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The Ultimate List of Must-Have PlayStation Vita Accessories to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

The Ultimate List of Must-Have PlayStation Vita Accessories to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Top Pick Accessories For Your PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita is a powerful handheld gaming system. To get the most out of your PS Vita, consider some of these top accessory picks:

Best Cases and Covers

Protect your PS Vita from scratches and drops with a sturdy case or cover:

  • Hardshell cases - Provide full protection and come in different styles
  • Silicone skins - Add grip and absorb shock
  • Leather folios - Classy looking cases that fold over Vita

Must-Have Controllers

Enhance your gameplay with these controller options:

PS Vita Trigger GripsAdd L2/R2 triggers for console-style control
PS Vita Racing WheelSteering wheel and pedal set for racing games

Essential Memory Cards

Expand your storage capacity with must-have PS Vita memory cards:

  • 4GB - Hold plenty of saves and smaller titles
  • 16GB - Downloads more digital games
  • 32GB - Maximum capacity to hold PS Vita library

Headsets For Immersive Gaming

Experience premium sound with these PS Vita headsets:

  • Over-ear headphones - Comfortable with robust audio
  • Earbuds - Portable in-ear option
  • Bluetooth headsets - Wireless with long battery life

With the right accessories, you can protect your investment, enhance gameplay, expand storage, and immerse yourself in premium sound on your PlayStation Vita.

Best Cases and Covers For Your PS Vita

Protecting your PS Vita with a quality case or cover is important to prevent damage from drops, scratches, and the elements. Here are some of the best PS Vita case and cover options:

Hardshell Cases

Hardshell PS Vita cases provide full protection:

  • PDP Protective Vault Case - Armored hardshell case with storage for games.
  • HORI Hard Pouch - Tough lightweight hardshell case.
  • PDP Pull-N-Go Folio - Hardshell exterior with built-in stand.

Silicone Skins

Silicone skins guard against shock and enhance grip:

PDP Soft Armor SkinTextured silicone with vibrant colors
Amzer Ultra Hybrid SkinSmooth silicone fused with hard plastic

Leather Folios

Classy leather folio cases for your PS Vita:

  • Waterfield Designs Vita Travel Case - Full grain leather with padded interior.
  • PDair Leather Case - Handcrafted leather folder-style case.
  • KHOMO Dual Zipper Case - Top grain leather with slots for cards.

Case Considerations

When selecting a PS Vita case, consider these factors:

  • Protection level - Harder shells provide more protection.
  • Grip enhancement - Silicone cases prevent slipping.
  • Style - Folio cases add a touch of class.
  • Storage - Some cases have slots for game cards.
  • Stand function - Folio cases allow hands-free viewing.

Protect your PlayStation Vita with one of these high quality case options.

Must-Have Controllers For Your PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita has a great built-in controller, but you can enhance gameplay with these must-have accessory controllers:

PS Vita Trigger Grips

Trigger grips add L2/R2 triggers for a true console controller feel:

  • PDP Trigger Grip - Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Nyko Power Grip - Built-in battery for extra playtime.
  • PDp Gamevice - Detachable flexible bridge section.

PS Vita Racing Wheels

Take control of racing games with a steering wheel:

Thrustmaster Ferrari WheelRealistic wheel with pedals and Ferrari branding.
HORI Racing WheelResponsive wheel designed for PS Vita racers.

Joystick Attachments

Precise analog control with attachable joysticks:

  • PSVita Joykit - Pairs DualShock 4 controller as attachable joystick.
  • UPSPEC PS Vita Analog Stick - Replaces Vita stick with full-sized analog.

Control Considerations

Factors to weigh when picking PS Vita controllers:

  • Comfort - Extended gameplay requires an ergonomic comfortable fit.
  • Responsiveness - Wheels and joysticks should provide accurate control.
  • Battery life - Some controllers like grips offer extended battery.
  • Compatibility - Ensure the accessory works with your Vita model.
  • Game genres - Wheels excel for racers, while grips help FPS games.

Enhance your PS Vita experience with these controller options for greater control and comfort.

