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Top Quality Braces & Hangers - Materials That Provide Strength, Safety and Durability

Top Quality Braces & Hangers - Materials That Provide Strength, Safety and Durability

Stronger, Safer Structures: The Benefits of Using High-Quality Braces & Hangers

When building a structure, whether it's a home, office, or industrial facility, using high-quality braces and hangers for critical connections is essential. Here's a look at why premium braces and hangers are worth the investment.


Quality braces and hangers are engineered to handle heavy loads and forces. For example:

  • Steel joist hangers with a thicker gauge can support more weight.
  • Structural angles made from sturdy alloys resist bending under loads.

This strength ensures the structural integrity of the building frame and ability to withstand forces like wind, seismic activity, and shifts over time.


When installed correctly, commercial-grade braces and hangers provide secure connections that reduce the risk of:

  • Joint failure
  • Bolt pull-through
  • Component cracking or breakage
This prevents dangerous structural failures or collapses for greater safety.

Quality Materials

Braces and hangers made from quality materials like:

Hot-dipped galvanized steelProvides corrosion resistance and long life
High grade aluminumLightweight while maintaining strength

This ensures durability and performance in both interior and exterior applications.

Proper Installation

Always follow building code requirements and manufacturer specifications for correct installation. This ensures the braces and hangers provide their designed strength and safety benefits.

Peace of Mind

Using top quality braces and hangers provides confidence that critical structural connections will remain intact over the life of the building. This delivers great peace of mind that the structure will perform safely for many years.

For superior strength, safety, durability, and performance - trust high-grade braces and hangers from reputable manufacturers on your next construction project.

The Strength and Durability of Quality Braces & Hangers

When selecting the structural connectors that will join beams, posts, joists and other critical elements in a building, strength and durability are essential factors.

Strength to Bear Heavy Loads

The primary purpose of products like joist hangers, structural angles and post bases is to safely transfer the weight and forces acting on the building to the foundation. The strength and load bearing capabilities of these products depend on:

  • Materials used - steel thickness and grade, alloy composition
  • Product design - size, shape and engineering
  • Fasteners - type, size and connection details

For example, a high strength steel joist hanger properly fastened may support a 10,000 lb live load plus 3,000 lbs dead load. Using the right product prevents overload failures.

Durability for Long Life

Braces and hangers installed outdoors or in corrosive environments also need exemplary durability. Key factors include:

  • Corrosion resistance - stainless steel or aluminum
  • Coatings - galvanizing, epoxy paint
  • Design - drainage holes, material thickness

For instance, electrogalvanized steel has a zinc coating that provides exceptional corrosion protection for decades of reliable service.

ProductLoad CapacityCoating
3/4" Joist Hanger500 lbsG90 Galvanizing
1-1/2" Structural Angle1,500 lbsHot-dip Galvanized

Choosing the right highly engineered braces and hangers matched to the application loading and environment ensures a robust structure for the life of the building.

Secure Connections with Quality Braces & Hangers Reduce Risk

Properly installed high-grade braces, joist hangers, angles and brackets provide robust structural connections. This significantly reduces the risk of joint failure that can lead to injuries or building collapse.

Preventing Connection Failure

Low quality or improperly installed connectors are prone to:

  • Bolt tear-out under load
  • Cracking at welded joints
  • Pulling out of inadequate anchorage
  • Metal fatigue over time
Using top-notch commercial braces and hangers avoids these failure points. For example:

ProductSafety Feature
Joist HangerHeavier gauge steel resists pull-out
Knee BraceGusset plates provide rigidity

Following Best Practices

Correct installation is also key for safety:

  • Meet all applicable building codes
  • Follow manufacturer specifications
  • Use properly sized and rated fasteners
  • Double-check torque on all bolted connections
This ensures the products provide their designed strength and performance.

