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Get Kids Excited About Brushing With This Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush - 5 Modes, Waterproof, Timer

Get Kids Excited About Brushing With This Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush - 5 Modes, Waterproof, Timer

How to get kids excited about brushing their teeth

Getting kids motivated to brush their teeth can be a challenge for parents. However, there are creative ways to make this daily chore more fun and engaging for little ones. Here are some tips for getting kids excited about brushing their teeth:

Make it a game

Turn toothbrushing into a game by setting a timer for 2 minutes and challenging kids to brush all their teeth before the time is up. Give them updates at 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. so they can try to beat the clock. You can also play music or sing songs while they brush to keep them engaged.

Buy kid-friendly toothbrushes

Let kids pick out their own toothbrush at the store. Opt for character brushes or ones with bright colors/lights that will make brushing more interesting. Allowing them to choose their brush gives them a sense of ownership.

Use toothpaste flavors they like

Get toothpastes in yummy flavors like bubblegum, strawberry, or watermelon. Letting kids pick their favorite can make brushing tastier and more appealing.

Give rewards

Offer rewards like a sticker on their chore chart or 10 extra minutes of playtime after they brush diligently for the full 2 minutes. Positive reinforcement will motivate them to keep up the habit.

Brushing together

Make brushing a family activity. Set times when you all brush together, maybe to a fun music playlist. Kids will be more eager to brush if older siblings and parents join in.

With a little creativity and patience, brushing teeth doesn't have to feel like a chore for kids. Make it fun and rewarding, and they'll be more willing to develop healthy dental habits.

How to make brushing teeth fun for kids

Getting kids to brush their teeth diligently each day can seem daunting, but you can make it more enjoyable with some creativity. The key is turning it into a game with prizes, gadgets, apps, and family participation.


Use a timer to make toothbrushing competitive. See if they can beat their time from yesterday or brush for the full 2 minutes recommended by dentists. Timers can be found in fun designs like a lion timer with a tail they move after brushing each quarter of their mouth.

Toothbrush features

  • Light-up toothbrushes
  • Music/noise-playing brushes
  • Character designs like Disney or superheroes

Giving kids a cool toothbrush makes them eager to use it. Opt for electric ones with built-in timers and Bluetooth mobile app connectivity.


Apps like Brusheez reward kids after brushing sessions with games and stickers. The 2-minute timer ensures they brush thoroughly.

Brush together

Make evening brushing a family affair. Play music and take turns brushing as you dance around the bathroom together.

With rewards, gadgets, and family bonding, toothbrushing becomes a fun activity kids look forward to rather than dread. Developing healthy habits early on will benefit their smile for life.

How to encourage proper brushing technique for kids

Establishing proper brushing habits in kids early on is crucial for their oral health. Here are tips on guiding them to brush thoroughly and effectively:

Lead by example

Let kids watch you brush your teeth to model ideal technique. Narrate out loud what you are doing as you brush in circles and reach all areas of your mouth.

Make it fun

  • Play music or sing songs while brushing to pass the 2-minute recommended time.
  • Use toothbrush colors or designs kids find fun and exciting.
  • Turn it into a game by using a sand timer and seeing if they can beat their brushing time from yesterday.

Use visual aids

Have a color-coded toothbrushing chart on the wall showing different sections of the mouth. Remind kids to thoroughly brush each part - outsides, insides, tops of teeth, tongue, etc.

Teach techniques

  • Use soft, circular motions to gently clean each tooth.
  • Tilt brush at 45 degree angle to reach where the tooth meets the gum.
  • Use back-and-forth motions to clean the tongue.

Giving kids a routine, making it fun, and providing visual reminders will instill proper technique. With good habits established early, they can maintain healthy smiles for life.

How to choose the right toothbrush settings for kids

Electric toothbrushes for kids often have multiple brushing modes. Choosing the right settings ensures safe, gentle, and effective cleaning for young teeth and gums.

Consider age

Check the age recommendations on brush heads and choose the appropriate size. Brushes designed for ages 3+ will have softer bristles and smaller brush heads.

Assess brushing ability

  • Younger kids need full assistance brushing, so opt for sensitive low-power settings.
  • Older kids (6+) can handle higher power since they can apply less pressure.

Match mode to needs

ModeBest For
Low - sensitiveYounger kids, orthodontic care
Medium - daily cleanMost kids for regular brushing
High - polishOccasional use for older kids

Ask your dentist if you are unsure which setting is safest and most effective. They may recommend particular speeds or modes depending on your child's oral condition and dexterity.

Choosing age-appropriate brush heads and ideal speeds allows kids to brush thoroughly while avoiding damage to gums and enamel.