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Upgrade Your Stroller's Safety and Performance with Essential Replacement Parts

Upgrade Your Stroller's Safety and Performance with Essential Replacement Parts

Fix Your Broken Stroller with These Essential Parts

Having a broken stroller can be frustrating and inconvenient. Luckily, many issues can be fixed by replacing worn or damaged parts. Here are some of the most common stroller parts that tend to break or malfunction, and how to repair them.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels take a lot of wear and tear. If your stroller is veering or dragging to one side, the cause is often a warped wheel or worn tire tread. Replacing the wheel or tire can restore smooth maneuverability.

  • Front swivel wheels - $15-30 per wheel
  • Rear wheels - $10-25 per wheel
  • Tires - $5-15 per tire

Make sure to get the exact same wheel size and tread type as the original when ordering a replacement.


Stroller brakes lock the rear wheels in place for parking. If your brakes are sticking or not fully engaging, new brake pads or a brake assembly may be needed.

  • Brake pads - $3-8 per set
  • Brake assembly - $10-30

Consult a tutorial to replace worn brake parts. Adjustment of the brake cable may also help.

Seat Fabric and Canopy

Over time, the seat and canopy fabric can become faded, torn or dirty beyond cleaning. Replacement seat fabric ranges from $20-60 depending on the model. Canopies can cost $15-40.

Watch online videos to learn how to detach and reattach the seat fabric and canopy for your particular stroller brand and model.


Handlebars bear repeated grasping and can loosen or deteriorate. Replace a wobbly handlebar for $10-20. Ensure the new handlebar matches the original size and shape.


With basic parts replacement, you can often restore an old, worn-out stroller to like-new condition. Consult stroller parts websites to find the specific parts you need. With a few tools and some mechanical aptitude, you can have your stroller fixed up and ready to roll!

Tires, Wheels and Axles - Keep Your Stroller Rolling

A stroller's ability to roll smoothly is critical for maneuverability and your child's comfort. The condition of the tires, wheels and axles greatly affects performance. Worn out or damaged components should be promptly replaced.


Stroller tires take a lot of wear from pavement, trails and more. Inspect tires regularly for:

  • Cracks/dry rotting - replace tire
  • Low tread depth - impacts traction
  • Warping/bald spots - causes bumpy ride

Replace tires exhibiting these issues. Typical stroller tire sizes:

Wheel PositionTire Size
Front swivel5-7 inches
Rear8-12 inches

Choose the tread style suited for your terrain - air-filled, foam-filled or solid rubber.


Inspect plastic and spoke wheels for cracks, loosening or warping, which can make the stroller veer. Replace damaged wheels in pairs for balanced rolling.

  • Front swivel wheels - $15-30
  • Rear wheels - $10-25

The rear wheel size affects maneuverability - larger = better on rough terrain, smaller = more agile.


The axles connect the wheels to the frame. If wheels wobble, the axle may be bent or loose. Replace bent axles. Tighten loose axle with a hex wrench.


Well-maintained tires, wheels and axles enable your stroller to roll straight and true over any surface. Replace damaged components to restore smooth maneuverability and keep your child comfortable.

Handlebars and Harnesses - Parts for Safety and Comfort

The handlebar and harness are key components that directly impact your use of the stroller. Replace worn parts to restore safety and comfort.


Handlebars allow you to maneuver and control the stroller. Signs it's time for a new handlebar include:

  • Loose/wobbly
  • Grip covering torn
  • Rust
  • Difficult to adjust height

Replace with an exact match or universal fit handlebar. Prices range $10-20.


  • Straight - Basic lightweight design
  • Ergonomic - Contoured grip
  • Reversible - Flips to face baby or parent

Ensure safety with handlebar covers and wrist straps if needed.


An age-appropriate harness keeps your child secure in the seat. Replace if the straps are:

  • Frayed/cracked
  • Missing buckles
  • Won't adjust properly

Harness prices range $10-30. Types include:

  • 3-point - Older babies/toddlers
  • 5-point - Newborns/young babies

A padded cover adds comfort against straps. Install per manufacturer instructions.


Handlebars and harnesses require periodic replacement as parts wear out. Investing in new parts restores safety for both parent and child, and makes strolling enjoyable again.

Rain Covers and Sun Shades - Protect Your Child from the Elements

Using a stroller rain cover and sun shade helps protect your child from inclement weather and harmful UV radiation. Replace worn out covers to keep your baby comfortable in any conditions.

Rain Covers

A rain cover encloses the stroller to guard against wind and precipitation. Features include:

  • Waterproof vinyl or nylon material
  • Opening for handlebar access
  • Ventilation panels
  • Storage pouch when not in use

Replace a cracked or torn rain cover. Prices range $15-30. For example, on a windy 45 degree day, a rain cover blocks chill while allowing baby to stay awake and alert.

Sun Shades

Sun shades extend from the stroller canopy to prevent direct sun exposure. Key features:

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Mesh for air flow
  • Attaches to canopy bars
  • Adjustable sizing and angle

Replace a ripped or faded sun shade. Prices are $10-25. For instance, a sun shade is essential on a sunny 80 degree day to avoid sunburn and overheating.

Using Covers Together

The rain cover and sun shade can be used together for complete protection in showers and sun. Roll up the rain cover flap and use the sun shade underneath when needed. Remove panels when the weather improves.


