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Cory Jacobson
October 30, 2023
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Get the Perfect Fit and Maximum Performance from Firelli Kids Hiking Shoes: Breathable, Non-Slip Sneakers

Get the Perfect Fit and Maximum Performance from Firelli Kids Hiking Shoes: Breathable, Non-Slip Sneakers

How to choose the right size Firelli hiking shoes for your child?

Choosing the correct shoe size for your child's Firelli hiking shoes is important to ensure proper fit and comfort during outdoor activities. Here are some tips to get the sizing right:

Measure both feet

Children's feet grow rapidly, and the two feet may be slightly different sizes. Use a brannock device or printable sizing chart to measure both foot lengths and widths.

Allow room to grow

It's better to allow some extra room in the toe box for future growth rather than going for a snug fit. Go up about a half or full size from their current measurements.

Try shoes on at the end of the day

Feet tend to swell during the day, so trying on shoes after school or playtime will give you their largest measurement.

Wear hiking socks

Have your child try on the hiking shoes with the type of sock they'll wear for hiking. The socks' thickness can impact the fit.

Allow a thumb's width

With your child standing, press down on the toe box. There should be about a thumb's width between their longest toe and the shoe's end.

Consider width

If your child has wide feet, choose Firelli hiking shoes marked with a "W" width. For a narrower foot, look for a "N" width.

With careful sizing and a little room to grow, Firelli hiking shoes will support your child's feet comfortably on the trail. Don't hesitate to exchange them if the fit doesn't seem right.

How to clean and care for Firelli hiking shoes?

Firelli hiking shoes are designed for rugged outdoor use, but with some regular cleaning and care, you can keep them looking their best and extend their life. Here are some tips:

Remove dirt

Use a stiff brush to remove caked-on dirt and mud after each wear. Pay attention to the treads and crevices.


  • Hand wash shoes in cold water with a small amount of mild detergent.
  • Use a soft cloth or brush to gently clean the upper, tongue, eyelets and laces.
  • Rinse off all soap residue.
  • Stuff shoes with paper or towels and let air dry away from direct heat.


Spray the insides occasionally with an antimicrobial spray designed for shoes to kill bacteria and odor.

Protect material

Apply a protector spray that is safe for nylon and suede to repel water and stains.

Check for wear

Inspect for signs of excessive wear on the heels, toes or tread. Take to a cobbler for repair if needed.

Store properly

Fill shoes with paper to absorb moisture and maintain shape. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

With regular cleaning and care for your Firelli hiking shoes, you'll extend their life so they can handle many seasons of adventures on the trail with your child.

How to break in new Firelli hiking shoes so they are comfortable for your child?

Brand new hiking shoes can cause blisters and discomfort if you don’t properly break them in before hitting the trails. Here are some tips to help break in your child’s new Firelli shoes:

Wear them at home

Have your child wear the shoes around the house for short periods, like 1-2 hours at a time, for 2-3 days. This helps mold the shoes to their feet.

Use a shoe stretcher

Place shoe trees or stretchers inside the shoes overnight to gently stretch them for a better fit.

Apply moisturizer

Rub a small amount of moisturizing foot cream or petroleum jelly on areas prone to blisters to minimize friction. Reapply after washing feet.

Take short hikes

Before a big hike, break them in with short 30-60 minute hikes on easier trails. This gradually increases use.

Bring blister care

Pack blister bandages, moleskin, tape and ointment in your first aid kit in case of hot spots.

Swap out the insoles

Replace the original insoles with more cushioned, supportive insoles designed for hiking to make the shoes more comfortable.

Pay attention to how the shoes feel on your child’s feet during break-in. If they complain of specific discomfort spots, address those areas with padding or stretching. Starting slow with new hiking shoes helps ensure they’ll become a comfortable companion for miles on the trail.

How to get the most out of Firelli hiking shoes for outdoor activities?

Firelli makes durable and comfortable kids' hiking shoes perfect for outdoor adventures. Follow these tips to maximize their performance on the trail:

Choose the right model

Select Firelli shoes designed specifically for hiking over extremely rugged terrain vs. lighter day hikes. Prioritize traction, ankle support and waterproofing.

Pair with quality socks

Wear moisture-wicking wool or synthetic blend socks. This prevents friction that causes blisters. Carry extra pairs.

Use orthotics if needed

If your child overpronates or needs more arch support, pair Firelli shoes with custom or over-the-counter orthotic insoles.

Waterproof frequently

Treat shoes with a waterproofing spray before each hike to prevent water from penetrating the material.

Care for the shoes

Rinse off dirt after each use. Stuff with paper to maintain shape. Check for damage after tough hikes.

Get a larger size

Leave a thumbnail's space between toe and shoe to accommodate downhill hiking which jams feet forward.

Break them in

Wear for short periods at home to mold to feet. Prevent blisters.

With proper care and fit, Firelli hiking shoes will become a reliable companion protecting your child's feet for miles on the trail.