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The Ultimate Collection of Paper & Magnetic Dolls - Crafts, History, and Play Ideas

The Ultimate Collection of Paper & Magnetic Dolls - Crafts, History, and Play Ideas

The Best Paper Dolls for Imaginative Play

Paper dolls have been around for generations and provide a wonderful opportunity for imaginative and creative play. With just paper and some art supplies, paper dolls open up a world of possibilities for children to explore new stories and characters. When choosing paper dolls, look for dolls that will inspire open-ended play, feature diverse representations, and are made from quality materials.

Open-Ended Paper Dolls

Look for paper dolls that feature simple clothing and accessory options that can be mixed and matched. This allows for more creativity as children create new outfits and scenarios during play. Some good options include:

  • Basic paper doll sets - These feature one base doll and several interchangeable outfits or accessories.
  • Paper doll magazines or books - These provide numerous dolls, outfits, and accessories that all coordinate.
  • Printable paper dolls - Find free printable paper dolls online and print accessories and outfits for endless styling.

Diverse Representations

Paper dolls that feature diverse skin tones, abilities, and backgrounds allow kids to explore identities and themes of inclusion. Look for options like:

  • Multicultural paper dolls featuring global representations.
  • Paper dolls with disabilities and assistive devices like wheelchairs, hearing aids, or service animals.
  • Paper dolls that let kids customize hair texture and style.

High Quality Materials

Look for paper dolls made from durable cardstock paper that will hold up to repeated use. Features like thicker paper, smooth edges, and sturdy tabs indicate better quality. Also look for:

  • Vibrant, fade-resistant colors from ink or dye.
  • Good paper thickness so outfits and tabs stay on securely.
  • Laminated or coated paper for added durability.

With the right paper dolls and accessories, kids can roleplay everything from fashion design to exploring outer space. Let their creativity shine through open-ended imaginative play.

Make Your Own Magnetic Paper Dolls

Magnetic paper dolls are a fun twist on traditional paper dolls that allow for new play opportunities through magnetic attachments. With some simple supplies and creativity, you can easily make DIY magnetic paper dolls at home.

Supplies Needed

  • Magnet sheets
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Markers, colored pencils

Make the Base Doll

Start by drawing or printing out your base doll onto normal paper. Make sure to draw large shapes for the head, torso, arms, and legs. Cut these pieces out.

Make Magnetic Attachments

Now, use the magnet sheets to trace and cut out magnetic attachments like clothes, shoes, hair, accessories, etc. Get creative with the wardrobe and accessory options!

Attach the Magnets

Glue the magnet pieces onto the paper doll parts in the appropriate places. For example:

  • Glue shirts, dresses, pants onto the torso.
  • Glue shoes onto the feet.
  • Glue hats, hair, and accessories onto the head.
  • Glue purses, glasses, jewelry onto the hands.

Let the glue fully dry before playing.

Get Creative!

Now the fun begins! Mix and match the magnetic attachments to dress up your doll in endless combinations. Let your imagination run wild as you create different outfits and personalities for your magnetic paper doll. Change their look in an instant. The possibilities are endless for magnetic paper doll playtime!

Making DIY magnetic paper dolls is an easy craft that leads to open-ended creative play. With your own magnetic dolls and wardrobe, your kids can invent new exciting adventures again and again.

Top Paper Doll Crafts and Printables

Paper dolls have been popular toys for young children for generations. With just paper, scissors, and creativity, paper dolls offer open-ended fun through crafting, customization, and imaginative play. Take your paper doll play to the next level with these top paper doll crafts and free printable options.

Craft Your Own Paper Dolls

One of the best parts of paper dolls is that you can easily make them yourself! Craft your own custom dolls with unique outfits using simple supplies like:

  • Construction paper
  • Glue or tape
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • String or yarn
  • Hole punch

Use craft materials like pom poms, fabric scraps, or beads to embellish paper doll clothes and accessories. Getting crafty with DIY paper dolls stimulates creativity and fine motor skills.