Rain covers and sun shades protect baby from rain, wind, and UV rays. Replace worn out covers so you can use your stroller in any forecast while keeping your child comfortable and healthy.

Baskets and Storage - Upgrade Your Stroller's Carrying Capacity

The storage basket under the stroller seat provides convenient access for on-the-go essentials. Over time, the basket can become worn out or too small as your child grows. Upgrading the basket and adding accessories expands your storage possibilities.

Replacement Baskets

Look for a replacement basket if the original is:

  • Torn or ripped
  • Sagging from weight
  • Hard to access due to design

An oversized basket adds significant extra capacity. Prices range $25-60.

For example, a larger basket lets you carry a day's worth of bottles, diapers, wipes, snacks and toys.

Storage Attachments

Additional storage options to expand capacity:

  • Pouch for cell phone, keys
  • Cup holder for drinks, snacks
  • Console with covered compartments
  • Saddlebag for extra items

For instance, side saddlebags allow quick access to essentials like pacifiers, small toys, and books.


Replacing a worn out basket with a bigger one, along with adding handy storage attachments gives you expanded cargo room. You’ll have the convenience of keeping everything you need within reach.

Seats and Canopies - Repair and Refresh Old Parts

The seat and canopy are two of the most important components that keep your child safe and comfortable in the stroller. With wear, they may need fixing or replacing.


Stroller seat fabrics take a lot of abuse. Look to repair or replace if you spot:

  • Rips, tears, holes
  • Faded, stained fabric
  • Broken seams or attachments
  • Damaged safety buckles

For minor damage, iron-on patches or sewing can extend the seat's life. For more extensive issues, replace the seat fabric. Prices range from $20-60.

Watch online seat replacement tutorials for your particular stroller model. Step-by-step instructions are provided.


Canopy fabrics also wear out over time. Look for:

  • Holes, tears, mold
  • Faded, peeling UV coatings
  • Broken support rods
  • Zippers/velcro not staying closed

Small repairs are possible, but replacing the entire canopy is recommended when damage is extensive. Replacement canopy prices range $15-40.


With some basic sewing skills and online tutorials, you can give your stroller a fresh look with new seat fabric and canopy. Investing in replacements restores safety and comfort for your child.

Brakes and Suspension - Stabilize and Control Your Stroller

A stroller's brakes and suspension system are key to control and stability. Replace worn parts promptly to restore safe function.


Stroller brakes lock the rear wheels to prevent rolling. Signs of ineffective brakes:

  • Wheels roll when parked
  • Brake pads badly worn
  • Brake pedal stuck or stiff

Replace worn-out brake pads, which cost $3-8 per set. Adjust the brake cable to fix stiffness. If issues persist, replace the entire brake assembly for $10-30.

For example, properly functioning brakes are crucial when parking on hills or sloped driveways.


Suspension smoothes out the ride over bumpy terrain. Indications of failing suspension:

  • Bouncy, uneven ride
  • Noisiness when rolling
  • Visible sagging or cracks

Replace shock absorbers and springs to restore proper suspension. Expect costs of $20-50.

Good suspension prevents jostling that could wake or disturb a napping child.


Well-maintained brakes and suspension keep strolling safe and comfortable. Replace any deteriorated parts right away.

How To Identify The Right Replacement Part For Your Stroller?

Identifying the right replacement part for your stroller can be a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure the safety and proper functioning of your stroller. Here are some steps to help you identify the right replacement part for your stroller:

  1. Check the manufacturer's website: Most stroller manufacturers have a website where you can find information about your stroller model and the replacement parts available. You can also find the model number and date of manufacture on the product identification label affixed to the product directly.
  2. Contact customer service: If you are unable to find the information you need on the manufacturer's website, you can contact their customer service department. They can help you identify the right replacement part for your stroller model and provide you with instructions on how to find the model number and date of manufacture.
  3. Provide the serial number and model year: When contacting the manufacturer or customer service, it is important to provide the serial number and model year of your stroller. This information is often useful in determining the correct part for your stroller.
  4. Use online retailers: Online retailers such as Amazon and Chicco carry stroller replacement parts, including inner tubes, tires, canopies, and bumper bars. You can search for the replacement part you need by stroller model or part type.
  5. Fill out a replacement parts form: Some stroller manufacturers, such as Gaggle and Smarte Carte Kiddie Kruzzer, have a replacement parts form on their website. You can fill out the form with your stroller model and the replacement part you need, and they will follow up with a price quote before shipping your order.

By following these steps, you can identify the right replacement part for your stroller and ensure the safety and proper functioning of your stroller.

What Information Do You Need To Provide When Ordering Stroller Replacement Parts?

When ordering stroller replacement parts, you may need to provide the following information:

  1. Model number: The model number is a unique identifier for your stroller and can usually be found on a product identification label affixed to the product directly.
  2. Date of manufacture: The date of manufacture is another important piece of information that can help identify the correct replacement part for your stroller.
  3. Part name or number: If you know the name or number of the replacement part you need, be sure to provide this information when ordering.
  4. Shipping address: You will need to provide your shipping address so that the replacement part can be delivered to you.
  5. Payment information: You may need to provide payment information, such as a credit card number, to complete your order.
  6. Photo of the needed part: Some manufacturers, such as Inglesina, may ask you to provide a photo of the needed part if you are unsure of the name or number.

By providing this information, you can ensure that you receive the correct replacement part for your stroller and that it is delivered to the correct address.

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