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How to Safely Use Bath Bombs for Kids' Bath Time Fun - Tips and Ideas for Fizzy Tub Time Treats

How to Safely Use Bath Bombs for Kids' Bath Time Fun - Tips and Ideas for Fizzy Tub Time Treats

How to use bath bombs safely with children?

Bath bombs can make bathtime more colorful and fun for kids, but there are some safety precautions parents should take when using them.

Check ingredients

Make sure to read the ingredient list on bath bombs before using them on children. Avoid bath bombs with harsh ingredients like artificial dyes, sulfates, parabens, or preservatives. Look for bath bombs made with gentle, natural ingredients.

Do a patch test

  • Before using a new bath bomb, do a skin patch test on your child's arm to check for any irritation or allergic reaction.
  • Wait 24 hours and if no reaction occurs, the bath bomb should be safe to use.

Use caution with dyes

While colorful bath bombs are visually fun for kids, some dyes can stain skin if left on too long. Supervise children during use and have them rinse off after 10-15 minutes to prevent staining.

Avoid getting in eyes

Fizzing bath bombs can irritate eyes. Have kids keep eyes closed while the bath bomb dissolves in the tub. Gently rinse eyes if any bath bomb powder gets in them.

Watch children closely

Do not leave children unattended in the bath with fizzing bath bombs as they can be slippery if walked on. Always supervise young children during bath time.

With the right precautions, bath bombs can be a great way to make bath time more enjoyable for kids. Supervise use, check ingredients, and test skin sensitivity beforehand.

How to add bath bombs to a kid's bath time routine?

Bath bombs can make tub time more exciting for kids. Here are some tips for safely adding them to your child's bath routine:

Pick the right bath bomb

Select bath bombs designed for children with gentle ingredients and fun shapes, colors or glitter. Avoid dyes, fragrance, and harsh ingredients.

Teach them how to use

  • Show your child how to gently place the bath bomb in the tub and not to squeeze or crumble it.
  • Explain that it will fizz and dissolve to make colorful bath water.

Start with one at a time

Let your child get used to the experience with just 1 bath bomb per bath. Too many at once can make the water feel over-stimulating.

Use at the end

Bath StepAction
1Wash hair and body as normal
2Rinse clean
3Add bath bomb and relax

Adding the bath bomb at the end prevents residue from sticking to skin and hair.

Rinse after 10-15 minutes

Have kids rinse off after the bath bomb has fully dissolved to prevent stains from color dyes. Drain and rinse tub after use as well.

With the right bath bombs and proper use, bath time can become your child's new favorite part of their routine!

How to store bath bombs to keep them from getting wet or damaged?

Properly storing bath bombs is important to maintain their quality and prevent premature fizzing or crumbling.

Keep them dry

Exposure to moisture can activate bath bombs before use. Store them in a cool, dry place like a linen closet or cupboard.

Use an airtight container

  • Plastic containers or bins work best to seal out humidity.
  • Glass jars also block moisture but avoid any direct light which can fade colors.

Add desiccant packs

Place silica gel or other desiccant packs in the storage container to absorb excess moisture.

Wrap individually

For extra protection, wrap each bath bomb in tissue paper or small plastic bags to create a moisture barrier.

Handle with care

Avoid dropping or crushing bath bombs when removing from storage. This can cause cracks or crumbling.

Organize neatly

Stack bath bombs gently and avoid overcrowding containers. Packing too tightly can lead to breakage.

Use oldest first

When restocking storage, place new bath bombs behind older ones and use in order of purchase.

With proper dry, airtight storage and gentle handling, bath bombs can stay fresh and fizzy for many months past purchase.

How to help kids unwrap and use bath bombs on their own?

Bath bombs can be tricky for little hands to unwrap and use properly. Here are some tips to help kids master bath bomb skills:

Choose easy wrappers

Opt for bath bombs wrapped in tissue paper or light plastic versus harder to open materials like foil.

Unwrap for them at first

Until they get the hang of it, do the unwrapping yourself and let them focus just on using the bath bomb.

Demonstrate how to unwrap

  • Show them how to peel tissue paper off gently.
  • For plastic, demonstrate pulling apart at the seam or cutting with scissors.

Have them practice

Let kids unwrap a sample bath bomb that won't be used to get the motions down.

Use grabber tools

Long-handled tongs or grippers can help little hands safely pick up and place bath bombs.

Remind them to be gentle

Kids should lightly set bath bombs in water, not throw, squeeze or crush them.

Stay nearby to help

Supervise the first few times they do it independently to provide assistance as needed.

With encouragement and practice, bath bombs can become an exciting part of your child's self-care routine.

How to clean up after using bath bombs in the tub?

Bath bombs can leave behind residue and stains if not properly cleaned up. Here are some tips for post-bath bomb tub cleaning:

Rinse the tub

After draining the bath water, rinse the tub thoroughly with warm water to remove any bath bomb residue.

Use a soft scrub brush

Gently scrub the tub with a soft brush to lift any remaining fizzy powder or stains.

Clean with baking soda

Make a paste of baking soda and water and use it to scrub away discoloration or rings left from dyes.

Remove stains with vinegar

For tough stains, spray vinegar directly on the spot and let sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing.

Avoid abrasive cleaners

Steer clear of harsh chemicals or scrubbing pads that could scratch the tub surface.

Rinse and wipe down

  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning to remove any soapy residue.
  • Wipe the tub dry with a soft towel.

Let tub air dry

Leave the bath tub door open to allow the tub to completely dry after cleaning.

With the proper cleaning methods, bath bombs don't have to leave behind a mess or discoloration.

How to make bath time more fun with fizzy and colorful bath bombs?

Bath bombs can transform an ordinary bath into a delightful experience for kids. Here are some ways to make bath time more enjoyable with these fizzy treats:

Let them pick the color/scent

Allowing your child to choose their favorite bath bomb color, scent or shape gives them something fun to look forward to.

Do a bath bomb “reveal”

Hide the bath bomb in your hands or a box and let your child unwrap it or reveal the surprise when added to the tub.

Add kid-friendly toys

Pair bath bombs with water-safe bath toys like boats, squirters or bath crayons for added play.

Use bath bomb “recipes”

  • Try layering 2-3 bath bomb colors/scents in fun “recipes” like “mermaid” or “rainbow.”
  • Older kids can come up with their own creative combos.

Make it an activity

Have kids help prep the bath by adding the bombs and mixing the water to engage them in the experience.

Play music

Set a fun mood with their favorite songs played through a speaker or tablet.

Add bubble bath

Pair bath bombs with a scoop of bubbly soap and enjoy the extra foam.

With a little creativity, bath bombs can transform tub time into your child's favorite relaxing and entertaining ritual.