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Enjoy Nighttime Volleyball Games With LED Light Up Balls, Pumps, and Battery Tips

Enjoy Nighttime Volleyball Games With LED Light Up Balls, Pumps, and Battery Tips

How to play volleyball at night?

Playing volleyball at night can be a fun way to enjoy the sport in cooler temperatures. However, it requires some special considerations to ensure you can see the ball and play safely.

Set up lighting

First, you'll need adequate lighting around the court so you can see the ball coming. Here are some lighting options:

  • LED or halogen floodlights around the court perimeter
  • Strings of outdoor patio lights above the net and along the sides of the court
  • Headlamps or clip-on lights for each player
  • Glow-in-the-dark balls that illuminate as you play

Use reflective gear

Wearing reflective gear can also help with visibility. Some options include:

  • Reflective wrist and head bands
  • Reflective jerseys or t-shirts
  • Reflective tape on shoes or knees

Play safely

Make sure the court surface is clear of any obstacles or debris that could cause tripping in the dark. Stop play immediately if lightning is seen or thunder is heard.

With proper lighting and reflective gear, night volleyball can be just as fun and safe as playing in the daytime.

How to see the ball clearly in low light conditions?

Seeing the volleyball clearly at night or in low light can be challenging but is possible with the right gear and setup.

Use the right lighting

Proper lighting around the court is key for maximum visibility:

  • LED or halogen floodlights aimed down at the court from poles or rooftops
  • String lights above the net and along the sidelines
  • Headlamps or clip-on lights for players
Light TypeBrightness
LED floodlights5,000+ lumens recommended
String lightsAt least 600 lumens
Headlamps150+ lumens

Use a glow-in-the-dark ball

Balls that glow or light up when bounced can greatly improve visibility. Features to look for include:

  • LED or fluorescent materials in the ball surface
  • Motion-activatedinternal lights
  • High-contrast colors like yellow or orange

With ample lighting and glow gear, you can enjoy clear views of the ball even after dark.

How to set up a volleyball net and court for night games?

Playing volleyball at night requires some special setup to ensure the court is visible and safe.

Light the court

Install lighting around the perimeter of the court so players can see the ball and surroundings clearly:

  • LED or halogen floodlights on poles or rooftops
  • String lights above the net and along the sides of the court
Light TypePlacement
Floodlights10-15 feet above the court on poles
String lightsDirectly over net cable; along side borders

Set up the net

Use glow-in-the-dark tape to mark the net boundaries. Make sure the net height is regulation.

Prep the court

  • Sweep loose debris and check for holes or uneven surfaces
  • Mark court lines with reflective paint if possible
  • Place glow sticks or reflective markers at corners

With ample lighting and visibility aids, you'll have a court ready for safe and fun night volleyball.

How to pump up the LED volleyball properly?

Pumping up an LED light up volleyball requires following some important steps to get the right bounce and prevent damage.

Use the correct needle

Use the inflation needle included with the ball. Regular needles can damage the inner bladder.

Find the air valve

LED volleyballs have a specialized air valve, usually under a flap or threaded cap. Locate this before inflating.

Inflate to the right pressure

  • Outdoor volleyballs: 4-5 psi
  • Indoor volleyballs: 8-9 psi

Underinflating can lead to poor bounce and shape. Overinflating may damage the ball.

Inflate gradually

Add air in short bursts, checking pressure frequently with a gauge. Do not inflate too quickly.

Check for leaks

After inflating, immerse the ball in water and look for air bubbles escaping, then patch any leaks.

Allow time to expand

Let the ball sit 1-2 hours after inflating to reach optimal internal air pressure.

With the proper inflation approach, your LED volleyball will maintain its light up function and ideal play performance.

How to replace batteries in the light up volleyball?

Replacingspent batteries in LED and light up volleyballs ensures the lights keep working properly during those late night games.

Find the battery compartment

There will be a threaded cap or velcro flap concealing the batteries. Locate this first.

Remove old batteries

Carefully take out the used batteries. Check for corrosion or leaks. Clean any buildup with a cloth.

Insert new batteries

  • Use the size and type listed in product specs, usually AA or AAA.
  • Pay attention to the +/- orientation marked in the battery compartment.
  • Avoid mixing old and new batteries.
Battery TypeQuantity
AA alkaline2-4
AAA alkaline2-3

Secure the battery cover

Replace any rubber seals and tightly close the battery compartment.

With fresh batteries installed, the LED lights will glow brightly throughout many late night volleyball matches.

What is the use of Amazon Prime for a regular buyer of Play Volleyball After Dark With NIGHTMATCH LED Light Up Volleyball?

For frequent buyers of LED light up volleyballs and related gear, an Amazon Prime membership can provide several useful benefits:

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Other Prime Benefits

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For volleyball enthusiasts who play regularly under the lights, an Amazon Prime subscription can be extremely valuable.