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How to Choose, Customize & Care for ADOREISM BJJ MMA Fight Shorts for Grappling & Cage Matches

How to Choose, Customize & Care for ADOREISM BJJ MMA Fight Shorts for Grappling & Cage Matches

How to choose the right size ADOREISM shorts for MMA or BJJ training

Choosing the correct size ADOREISM shorts is crucial for comfort and performance during MMA or Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. Here are some tips on selecting the right size ADOREISM fight shorts for your needs:

Check the size chart

ADOREISM provides a detailed size chart on their website showing the waist and length dimensions for each size. Measure your waist where you normally wear your shorts. Refer to the size chart and choose the size that most closely matches your waist measurement.

Consider your style preferences

  • If you prefer a looser, baggy fit, size up 1 from your waist measurement.
  • For a fitted, athletic look, match your exact waist size.
  • If in between sizes, size down for a tighter fit or up for a looser fit.

Think about length

ADOREISM shorts come in S, M, L lengths. Measure from your waistline to your desired length to determine your ideal size:

  • S length sits above the knee (11" inseam)
  • M hits around mid-thigh (14" inseam)
  • L reaches near the knee (16" inseam)

Choose the length you feel gives you the best range of motion and coverage for training or competition.

Move around in them

Once you receive your ADOREISM shorts, put them on and simulate fight moves. Make sure you have full mobility without any pulling or restriction. The shorts should stay securely in place without needing constant adjustment.

Choosing the correctly fitted ADOREISM shorts will allow you to focus on your MMA or BJJ training without distractions from ill-fitting gear. Refer to the sizing info and find the ideal size and length shorts for your body type and training needs.

How to care for ADOREISM BJJ shorts to maximize their lifespan

ADOREISM designs their BJJ shorts for durability, but taking proper care of them will extend their lifespan. Here are some tips on caring for your ADOREISM shorts:


  • Wash shorts inside out in cold water using a gentle detergent. This protects the fabric and prevents fading.
  • Don't use fabric softener as it can coat the fibers and impede moisture wicking ability.
  • Air dry only. Putting ADOREISM shorts in the dryer can damage stretch fibers leading to tears.

Stain removal

Treat stains immediately. Soak shorts in cold water with a stain remover for 30 minutes before washing. For blood stains, gently dab with hydrogen peroxide before soaking and washing.


After training, don't leave shorts balled up in a gym bag. Hang them to maintain shape and allow airflow. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Inspect regularly

Check for small holes, fraying seams, worn out elastic, etc. Make repairs immediately to avoid bigger problems. For example, stop a small hole on the knee from spreading by placing a patch on the inside of the shorts.

Avoid harsh surfaces

When training BJJ, avoid abrasive mat surfaces. Use a towel orinversion table underneath if training frequently on concrete or rough textures.

By washing properly, making repairs, and handling gently, you can get years of regular training out of a pair of ADOREISM shorts. Take care of your BJJ gear and it will support you through countless rolls and submissions.

How to customize your ADOREISM MMA shorts with patches or embroidery

Adding custom patches or embroidery is a great way to put your own stamp on your ADOREISM MMA shorts. Here are some tips on customizing your fight gear:

Choosing patches

  • Pick patches with meaning like your gym’s logo, country flag, or motto.
  • Opt for iron-on patches for easy application.
  • Select size and location - consider placing on the leg or waistband.

Adding patches

  1. Clean shorts thoroughly so patch adheres well.
  2. Place patch on desired location and cover with cloth.
  3. Using medium heat, gently press iron over patch for 15-20 seconds.
  4. Let cool before use and check edges to ensure adhesion.

Choosing embroidery

  • Pick simple, bold designs in one color thread.
  • Consider name, initials, or short phrase on waistband or leg.
  • Bring clean shorts to embroidery shop for application.

Caring for patches and embroidery

  • Wash inside out in cold water and air dry.
  • Check embroidered areas for loose threads after washing.
  • Avoid bleach, hot water, and putting in dryer.

Test any customizations in training before wearing in a fight. With the proper application and care, patches and embroidery are a great way to make your ADOREISM shorts unique to you.

How to wear ADOREISM fight shorts for no-gi grappling or MMA cage fights

ADOREISM designs their fight shorts specifically for the demands of MMA and no-gi grappling. Here are some tips on wearing them for competition:


The shorts should fit snugly without restricting your range of motion. A too-loose fit can get grabbed or caught during grappling exchanges. Overly tight shorts can hinder kicks and ground work.


A mid-thigh length allows flexibility while still providing coverage. The 5-6 inch inseam is preferred for MMA and BJJ. Shorter lengths risk exposure, while longer lengths can impede movement.


ADOREISM shorts feature a curved cut with higher sides, preventing them from riding up during takedowns and ground fighting. The ergonomic design moves naturally with your body.


The lightweight, stretchy material wicks moisture away, keeping you cool and dry. The four-way stretch maintains shape while offering full range of motion.

Adjusting the waistband

  • The inner drawstring allows you to tighten shorts for a secure fit.
  • Tie drawstring securely but not too tightly as to restrict breathing and movement.
  • The velcro fly also lets you customize waist tightness.

No pockets

Unlike casual shorts, ADOREISM fight shorts contain no pockets to avoid fingers getting caught during grappling exchanges.

Plain design

Opt for solid black shorts with minimal seams and no graphics. Limiting colors and patterns prevents visual distractions in the cage or mat.

Wearing properly fitted ADOREISM shorts designed for fighting gives you an advantage over standard gym shorts. The right shorts help you execute techniques freely while staying protected.