Printable Paper Dolls

Look online for an endless variety of free printable paper dolls that are ready to cut out and play with. These cover everything from historical figures to fantasy characters. Some top printable options include:

  • Historical paper dolls - Explore past eras with dolls like colonial girls, 1920s flappers, or Apollo-era astronauts.
  • Holiday and seasonal paper dolls - Mark holidays and seasons with printable dolls for events like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and more.
  • Storybook and movie character paper dolls - Relive favorite stories with printable dolls from fairy tales, literature, Disney movies, and television shows.

Paper Doll Scenes and Settings

Bring paper doll play to life by creating mini dollhouse settings and scenes. Craft handmade furnishings, like beds and couches, from cardboard, paper towel tubes, and other household items. Use shoeboxes and small containers as customizable rooms. With an imaginative setting, kids can roleplay and invent new adventures for their paper dolls.

Paper Doll Books and Magazines

Paper doll books and magazines offer an engaging way for kids to interact with paper dolls. These provide multi-page environments, coordinated outfits, and accessories for extended creative play. Vintage paper doll books can also be fun modern craft projects, as kids color and personalize the dolls' outdated wardrobes and hairstyles.

However you make and use them, paper dolls unlock creative fun through crafting, customization, and imaginative play. With a simple piece of paper, let your child’s imagination run free!

Paper vs. Magnetic Dolls: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to imaginative play for kids, two popular options are paper dolls and magnetic dolls. But which makes the better choice? Here is a comparison of paper dolls vs. magnetic dolls to help you decide which is best for your child.

Creative Customization

Both paper and magnetic dolls allow for creative mix-and-match play through interchangeable clothes and accessories. However, magnetic dolls offer more flexibility and ease of use for costume changes. The magnetic attachments stick securely and are quicker to put on and take off during play.

Open-Ended Play

Paper and magnetic dolls encourage open-ended play, or play that is child-led with no defined right or wrong way to play. However, magnetic dolls may have more play potential through their versatility.

  • Magnetic pieces like hair, shoes, and accessories can attach almost anywhere for creative styling.
  • Kids are not limited by tabs when dressing magnetic dolls.
  • Magnetic dolls can "wear" multiple accessories like hats, necklaces, glasses, etc at once.


Magnetic dolls are more durable for active play. Magnetic clothing attachments stay on securely, while paper doll tabs can tear off easily. The magnets can also stick to metal objects like refrigerators or baking sheets, allowing kids to play vertically.

Availability and Cost

Paper dolls have an advantage when it comes to availability and affordability. Paper dolls can be:

  • Made easily at home with simple craft supplies
  • Printed for free from online templates
  • Less expensive to purchase commercially

Pre-made magnetic dolls tend to be more expensive and less readily available than paper doll options.

Final Recommendation

While both offer creative play, magnetic dolls provide more versatility and durability. If you don't mind spending a little more, magnetic dolls make an engaging toy that will last. But paper dolls are a great budget-friendly option for hands-on crafting and imagination.

Collectible Paper Dolls Through the Ages

Paper dolls have been beloved playthings for centuries. Over the years, many vintage and antique paper dolls have become highly collectible. Paper doll collecting offers a glimpse into fashion, culture, and societal values from different eras. Here is an overview of sought-after collectible paper dolls through history.

1800s Paper Dolls

The earliest manufactured paper doll dates back to 1810. These antique paper dolls from the 1800s often featured themes of fantasy, history, or morality tales. Rare finds like these can sell for thousands today. Other 1800s collectibles include:

  • Advertising dolls promoting products, events, political campaigns
  • "Godey Ladies" from Godey's Lady's Book magazine
  • Napoleonic paper soldier dolls
  • Servants and slaves reflecting societal roles and racism

1920s - 1930s Paper Dolls

As women gained independence in the 1920s, paper dolls offered role models for fashion and modern living. The 1930s Depression era inspired paper dolls of film stars and fantasy themes to provide escapism.

Popular collectibles from this era include:

  • Flapper dolls donning Jazz Age styles
  • Art deco celebrity paper dolls
  • Paper doll house furnishings and rooms

1940s - 1950s Paper Dolls

Paper shortages in WWII temporarily dampened paper doll production. But the 50s brought renewed popularity through publications and advertising. Nostalgic collectors seek out:

  • Movie starlets like Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds
  • Cartoon character dolls from Walt Disney, Little Lulu
  • Paper doll sets from brands like Coca-Cola and Wrigley’s Gum

Modern Collectibles

While less common, some modern paper dolls also have collectible value. These include limited editions from artists, one-of-a-kind art dolls, and doll-related ephemera. Collectors also seek out vintage Barbie, Bratz, and American Girl paper dolls.

