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How to Replace and Care for the Eway Soft Silicone Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivosmart HR - Step-by-Step Guide

How to Replace and Care for the Eway Soft Silicone Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivosmart HR - Step-by-Step Guide

How to replace the band on a Garmin Vivosmart HR

Replacing the band on your Garmin Vivosmart HR is a quick and easy process that can give your fitness tracker a whole new look. Here are the steps to follow:

Materials Needed

  • New replacement band for Vivosmart HR
  • Small screwdriver
  • Soft cloth


  1. Turn off your Vivosmart HR and place it face down on a soft, clean surface.
  2. Locate the small groove along the side of the tracker next to the band. Insert a small screwdriver into the groove and gently pry open the latch securing the band.
  3. Slide the original band out of the latch opening.
  4. Wipe the tracker clean with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  5. Slide one side of the new replacement band into the empty latch opening. Press gently until it clicks securely in place.
  6. Insert the screwdriver into the groove on the other side and pop open the second latch.
  7. Slide the other end of the new band into the open latch and press until it clicks closed.
  8. Power on your Vivosmart HR and make sure the band is on securely.

It's important to take care not to damage the latch openings when removing the original band or installing the new one. Always use a small, flat screwdriver and apply gentle pressure when popping the latches open. With a few simple steps, you can change the look of your Vivosmart HR fitness tracker in just minutes.

How to Choose the Right Size Replacement Band for Your Vivosmart HR

Choosing the correct size replacement band is important to get a comfortable and secure fit with your Garmin Vivosmart HR. Follow these tips to select the right size:

Check Your Current Band

  • Look at the inside of your existing Vivosmart band to find the size marked on it (usually Small, Medium or Large).
  • Take note of how snugly it fits on your wrist - too tight, too loose or just right.

Measure Your Wrist

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your wrist where you wear your Vivosmart. Compare to the sizing chart:

Wrist CircumferenceBand Size
5.5 - 7.1 inchesSmall
7.1 - 8.4 inchesMedium
8.4 - 9.8 inchesLarge

Consider Your Needs

  • Do you prefer a looser or tighter fit?
  • Will you wear your Vivosmart for exercise or daily wear?
  • Do you need to fasten on a specific hole or have extra holes for adjustability?

It's better for the band to be slightly big than too small. Remember you can make a loose band tighter but you can't make a tight band looser.

Following these simple tips will help you select the optimal replacement band size for comfort, accuracy and stylish look with your Vivosmart HR.

How to Take Off the Original Vivosmart HR Band

Removing the original band from your Vivosmart HR is a quick process once you know where to find the release latches. Follow these steps:

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Materials Needed

  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Soft cloth


  1. Turn off the Vivosmart HR and place it face down on a clean, soft surface.
  2. Locate the small rectangular notch on each side of the tracker next to where the band connects.
  3. Take the screwdriver and gently insert it into one of the notch openings.
  4. Carefully pry the latch open until you hear it click and release.
  5. Slide the band sideways out of the now open latch.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 on the other side to detach the second side of the band.
  7. Inspect the Vivosmart tracker for any dirt or debris and clean with a soft cloth if needed.

Be very careful not to scratch or damage the plastic around the latch areas when inserting and twisting the screwdriver. Take your time and apply gentle pressure until the latches release.

Once both sides are detached, you can discard or recycle the original Vivosmart HR band and prepare to install your new replacement band.

How to Install the Eway Soft Silicone Replacement Band

Putting on a new Eway silicone replacement band is an easy process after removing the original Vivosmart HR band. Follow these instructions for proper installation:

Materials Needed

  • Eway soft silicone replacement band
  • Small flathead screwdriver


  1. After removing the original Vivosmart HR band, make sure the tracker is clean and latches are open on both sides.
  2. Take the new Eway silicone band and slide one end into the open latch, pressing gently until it clicks securely.
  3. Insert the screwdriver into the opening on the opposite latch and twist gently to pop it open.
  4. Slide the other end of the silicone band into the open latch, pressing down firmly until it snaps into place.
  5. Check that both latches are fully closed with the band in place. Adjust as needed until the band sits flush.
  6. Power on your Vivosmart HR and make sure the band feels comfortable when worn on your wrist.
  7. Refer to the Eway sizing guide if you need to remove links for a perfect fit.

Take care not to twist the band when inserting into the latches. Line up the band ends directly with the latch openings for smooth insertion.

Your Vivosmart HR is now ready to wear with its sleek new Eway silicone replacement band!

How to Care for and Clean Your New Silicone Garmin Vivosmart Band

Caring properly for your new silicone replacement band will keep it looking pristine and maximize its lifespan. Follow these tips:

Daily Care

  • Rinse the band with fresh water after workouts to wash away dirt and sweat.
  • Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth to prevent skin irritation.
  • Apply an antibacterial wipe occasionally to disinfect the band.
  • Store out of direct sunlight when not wearing to avoid fading.

Removing Stains and Marks

Use a small amount of mild soap and warm water applied with a soft brush or cloth. Gently scrub marks on the silicone and rinse clean.

Deep Cleaning

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water and a small amount of gentle soap or detergent.
  2. Immerse the silicone band and soak for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Agitate and scrub with a soft-bristle brush to lift dirt from crevices.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  5. Air dry then polish dry with a microfiber cloth.

Do not use harsh chemicals like alcohol or bleach which can damage the silicone. Avoid hot water which can cause band discoloration.


Replace your silicone Garmin band every 12-24 months for best performance. Signs it needs replacing include:

  • Cracking or peeling silicone
  • Warped or stretched band
  • Discolored or faded silicone
  • Clasp not closing properly

With proper care and cleaning, your replacement silicone Garmin Vivosmart band will last comfortably for many active months before needing a fresh replacement.

What is the Use of Amazon Prime for Buyers of Eway Silicone Garmin Bands?

Amazon Prime offers a number of benefits for frequent purchasers of items like the Eway silicone replacement bands for the Garmin Vivosmart HR fitness tracker.

Free Two-Day Shipping

Prime members get free two-day shipping on eligible items shipped by Amazon. This allows you to quickly receive your replacement wrist bands once ordered. No more waiting over a week for delivery.

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Free Returns

Amazon Prime allows free, convenient returns within 30 days on most items. This makes it easy to exchange bands if you ordered the wrong size or want to swap colors.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

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Access to Lightning Deals

As a Prime member, you can take advantage of special limited-time Lightning Deal discounts and promotions on select items like Garmin bands.

Prime-Only Pricing

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So if you find yourself needing to buy replacement bands often for your Garmin Vivosmart HR, an Amazon Prime subscription can be extremely useful. The fast shipping and delivery perks alone make it worth it for frequent buyers.