Peace of Mind

Utilizing top brands of commercial braces & hangers, properly installed, provides confidence in the structural integrity of the building. Facility owners, construction firms and installers can rest assured knowing connections are secure and risk is minimized. Some key benefits include:

  • Avoiding devastating joint failures
  • Preventing liability claims or lawsuits
  • Maintaining uptime and operations
Quality hangers and braces bring peace of mind and are worth the investment.

Following best practices for installation and using reputable braces and hangers enhances safety by reducing connection failure risks over the full lifetime of a structure.

Quality Materials for Superior Braces & Hangers

When selecting the ideal materials for structural braces, joist hangers, angles and other framing connectors, both strength and durability are vital factors. Premium materials ensure top performance and long life.

Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel

For many connectors, hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel is the optimal material choice. It offers an ideal balance of strength, durability and cost-effectiveness. Key benefits include:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance from thick zinc coating
  • Long service life, even in harsh environments
  • High strength - supports heavy static and dynamic loads
  • Cost-effective for most applications

HDG coatings applied at the steel mill provide superior bonding and corrosion protection compared to post-galvanizing methods.

High Grade Aluminum

When the highest strength along with light weight and corrosion resistance are needed, commercial grade aluminum alloys are excellent materials for braces and hangers. Benefits include:

  • Light weight - reduces handling costs
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Totally resistant to rust
  • Anodized coatings add durability

6000-series alloys like 6061 or 6063 are common choices for structural applications. The right alloy boosts strength while maintaining corrosion resistance.

For quality braces, joist hangers and connectors that will provide safety, performance and longevity - be sure to choose reputable materials from top manufacturers.

How to Use Amazon Prime to Buy Braces & Joist Hangers

Amazon Prime provides a convenient way to get quality braces, joist hangers, angles and brackets quickly shipped right to your door. Here are some tips on using Prime to purchase the structural connectors you need.

Search for Specific Brands and Models

Amazon stocks hanging and framing hardware from top manufacturers like Simpson Strong-Tie, USP, MiTek and others. Use the search bar to find the specific product line or model number you need. For example, search for "Simpson Strong-Tie LUS28 Hanger" to get matching results.

Filter by Material Type

Searching for a particular material like stainless steel or galvanized steel? Use the filters on the left side to view only braces and hangers made from that metal type. This skips unsuitable results.

Select Prime Eligible Items

When you search for any product, check the Prime eligibility filter to view only items available for fast, free Prime shipping. Exclude add-on items that don't ship free.

Compare Prices

Amazon displays the list price as well as the actual selling price, so you can easily see if you're getting a deal. Compare prices across sellers to find the best bang for your buck.

Check Reviews

Read ratings and reviews from other customers to gauge real-world performance before you buy. This helps select quality products that install well.

Use Prime to Save on Shipping

Eligible braces and joist hangers ship free in 2 days with Prime. No minimum order value needed. Prime gets you the parts you need quickly without inflated shipping fees.

With its massive selection and free fast shipping, Amazon Prime is a great way for contractors and DIYers to conveniently purchase quality joist hangers, structural angles and braces online.

Joist Hangers Vs Resting On Beam

Joist hangers and resting on beams are two methods of securing joists in construction. Here are some differences between the two:

Joist Hangers:

  • Provide exceptional strength and reliability.
  • Require more hardware and complexity.
  • Prevent twisting and warping of the joists.
  • Allow for a flush finish, which is better when height is a problem.
  • Are necessary when joists butt to a beam.
  • Are preferable for framing decks.
  • Resting on Beams:

  • Provides more tensile resistance.
  • Is simpler and requires fewer components and materials.
  • Has a total bearing weight that is well more than what the average building would require.
  • Can cause height issues when stacking structural members.
  • Requires additional height, which can be a problem when height is limited.
  • Can be a cheaper option.
  • Can distort the general aesthetics of the building if the beam protrudes below the joist space.
  • Ultimately, the choice between joist hangers and resting on beams depends on the specific project and its requirements. Both methods are valid and widely used, and it's mostly dependent upon your vertical clearance and personal preference.