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Patrick Masar
October 26, 2023
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How to Optimize Seal Quality and Efficiency with Universal Avid Armor Packaging Sealers

How to Optimize Seal Quality and Efficiency with Universal Avid Armor Packaging Sealers

How to seal different types of packaging efficiently?

Sealing packaging efficiently ensures your products stay protected during shipping and storage. The key is using the right sealer and techniques for your packaging type.

Sealing Options for Different Packaging

  • Plastic bags and poly bags - Impulse or band sealers work best. Adjust temperature and pressure for the thickness.
  • Boxes and corrugated cardboard - Choose tape sealing for faster low-volume sealing. Use hot melt sealers for high volume needs.
  • Glass and plastic containers - Heat induction sealers or electric heat sealers can seal through caps or lids.
  • Stand up pouches - You'll need a pouch sealer with the right jaw size and pressure for stand up pouches.

Tips for Efficient Sealing

  • Make sure seals are wide enough, generally 1/4" minimum for flexible packaging.
  • Watch seal temperature - too hot can damage packaging, too cold leads to weak seals.
  • Check seal integrity - do visual inspections and pull tests for quality control.
  • Maintain equipment - replace parts per manufacturer instructions to prevent issues.
  • Consider automation - auto sealers improve efficiency for high volume production.

Following packaging guidelines and equiping your operation with the right sealing tools for each job helps optimize efficiency. Investing in high quality, versatile sealers designed for variability in packaging materials is key for maximizing output.

How to protect my products during shipping and transportation?

Proper packaging is crucial for protecting your products from damage during shipping and transportation. Follow these tips for keeping items safe in transit:


  • Use bubble wrap, foam, paper or air pillows to cushion the product inside the box.
  • Make sure there is at least 2-3 inches of cushioning on all sides.
  • Fill extra space inside the box to prevent shifting.

Box Strength

  • Choose a sturdy corrugated cardboard shipping box that won't easily crush or tear.
  • Consider double-walled boxes for extra heavy items.
  • Match the box size to the product - overly large boxes are more likely to take damage.


  • Use strong tape or high quality box sealing tape to securely seal the box.
  • Consider water-activated tape or reinforced tape for heavy boxes.
  • Seal bottom and top flaps completely for maximum strength.

Proper packaging takes time but reduces damage claims and ensures your customers receive their orders in perfect condition. Invest in the right supplies and train staff on proven techniques for protecting shipments.

How to find an all-purpose sealer for my business needs?

Finding a versatile heat sealer that can handle a range of packaging materials helps simplify operations and maximize efficiency.

Key Features

  • Adjustable temperature settings to seal a variety of bag thicknesses.
  • Interchangeable seal bars and jaws to accommodate different package sizes.
  • Dual heated jaws for thicker materials like woven poly bags.
  • Digital controls and displays for setting time, temperature and pressure.
  • Portability to move the sealer between production lines or spaces.

Tips for Selection

  • Consider the packaging you currently use - poly bags, stand up pouches, etc.
  • Determine if you need special jaw configurations for any unique packages.
  • Look for a sealer that can be adjusted as your packaging needs evolve.
  • Check maximum seal width to ensure it fits your largest packages.
  • Find out if custom seal bars are available from the manufacturer.

Investing in a high quality, adjustable all-purpose sealer upfront can save you from having to purchase multiple specialized units. Just be sure to get accurate specifications on the packaging materials and sizes the sealer can handle to confirm it meets all your sealing needs.

How to get the highest performance from my packaging sealer?

Proper use and maintenance are key to ensuring your packaging sealer delivers reliable, high-quality seals efficiently.

Operation Tips

  • Review manufacturer instructions for loading film and setting controls.
  • Adjust temperature, dwell time, and pressure settings for each material.
  • Allow proper warm-up time to reach operating temperature.
  • Keep sealing surfaces clean and replace worn Teflon tape promptly.
  • Monitor seal quality and inspect test seals initially and periodically.

Regular Maintenance

  • Clean sealing surfaces with isopropyl alcohol to remove residue buildup.
  • Lubricate moving parts like hinges per manufacturer specifications.
  • Inspect all wires and controls, replace any damaged parts.
  • Check calibration annually and recalibrate as needed.

Following preventative maintenance schedules and manufacturer best practices keeps sealers in top operating condition. Taking steps to operate sealers properly reduces wear and tear, extends machine life, and produces consistent, high-quality seals on every package.

What is the benefit of Amazon Prime when buying Universal Avid Armor packaging sealers?

Amazon Prime provides several advantages when purchasing commercial equipment like Avid Armor sealers for your packaging operations.

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Prime members get free two-day shipping on eligible items. This allows you to get your Avid Armor sealer delivered quickly so you can start optimizing your packaging process sooner.

Free Returns

Prime provides free returns on eligible items within 30 days of delivery. This makes it easy to return the sealer if it doesn't meet your production needs.

Low Prices

Amazon promises low prices for Prime members on many items. This helps you get the best deal on a high-performance Avid Armor sealer.

Buyer Protection

Prime offers payment protection on qualified purchases. This guarantees refunds if your sealer arrives damaged or doesn't match the product description.

Overall, the fast free shipping, easy returns, discounted pricing and buyer protection make Amazon Prime a great way to conveniently purchase equipment like commercial Avid Armor packaging sealers online.

Signing up for a free 30-day Prime trial ensures you can take advantage of these benefits to get the gear you need quickly and affordably.