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Cory Jacobson
October 29, 2023
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How to Securely Attach, Personalize & Identify Your Luggage with Famavala 2X Tags (Labels W/ Magnet Close Privacy Cover)

How to Securely Attach, Personalize & Identify Your Luggage with Famavala 2X Tags (Labels W/ Magnet Close Privacy Cover)

How to attach luggage tags securely to your bag?

Properly attaching luggage tags is important to ensure your bag can be easily identified and doesn't get lost in transit. Here are some tips for securely fastening luggage tags to your suitcase or travel bag:

Use the designated loops

Most suitcases and duffel bags have special loops or bands designed for attaching tags. Thread the strap of the tag through this loop and fasten it. This ensures the tag stays securely on the bag.

Utilize zipper pulls

If your bag doesn't have designated tag loops, attach the luggage tag to the zipper pull. This keeps it securely fastened to a sturdy part of the bag.

Attach to handles

  • For bags with handles like duffels or purses, affix the tag to the handle using the strap.
  • Make sure to keep the strap tight so it doesn't slide up and down the handle.

Use locking toggles

Some luggage tags come with a tiny plastic toggle that screws closed. Attach this through a sturdy loop or zipper pull on your bag and screw it closed. This prevents the tag from slipping off.

Consider wire or plastic ties

For a super secure hold, use zip ties, twist ties or string to attach the luggage tag. This is a good option if your bag lacks loops or handles.

Attaching tags properly ensures you don't lose them in transit. Always test the tag after fastening to make sure it's secure. With the right technique, your tags will stay on no matter how far your bags travel.

How to personalize your luggage tags?

Personalized luggage tags are a great way to easily identify your suitcase or travel bag. Here are some creative ways to customize your tags and make them unique:

Add your name

Many luggage tags come with a clear window for inserting contact information. Slide in a folded card with your name printed large and clearly to spot your bag.

Use photos

  • Print and insert a small family photo or snapshot of yourself.
  • Some tags allow you to insert a photo directly into the plastic window.

Get creative with keychains

Attach a fun keychain, like a pom pom or furry character, to your luggage tag. This adds a whimsical personalized touch.

Decorate with stickers

Stickers are an easy way to customize your tags. Use vinyl stickers or attach fabric patches with adhesive backing.

Add bright colors

Color code your tags by getting different vibrant colors for each family member. This makes bags easy to spot.

Monogram it

Many online stores offer custom monogrammed luggage tags. Get your initials or name monogrammed onto the tag.

The options are endless for personalizing luggage tags to reflect your style. Opt for a practical identification tag or get creative with photos, colors and decorations. Personalized tags ensure you never grab the wrong bag from the airport conveyor belt.

How to prevent your luggage tags from falling off?

There's nothing worse than arriving at baggage claim and finding your luggage tag missing from your bag. Here are some tips to properly secure tags to prevent them from falling off in transit:

Use reinforced loops

Many suitcases come with reinforced vinyl tag loops. Thread your strap through these loops instead of regular fabric handles for the most secure hold.

Attach to zippers

If your bag lacks loops, attach the tag to a zipper pull. The metal or plastic provides a stable base.

Tie it on tightly

When attaching to handles, tie the strap as tight as possible. Any slack can allow the tag to slide off.

Use locking toggles

Tags with a small plastic screw-on toggle provide the most secure attachment. The toggle won't budge even on the bumpiest flights.

Consider wire or zip ties

For the ultimate guaranteed hold, attach tags using sturdy wire or plastic zip ties. Just loop through a handle and tightly secure.

Check airline requirements

Some airlines only allow their own tags on checked bags. If required, supplement their tag with your personal ID tag.

Test your tagged bag before flights by shaking the bag and yanking on the tag to ensure it won't detach. Proper attachment means you can breeze through baggage claim without hunting for lost tags.

How to keep your contact information private on luggage tags?

While luggage tags need your contact info in case your bag is lost, you may not want that information visible to everyone. Here are some tips to maintain privacy:

Use opaque tag covers

Many tags come with an opaque flap or cover that folds over the info side during travel. A privacy flap hides your details.

Place info inside folds

If your tag has a multi-fold design, place contact info inside the folded sections behind plastic windows or sleeves.

Use temporary info cards

Print contact info on a card or paper that slides inside the tag window. Remove it once your trip ends.

Omit personal details

Only include essential travel info like phone number and email. Leave off home address, birthdate, etc.

Use a temporary number

Some services provide temporary disposable numbers to use while traveling instead of your permanent digits.

Turn it inward

Attach tags so info faces inwards against your bag. Airline agents can still view it if needed.

With these handy tips, you can keep your personal details private while still providing necessary info to identify your bag. Travel worry-free knowing your contact information is secure.

How to quickly identify your bag at baggage claim?

Finding your luggage quickly amid the sea of suitcases at baggage claim can be tricky. Here are tips to make your bag easy to identify:

Use bright colors

Luggage in bold, vibrant hues is easier to spot on the carousel. Consider a suitcase in red, orange, pink, or other eye-catching shades.

Add unique ribbons

Tie a bright colored ribbon around the handle or attach fun pom poms or flowers to the sides. The movement will grab your eye.

Monogram it

A custom monogram on your luggage makes it instantly recognizable. The unique lettering stands out.

Affix reflective tape

Reflective strips around the sides reflect and blink under baggage claim lights, making your bag pop.

Use handle wraps

Vivid handle wraps in designs like polka dots or neon patterns individuate bags.

Attach identifiers

Keychains, ribbons, buttons and other dangling identifiers will catch your eye and set your bag apart.

With bright colors, patterns, monograms, or accessories, your luggage will stand out from the crowd. Identifying it quickly means you can exit the airport fast and start your vacation sooner!

How to choose durable and long-lasting luggage tags?

Luggage tags take a beating during travel. Choosing a durable tag that will last through years of trips requires checking a few key factors:


Look for sturdy materials like:

  • Thick plastic - Withstands drops and scratches.
  • Aluminum - Lightweight yet strong.
  • Leather - Gets a vintage look as it ages.
Avoid flimsy vinyl.


Examine stitching on fabric or leather tags. It should be tight, reinforced and not easily frayed. Tags with glued-on clasps may detach over time.


Metal parts like clasps, zipper pulls and monogram plates should be firmly attached, not jingly or loose. Avoid tags where metal pieces may easily snag and break off.

Extra features

Look for extra durability features like:

  • RFID-blocking - Protects your personal data.
  • Waterproofing - Sheds rain and spills.
  • Tear-proof design - Won't rip when pulled.

Checking tags for solid construction and durability features means you can confidently use them trip after trip without replacement.