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Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote Setup Tutorial: Syncing, Customizing Buttons, Replacing Batteries & Using Infrared Media Controls

Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote Setup Tutorial: Syncing, Customizing Buttons, Replacing Batteries & Using Infrared Media Controls

Syncing the Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote with Your Xbox Console

Syncing the Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote with your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S console is a quick and straightforward process. Here are the steps to get your remote connected and controlling your Xbox wirelessly:

1. Insert Batteries into the Remote

The remote requires 2 AA batteries to operate. Open the battery compartment on the back of the remote and insert fresh batteries according to the polarity indicators (+/-). Make sure the batteries are securely in place before proceeding.

2. Turn On Your Xbox Console

Make sure your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S console is powered on and set to the correct input on your TV or monitor.

3. Press the Pairing Button on the Remote

On the back of the remote, locate the small pairing button next to the battery compartment. Press and hold this button for 3-5 seconds - the remote will start blinking to indicate pairing mode.

4. Press the Pair Button on Your Xbox Console

On your Xbox console, press and hold the pairing button for 3-5 seconds until the Guide button flashes rapidly. This indicates the console is in pairing mode.

5. Wait for Sync to Complete

After pressing both pairing buttons, wait for the remote's LED to stop blinking. Once it turns solid, the sync is complete. The remote is now connected to your Xbox wirelessly.

6. Test and Use Your Remote

Try out some button presses on the remote to ensure it is controlling your Xbox as expected. The Guide button should open the Xbox menu, and you can navigate around using the D-pad and action buttons.

That's it! With these steps completed, your Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote is synced and ready to use. The remote can control basic media playback, navigate menus, enter text, and more. Enjoy your new wireless remote for Xbox gaming and entertainment!

Using the Infrared Media Controls

One of the useful features of the Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote is the built-in infrared media controls. These allow you to control various aspects of your TV/media setup without needing direct line-of-sight to your devices.

TV Power

The TV Power button in the center of the directional pad turns your television on or off. Point the front of the remote toward your TV when pressing it.

Volume Control

The +/- buttons on the bottom left of the remote control your TV's volume. Press + to increase volume and - to decrease it.

Channel Control

  • The CH+/CH- buttons change the channel up or down on your TV.
  • The numbered buttons (0-9) can enter specific channel numbers.

Media Playback

The media playback buttons below the D-pad control devices like sound bars, Blu-ray players, streaming sticks, etc. These include:

  • Previous/Next Track - Skip tracks forwards or backwards.
  • Play/Pause - Start or pause playback.
  • Stop - Stop media playback.

Using the Controls

Aim the front of the remote toward your devices when using the infrared controls. They should work even when not in direct line-of-sight, but performance may vary based on positioning. The buttons will not control your Xbox itself since they use IR, not wireless connectivity.

That covers the basics of using the handy infrared media controls built into the Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote. With these buttons at your fingertips, you can control your entire entertainment center right from your gaming remote.

Changing the Battery in the Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote

The Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote requires 2 AA batteries to operate. With average use, these batteries should provide up to 20 hours of battery life before needing to be replaced. When the batteries start to run low, you may experience inconsistent button presses or a shorter wireless range. Follow these steps to change the batteries:

Materials Needed

  • 2 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • Small Phillips head screwdriver (optional)

Steps to Change the Battery

  1. Turn the remote over and locate the battery cover on the back. Slide the clasp down to release the cover.
  2. Remove the old batteries from the compartment. Check for any corrosion or damage inside.
  3. Insert the new batteries according to the polarity markings (+/-) inside the compartment.
  4. Optionally use a screwdriver to tighten the battery contacts if they are loose.
  5. Slide the battery cover back on until it clicks into place.
  6. Press buttons on the remote to verify it powers on with the new batteries.

Battery Life Tips

  • Use fresh alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries for best performance.
  • Replace batteries at least once per year to prevent battery leaks.
  • Turn the remote off when not in use to conserve battery life.
  • Consider investing in rechargeable batteries to reduce waste and save money.

Changing the batteries every few months or when they run low will keep your remote working its best. With this quick battery swap, your Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote will be ready for more wireless gaming and media control.

Customizing the Buttons on the Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote

One of the useful features of the Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote is the ability to customize what certain buttons do. This allows you to remap buttons to better suit your gaming needs.

Using the 8Bitdo Ultimate Software

To remap buttons, you'll need to connect the remote to a Windows PC or mobile device and use the 8Bitdo Ultimate software. This lets you change the function of any button on the controller.

  1. Download and install the 8Bitdo Ultimate software on your device.
  2. Connect the remote via USB or Bluetooth.
  3. Open the software and select the Enhanced Xbox Remote.
  4. Click any button to change its assigned function from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Save to store the remapped buttons.

Sample Customizations

Here are some example customizations you could make:

  • Swap A and B buttons for certain games.
  • Assign shortcuts to extra media control buttons.
  • Make a paddle act as an additional shoulder button.
  • Set buttons to turbo for rapid fire.

Other Tips

  • Test button remapping in games before relying on it.
  • Take a photo of default mappings in case you need to revert.
  • Clear remappings when lending the controller to others.

With these steps, you can customize your Enhanced 8Bitdo Xbox Remote to better fit your personal gaming preferences and needs. Experiment with different button mappings to optimize your control experience.