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How to Measure Your Wrist, Choose a Color & Width, Install & Care for 14Mm-24Mm WOCCI Vintage Leather Watch Bands

How to Measure Your Wrist, Choose a Color & Width, Install & Care for 14Mm-24Mm WOCCI Vintage Leather Watch Bands

How to measure your watch band size?

Measuring your wrist size correctly is crucial for getting a well-fitted watch band. Here are the steps to determine your watch band length:

What you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and paper


  1. Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist where you normally wear your watch. Make sure the tape is flat against your skin but not too tight.
  2. Note down the measurement in millimeters. Round up to the nearest 5mm.
  3. Measure both wrists as there may be slight differences in size. Pick the larger measurement.
  4. Compare your measurement to a watch band size chart:
    • 130-145mm - Small
    • 145-160mm - Medium
    • 160-175mm - Large
  5. Pick the watch band size closest to your measurement.

Knowing your precise wrist size will help you choose the perfect fitting watch band for comfort and style.

How to choose the right leather watch band color?

Choosing the right color leather watch band can accentuate your style. Consider these tips when selecting a band hue:

Match with watch face

Pick a band color that complements the watch face. For example:

  • Silver or black watch face - tan, brown or black leather band
  • Gold watch face - brown or tan leather band
  • Rose gold watch face - light brown or tan leather band

Coordinate with wardrobe

Select a versatile neutral shade if you wear a variety of colors. Or choose a bold hue to make your watch a fashion statement.

  • Neutral colors like black, brown or tan pair well with most outfits.
  • Burgundy or navy blue leather bands can add stylish flair.

Consider wear frequency

Daily wearers may opt for darker colors like black or brown to minimize visible scuffs and stains.

Match skin tone

Warm skin tones look great with brown leather while cool skin tones pair well with black bands.

Test different colors against your wrist to find the most flattering match. The right leather watch band shade can make your watch look crisp and expensive.

How to install a new watch band?

Installing a new replacement watch band is an easy process if you follow these step-by-step instructions:

Materials Needed:

  • New watch band
  • Spring bar tool or small screwdriver
  • Paperclip or tweezers (optional)


  1. Turn your watch over and locate the spring bars on each side of the watch face. These bars hold the band in place.
  2. Use the spring bar tool to push the spring bar inwards. This will release one side of the band from the watch face.
  3. Slide the freed end of the band out of its hole. Repeat steps 1-2 for the other side.
  4. Insert one end of the new band into its hole on the watch face. Use a paperclip or tweezers to keep the spring bar compressed.
  5. Slide the spring bar into the hole. Ensure it is firmly in place.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 to install the other end of the new band.

Check that both ends are securely connected. Carefully adjust the band to fit your wrist size and remove any excess length. Your stylish new watch band is ready to wear!

With the proper tools and these easy steps, you can swap watch bands in minutes. Enjoy personalizing your watch to match your style.

How to care for a leather watch band?

With proper care and maintenance, a quality leather watch band can last for years. Follow these tips to keep your band looking great:

Clean Regularly

Wipe your band every few weeks with a soft damp cloth to remove dirt, sweat and skin oils. Use a mild soap if needed. Never submerge leather in water.

Condition the Leather

Apply leather conditioner every 2-3 months. This nourishes the material and prevents cracking. Gently rub it into the band with a soft cloth.

Avoid Damage

  • Take your watch off before showering or swimming.
  • Protect the band from scrapes by wearing long sleeves.
  • Keep away from direct heat which can dry out leather.

Store Properly

Lay your watch flat or hang it up when not wearing. Don't bunch the band tightly which can weaken the leather.

Know When to Replace

Consider a new band if yours is stretched out, cracked or worn. Natural oils in leather slowly evaporate over time.

With regular cleaning and conditioning, a quality leather watch band can remain supple and comfortable for years. Showcase your stylish timepiece by keeping the band in great shape.

How to pick the perfect watch band width?

Choosing the right watch band width is key for comfort and style. Follow these tips for selecting the best size:

Measure Your Wrist

Use a measuring tape to determine your wrist circumference. A good band width will be:

  • Small wrist (under 6.5 inches): 14-18mm band
  • Medium wrist (6.5-7.5 inches): 18-20mm band
  • Large wrist (over 7.5 inches): 20-22mm band

Consider Watch Size

Choose a band width that matches the watch face diameter:

  • 30-34mm watch: 16-18mm band
  • 34-42mm watch: 18-22mm band
  • Over 42mm watch: 22mm or larger band

Factor in Lug Width

Measure the lug width of your watch to ensure the new band will fit.

Test Different Widths

Try on a few different band widths for the best fit and appearance.

The right band width highlights your watch face while remaining secure and comfortable on your wrist.

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