier and more affordable to buy outdoor storage items on Amazon.

Fence Storage Shed Combination

A fence storage shed combination is a great way to add storage space to your backyard while also providing privacy and security. Here are some ideas and resources to help you create your own fence storage shed combination:

  1. Check out Texas Best Fence & Patio's photo gallery for inspiration on how to incorporate a storage shed into your fence design.
  2. Watch this YouTube video to see how one homeowner built a shed and attached it to their fence for firewood storage.
  3. Another YouTube video shows how a family installed a new fence and built a new storage shed in their backyard.
  4. If you're handy with tools, you can build your own small cedar shed using fence pickets with plans from Ana White.
  5. If you're looking for a ready-made outdoor storage locker, Amazon has a variety of options available.

Fence Hugger Shed

A Fence Hugger shed is a unique model designed for sites requiring a low-profile shed. It is built-to-order, so you can choose from a long list of choices and options to create a unique shed to meet your needs. The extra-wide shed door (44 1/2”) allows easy access in and out, and the attractive fascia roof profile and green-friendly horizontal siding make it an attractive addition to your backyard. The price includes local delivery and complete set-up on site, and it comes with a 5-year limited warranty and lifetime floor warranty.

If you're looking for other options, Lowes.com has a selection of lean-to sheds made of all-weather durable vinyl with metal reinforced wall columns. Home Depot offers the Bosmere Wall-Store 6 ft. x 2 ft. 8 in. Wood Storage Shed, which is ideal for outdoor storage of items such as bikes, outdoor toys, pool equipment, and garden tools and equipment. Costco.com also has a variety of outdoor storage sheds made of different materials and in different sizes and shapes.