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How to Choose the Perfect Toddler Unicorn Backpack for Daycare - Tips for Sizing, Cleaning, Packing VASCHY Kids' Backpacks

How to Choose the Perfect Toddler Unicorn Backpack for Daycare - Tips for Sizing, Cleaning, Packing VASCHY Kids' Backpacks

How to choose the right size backpack for your toddler?

Choosing the right sized backpack for your toddler is important for their comfort and safety. Here are some tips:

Consider your child's measurements

  • Measure your child's torso from the base of their neck to their lower back
  • Compare this measurement to backpack size charts to find the best fit
  • Leave room for growth - choose a backpack slightly bigger than their torso

Get the right fit

The backpack should:

  • Not extend below the child's low back
  • Have straps that fit snugly over the shoulders
  • Be centered on the back

Pick the right type

Backpack TypeRecommended Ages
Toddler backpack (10-12 inches high)Ages 2-3
Preschool backpack (12-14 inches high)Ages 3-5

Prioritize ergonomic features like padding, adjustable straps, and lightweight materials suitable for small bodies. The right toddler backpack promotes healthy posture and makes carrying essentials comfortable.

How to clean a unicorn backpack?

It's important to regularly clean your child's unicorn backpack to remove dirt, germs, and stains. Here's how to clean a unicorn backpack properly:

Check care instructions

  • Inspect the tag or product details for washing guidelines
  • Most backpacks are machine washable - check if handwashing is required
  • Note if any special cleaning agents are recommended

Empty the backpack

Remove all items including:

  • Books, toys, lunchboxes
  • Pens, pencils, paper
  • Electronics, water bottles

Wash the backpack


  1. Use a soft brush to remove debris from pockets and surfaces
  2. Spot clean any stains with mild detergent
  3. Machine wash backpack on delicate cycle with mild detergent
  4. Alternatively, handwash gently in warm water
  5. Air dry completely before use

Sanitize regularly

In addition to washing, sanitize backpacks periodically using disinfecting wipes or sprays. This helps kill germs and bacteria.

Proper cleaning keeps unicorn backpacks fresh, extends their life, and protects your child's health.

How to organize your toddler's backpack?

Organizing your toddler's backpack helps them stay prepared and makes finding items easier. Follow these tips:

Use organizers and dividers

  • Mesh pouches for utensils, snacks, or toys
  • Elasticized pockets to separate books and folders
  • Inner compartments to divide the main space

Pack according to schedule

TimeItems to Pack
  • Spare clothes
  • Diapers/wipes
Snack Time
  • Reusable food containers
  • Utensils
  • Napkins
  • Books
  • Toys

Label belongings

Put your toddler's name on items like food containers, clothes, books. This prevents mixups.

An organized backpack makes school days easier. Involve your toddler so they learn good habits.

How to make the backpack comfortable for your toddler to wear?

Wearing a properly fitted and packed backpack is important for your toddler's comfort and posture. Follow these tips:

Choose the right size

  • Measure your child's torso to find the best fit
  • The backpack should not extend below the child's low back

Adjust the straps

Set the straps to fit snugly over your toddler's shoulders:

  • Straps should be wide and padded for comfort
  • Adjust straps symmetrically to evenly distribute weight
  • Ensure straps are short enough so the backpack sits high on the back

Pack smart

  • Heaviest items closest to the back
  • Lighter items towards the front
  • Only essentials - avoid overload

For example, pack books flat against the back, lunchbox in the middle, and pencil case toward the front.

Choose ergonomic features

  • Padded back panel
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Reflective strips for visibility

A comfortable, well-fitted toddler backpack promotes healthy posture and makes your child more willing to carry their own gear.

How to pick cute accessories to go with the unicorn backpack?

Choosing fun accessories is a great way to personalize your toddler's unicorn backpack while adding extra functionality. Here are some tips:

Add keychains

  • Look for keychains in matching unicorn designs
  • Sparkly, holographic, or sequined styles are fun too!
  • Attach keychains to zippers or loops to find contents easily

Use colorful bag charms

Bag charms like:

  • Plush unicorns
  • Rainbow pom poms
  • Fabric bows

Clip these to straps, zippers or the top handle for a pop of color.

Personalize with patches

  • Iron-on patches featuring your child's name or initials
  • Fun shapes like stars, hearts, flowers
  • Unicorn-themed embroidered designs

Decorate with pins

Pins are easy to switch out. Opt for:

  • Enamel unicorn pins
  • Sparkly wizard hats
  • Food-shaped pins like donuts or ice cream cones

Mix and match accessories to create a backpack that shows off your toddler's unique personality!

How to transition your toddler to a big kid backpack?

Moving your toddler from a small preschool backpack to a bigger one for kindergarten is a big milestone. Here are some tips to make the transition smooth:

Involve your child

  • Take them shopping for their new backpack
  • Let them pick favorite colors, characters, etc.
  • Build excitement about their "big kid" status

Choose the right size

  • Measure your child's torso to find ideal fit
  • Select a size that will accommodate future growth
  • Bigger backpacks should have adjustable straps

Focus on ergonomics

Look for:

  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Mesh backing for breathability
  • Multiple compartments to organize books, supplies, lunch, etc.

Practice wearing it

Have your child wear their new backpack around the house to get used to:

  • The size and weight
  • Putting it on and taking it off
  • Loading their school items in it

Avoid overwhelm on the first day of school by transitioning to a bigger backpack gradually.