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How to Protect Your Nintendo 2DS XL While Traveling, Safely Carry Games, Prevent Scratches, and Customize Your Device With the Fintie Rose Gold Carry Case

How to Protect Your Nintendo 2DS XL While Traveling, Safely Carry Games, Prevent Scratches, and Customize Your Device With the Fintie Rose Gold Carry Case

How to protect your Nintendo 2DS XL when traveling?

Traveling with your Nintendo 2DS XL can be tricky if you don't take the right precautions. Here are some tips to keep your device safe while on the go:

Use a protective case

  • Invest in a sturdy Nintendo 2DS XL case like the Fintie Rose Gold Carry Case. It has a hard outer shell and inner padding to absorb shock.
  • Make sure the case has cartridge holders to store your games safely.
  • Consider a zippered case to prevent the 2DS XL from falling out.

Pack carefully

  • Don't jam the 2DS XL tightly into a bag - leave some room to avoid crunching.
  • Place it in a separate pouch or sleeve before putting it in your luggage.
  • Put it in a bigger bag like a backpack rather than squeezing it into a small purse.

Use screen protectors

  • Install a screen protector to prevent the screens from getting scratched or cracked in transit.
  • Apply a tempered glass protector for the most durability.
  • Make sure any protectors are firmly adhered before traveling.

Following these tips will keep your Nintendo 2DS XL well-protected from the inevitable bumps and jostles of travel. With the right preparation, you can comfortably take your device on any trip!

How to carry Nintendo 2DS XL games?

Having a selection of games with you is key for enjoying your Nintendo 2DS XL on the go. Here are some tips for easily transporting your game cartridges:

Get a carrying case

  • A dedicated 2DS XL case like the Fintie Rose Gold Carry Case has built-in game storage.
  • The case has slots to neatly organize and protect game cards.
  • A zippered case will prevent games from falling out.

Use a game holder

  • A plastic game card holder helps keep games together.
  • It protects the pins from being bent or damaged.
  • Choose a holder sized for 2DS XL games to avoid mixing up cards.

Try game wallets

  • Small microfiber or leather wallets hold multiple games.
  • Wallets have sleeves or pockets to separate games.
  • Make sure to label games on the edge if not in original cases.

Use original game cases

  • Keep each game in its original plastic case if possible.
  • Cases protect the game cards and art.
  • Carry cases in a zippered pouch to prevent opening.

With organized game storage, you'll have your entire 2DS XL library on the go!

How to prevent your Nintendo 2DS XL from getting scratched?

Scratches can quickly damage the exterior and screens of your Nintendo 2DS XL. Follow these tips to keep your device looking new:

Use screen protectors

  • Apply a tempered glass screen protector to each display.
  • Tempered glass is durable and will resist scratches.
  • Make sure the protectors cover the screens fully.

Get a protective case

  • A sturdy case like the Fintie Rose Gold Carry Case shields the 2DS XL.
  • Its hard outer shell protects against scratches and scuffs.
  • Interior lining and padding prevent abrasions inside the case.

Store properly when not in use

  • Keep the 2DS XL in its case when not playing.
  • Don't shove it into a bag loose with other items.
  • Store it on a clean, soft surface away from clutter.

Clean safely

  • Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe dust and dirt.
  • Clean screens with a spray designed specifically for electronics.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or materials.

Treating your 2DS XL with care will keep it looking pristine and scratch-free. Protective accessories plus safe cleaning methods ensure long-lasting durability.

How to customize the look of your Nintendo 2DS XL?

Personalizing your Nintendo 2DS XL makes it feel more your own. Here are fun and easy ways to customize the look:

Use removable skins

  • Vinyl decal skins let you customize the exterior shell.
  • Choose from solid colors, cool patterns and artwork.
  • Apply skins carefully to avoid bubbles and wrinkles.

Swap out the faceplates

  • Replace the front and back faceplates with different colors or designs.
  • Many options like chrome, galaxy, and wood grain are available.
  • Watch video tutorials to properly detach and attach new plates.

Add accessories

  • A decorative case like the Fintie Rose Gold Carry Case changes up the look.
  • Silicone or crystal-style grips also come in fun colors.
  • Match or mix and match accessories for your own flair.

Modify with paints/markers

  • Use paint pens or acrylic paint on plastic shells for one-of-a-kind designs.
  • Stick with light coats and seal with clear gloss for durability.
  • Only decorate the exterior - never paint directly on the screens.

With so many options, you can design a 2DS XL that perfectly reflects your personal style.