Collecting vintage paper dolls provides a nostalgic link to childhoods past while offering insight into cultural history. For paper doll fans and historians, few playthings capture the past quite like these ephemeral historic figures frozen in time.

Paper Doll Party Ideas: Decorations, Games, and More

For a creative and imaginative birthday or playdate, throw a paper doll themed party! With fun decor, games, and activities, a paper doll party brings this classic toy to life.

Party Decorations

Use paper dolls and embellishments to decorate for a playful backdrop. Ideas include:

  • Paper doll garland strung across walls and ceilings
  • Tablecloth and napkins with paper doll prints
  • Paper doll cupcake toppers or cake plaque
  • Mini paper doll favor bags

Craft Station

Set up a crafting area for kids to make their own paper dolls and fashions. Provide:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Markers, crayons
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn, string
  • Stickers, sequins

Games and Activities

Fun games and contests will get kids engaged with paper dolls. Try:

  • Paper doll fashion show - Have a runway and let kids model paper doll outfits.
  • Dress-up relay - Teams race to dress paper dolls in silly outfits.
  • Paper doll bingo - Call out clothing types to mark on a bingo card.
  • Paper doll scavenger hunt.
  • Paper doll coloring contest.


Send kids home with paper doll favors they made like:

  • DIY paper doll books
  • Paper dolls on sticks
  • Bookmark paper dolls
  • Party snapshot paper doll keepsakes

With colorful decor, crafts, and games, a paper doll party brings imaginative fun and creativity to any occasion.

How to use your Amazon Prime to buy "Paper & Magnetic Dolls"

Amazon Prime provides a number of benefits when shopping for paper and magnetic dolls. With free shipping, discounts, and other perks, it can be the ideal way to get all the doll supplies you need.

Search for Eligible Items

Start by searching Amazon for "paper dolls" or "magnetic dolls." When browsing, look for the "Prime Eligible" tag to identify products included with a Prime membership. Millions of dolls, craft supplies, accessories and more are eligible.

Add to Cart

When you’ve found the perfect paper or magnetic dolls, add them to your cart. Quantities from different sellers can be combined into one order.

Proceed to Checkout

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Select Free Shipping

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Save with Prime-Exclusive Discounts

Look out for extra Prime member savings and coupons during checkout. These discounts will automatically apply to qualifying orders for additional savings.

Track Your Package

Once your dolls have shipped, track your delivery right from your account. Prime typically provides fast, free 2-day shipping so you’ll be playing with new dolls in no time!

With its huge selection and money-saving perks, Amazon Prime is a great way to conveniently shop for all the paper and magnetic dolls you love.

What Are The Benefits Of Paper And Magnetic Dolls?

Both paper and magnetic dolls have their own unique benefits. Here are some of the benefits of paper and magnetic dolls:

Benefits of Magnetic Dolls:

  • Magnetic dolls are more durable than paper dolls as the magnetic parts adhere to the doll easily and are long-lasting.
  • They are easy to set up and play with, especially for little hands.
  • Magnetic dolls come with small accessories that are fun to play with, such as cups and treats.
  • Benefits of Paper Dolls:

  • Playing with paper dolls encourages creativity and imagination, which are important life skills.
  • Paper dolls come in various varieties, such as punched out, cut out, and color-in, which provide practice with fine motor skills.
  • Playing with paper dolls also provides practice with fine motor skills as children move the dolls around and change their clothes.
  • Paper dolls can be used to tell stories, which increases a child's oral communication skills.
  • Overall, both paper and magnetic dolls provide children with opportunities to develop their creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills.

    What Age Range Are Paper And Magnetic Dolls Suitable For?

    Based on the search results, paper and magnetic dolls are suitable for children aged 3 years and up. Some magnetic dolls are designed for infants as young as 0-3 months, while others are suitable for children aged 3 years and up. However, it is important to note that children develop at different rates, so parents should always supervise their children during playtime and ensure that the toys they are playing with are age-appropriate.