Essential Memory Cards For Your PS Vita

Expanding the storage capacity of your PS Vita with a memory card is a must to increase game, video, and data storage. Here are the essential PS Vita memory card options:


The 4GB PS Vita memory card is a great starter size for new owners. Benefits:

  • Holds game save data
  • Stores a few small sized titles
  • Affordable option to get started


A 16GB PS Vita card provides more substantial storage:

Downloads more digital gamesNot enough for full digital library
Holds multiple movies/videosSturdy case recommended


With maximum capacity, the 32GB PS Vita memory card can hold:

  • Large game files
  • HD videos and movies
  • Plenty of music tracks
  • Numerous digital titles

Memory Card Tips

Get the most out of PS Vita memory cards by:

  • Backing up data regularly
  • Managing downloads efficiently
  • Deleting unneeded files
  • Using content manager to transfer data

Increase your storage capabilities with a PS Vita memory card to hold more games, media, and data on the go.

Benefits of Amazon Prime for PlayStation Vita Accessory Shoppers

For gaming enthusiasts who frequently purchase PlayStation Vita accessories, an Amazon Prime membership can be extremely valuable.

Free Two-Day Shipping

One of the biggest perks of Amazon Prime is free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items. This means PS Vita accessory purchases like cases, grips, memory cards, and headsets can arrive at your door in just two days.

This allows Prime members to quickly get their hands on the latest controllers or accessories they need for their gaming setup. No more waiting over a week for standard shipping!

Instant Access to New Releases

Avid gamers want access to new PS Vita accessories as soon as they are released. With Prime's two-day free shipping, members can pre-order items to receive them on their actual release date.

This insures Prime subscribers can upgrade their Vita or try out new add-ons right away instead of having to wait.

Borrowing Library Benefits

For research purposes, Prime members can borrow from a vast collection of ebooks, magazines, comics, and more using the Kindle and Prime Reading perks.

This allows researching the latest PS Vita accessories reviews and articles to make informed buying decisions.

Overall, a Prime membership offers significant benefits like speedy shipping, instant access to new releases, and helpful borrowing perks to regular PlayStation Vita accessory shoppers.

The Essential Accessories For Playstation Vita

Here are some essential accessories for PlayStation Vita:

  1. Carrying case to protect your device from scratches and damage.
  2. Screen protector to keep your screen free from scratches and smudges.
  3. Memory cards to store your games and data.
  4. SD2Vita adapter to use a microSD card instead of a proprietary memory card.
  5. Controller grips to make your device more comfortable to hold during long play sessions.
  6. Portable charger to extend your device's battery life.

PS Vita Games

The PlayStation Vita has a vast library of games that cater to different tastes and preferences. Here are some resources to help you find the best PS Vita games:

  1. Amazon.com: PlayStation Vita Games - Amazon offers a wide selection of PS Vita games, including popular titles like World of Final Fantasy and Lost Dimension.
  2. Best PS Vita Games - Push Square - Push Square has compiled a list of the best PS Vita games, as determined by readers. The list includes games like Soul Sacrifice and Mortal Kombat.
  3. Retro & Classic Video Games & Consoles | GameStop - GameStop offers a variety of PS Vita games, including classics like Mortal Kombat and God of War Collection.
  4. What are your 10 favorite Vita games? - Reddit - Reddit users share their top 10 favorite PS Vita games, including titles like Gravity Rush, Guacamelee, and Muramasa Rebirth.
  5. List of PlayStation Vita games (A–D) - Wikipedia - Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of PS Vita games, including both retail and downloadable titles.
  6. The 25 best PS Vita games of all time - GamesRadar - GamesRadar has compiled a list of the 25 best PS Vita games of all time, including games like Killzone: Mercenary, Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition, and Spelunky.

PS Vita Games For Sale

There are several places where you can find PS Vita games for sale. Here are some options:

  1. Amazon.com - Amazon offers a wide selection of PS Vita games, including popular titles like Lost Dimension and World of Final Fantasy.
  2. Lukie Games - Lukie Games has a variety of PS Vita games, systems, and accessories on sale, with discounts of up to 90% off.
  3. Fair Game Retro - Fair Game Retro has a selection of PS Vita games and accessories for sale.
  4. eStarland - eStarland is a great place to buy and sell PS Vita games and systems, with competitive trade-in values.
  5. PlayStation Store - The PlayStation Store offers discounts on PS Vita games and bundles, with notifications available through the PS Deals app.
  6. GameStop - GameStop often sells used PS Vita games, and may have new games available as well.

Whether you prefer physical copies or digital downloads, there are plenty of options for finding PS Vita games for sale.