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How to Choose the Perfect Long Satin Princess Gloves for Your Flower Girl's Wedding Outfit

How to Choose the Perfect Long Satin Princess Gloves for Your Flower Girl's Wedding Outfit

How to choose the right size gloves for your flower girl?

Choosing the perfect fit for your flower girl's gloves is important for comfort and style. Here are some tips on finding the right size:

Measure Her Hands

The best way to find the right glove size is to measure your flower girl's hand. You'll need to measure both the circumference around her palm, as well as length from wrist to middle fingertip. Compare these measurements to the sizing chart provided by the glove retailer.

Consider Room for Growth

It's a good idea to buy flower girl gloves a little big to allow for growth. Hands grow rapidly at young ages. Buy a size up to allow her to get more than one use from the gloves.

Pay Attention to Width

Some glove styles run narrow or wide. Pay attention to product details that indicate whether that style runs small or large. Opt for a wide width if your flower girl has thicker fingers.

Prioritize Palm Circumference

Palm circumference is the most important measurement for fit. Length is secondary. It's okay if gloves are slightly long, as the ends can be tucked under. But gloves that are too tight around the palm are uncomfortable.

Try Gloves On

If possible, have your flower girl try on the gloves before the event. This allows you to exchange if the size is off. Trying on eliminates guesswork.

With some planning and measurement, you can find the perfect princess gloves that your flower girl will love wearing on the big day. Focus on palm circumference for a comfortable fit that she can enjoy all day long.

How to Care for and Wash Satin Gloves

Satin gloves require some special care to keep them looking pristine. Follow these tips to clean and store your satin gloves.

Washing Satin Gloves

  • Hand wash in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent or soap made for delicates.
  • Avoid hot water as this can damage the satin.
  • Don't soak the gloves - just use light agitation to clean.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cool water to remove all soap.
  • Lay flat or hang to dry. Do not twist or wring.

Stain Removal

Treat stains quickly to avoid setting them. Salt water, sweat, and oils can leave marks on satin. For common stains try:

  • Hydrogen peroxide for wine or dirt stains.
  • Cornstarch for oily stains - let sit for an hour before brushing off.
  • Vinegar or lemon juice for perspiration stains.

Caring For Your Gloves

  • Store properly folded in a glove box or drawer.
  • Use glove trees or stuff with tissue to hold shape.
  • Avoid heat and prolonged sun exposure.
  • Check for damage after each use and mend if needed.

With proper care, your satin gloves can maintain their elegance for many special occasions to come. Be gentle, treat stains promptly, and store properly when not in use.

How to Accessorize the Gloves for a Formal Event

Long satin gloves are the perfect finishing touch for formal attire. Accessories can take your gloves from simple to stunning. Here are some ideas for accessorizing gloves for weddings, proms, and black tie affairs.


  • Bracelets over the gloves add sparkle.
  • Choose cuff bracelets or bangles in materials like crystal, pearl, or metallic.
  • For a matching set, find gloves and jewelry from the same designer.
  • Pin brooches or fabric flowers near the wrist as accents.


  • Select a small, elegant clutch or minaudière.
  • Look for beaded, embroidered, or embellished bags for texture.
  • Match metal colors in purse hardware and bracelets.

Hair Accessories

  • Crystal hair pins and combs complement gloves.
  • Try a sparkling headband or feather fascinator.
  • Style your hair up to highlight earrings and necklines.

The Right Attire

  • Focus on classic over trendy for timeless style.
  • Go for figure hugging and floor length gown silhouettes.
  • Stick to solid colors or subtle prints.

With the perfect accessories, your gloves will take your formal outfit from pretty to head-turning. Add them with care for a coordinated, polished look.

How to Make Gloves More Comfortable for Long Wear

It's lovely to wear elegant satin gloves for a special event, but they can get uncomfortable after hours of wear. Here are tips to keep your hands cozy in gloves all night long.

Choose the Right Size

Ill-fitting gloves will quickly become uncomfortable. Follow sizing charts and measure your hand circumference to select the ideal size glove.

Look for Stretch Fabrics

Gloves made from fabrics with some stretch or spandex will flex better with your hands. Stretch satin is a good option.

Consider Lined Gloves

  • Silk or cotton lining inside adds softness.
  • Lining also absorbs sweat to keep hands dry.
  • Look for knit lining for extra breathability.

Reinforced Fingertips

Gloves with reinforced padded fingertips prevent irritation from repetitive grasping and contact.

Use Powder

  • Apply talcum powder inside the gloves to reduce friction.
  • Reapply periodically to soak up perspiration during wear.
  • Cornstarch also works to absorb moisture.

Finding well-made gloves designed for comfort is key. But you can also make slight adjustments to relieve pressure points and stay comfy.