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How to Set Up, Organize, and Display Your Game Controllers with the OAPRIRE Universal Stand

How to Set Up, Organize, and Display Your Game Controllers with the OAPRIRE Universal Stand

How to set up the controller stand?

Setting up the OAPRIRE universal controller stand is quick and easy. Here are the steps to get your controller stand ready for organizing your game controllers:

Unpack the stand

The stand comes packaged in a box. Carefully remove it from the box and unwrap any plastic coverings. Make sure you have all the components - the base, support poles, connector pieces and screws.

Assemble the poles

  • Insert the poles into the holes in the base. Make sure they are firmly in place.
  • Attach the connector pieces to the tops of the poles using the provided screws and an Allen key or screwdriver.

Add shelves

The stand comes with 3 acrylic shelves that slot into the connector pieces on the poles. Insert each shelf at your desired height.

Place on surface

Put the assembled stand on your desktop, TV stand or other flat surface where you want to display your controllers.

Organize controllers

You can now neatly organize your game controllers on the stand's shelves and poles. Enjoy having your controllers on display but within easy reach!

With these simple steps, you'll have your controller stand set up in no time. Enjoy an organized video game controller collection!

How to organize game controllers with the stand?

The OAPRIRE controller stand is a great way to neatly organize your game controllers. Here are some tips to arrange your controllers to keep them accessible yet tidy:

Group by console

  • Organize controllers together based on the gaming console they are compatible with.
    • PlayStation controllers on one shelf
    • Xbox controllers on another shelf
    • Nintendo Switch controllers on a third shelf
  • This makes it easy to grab the right controller when switching between gaming systems.

Most used at eye level

Place the controllers you use most regularly at eye level on the center shelf for easy access.

Cables and chargers

Use the stand's poles to neatly wrap and store controller charging cables, keeping wires organized.

Display favorites

Show off your favorite specialty or collectible controllers by placing them higher up on the top shelf.

Alphabetical order

For a clean look, arrange controllers alphabetically by console on each shelf.

By color

Coordinate colored controllers on each shelf for a visually appealing arrangement.

Get creative with arranging your game controllers on the stand by console, frequency of use, cables, or color. Keeping your controllers organized makes game time more efficient and looks great on display.

How to display controllers attractively?

The controller stand offers a perfect way to show off your game controllers in style. Here are some tips for creating an eye-catching controller display:

Use risers

Place small acrylic risers underneath each controller to give the display depth and dimension.

Angle controllers

  • Position controllers at an angle facing outward to give the arrangement visual interest.
  • Mix up angles - some controllers facing left, some facing right.

Play with height

Place larger or special edition controllers on the top shelf so they stand out. Put smaller controllers further down.

Coordinate colors

Group controllers with matching or complementary colors together for a coordinated look.

Highlight favorites

Draw attention to your most prized controllers by illuminating them with LED strip lighting attached to the stand.

Fill in space

Fill up the stand fully on each shelf and pole. Avoid large gaps between controllers.

Keep organized

While you want an artful arrangement, maintain an organized display so you can easily grab the controller you need.

Add decorations

Enhance your controller stand with gaming figurines, framed game posters or artificial plants for a personalized display.

With some creativity and these display tips, your game controller stand can be both neatly organized and an attractive focal point in your gaming space.

How to keep game controllers accessible but tidy?

Gaming enthusiasts often have a large collection of controllers that can easily become messy. The controller stand helps keep your controllers organized but within reach. Here are some useful tips for maintaining an accessible yet tidy controller collection:

Designate a space

Find a permanent home for your controller stand near your gaming setup. Don't cram it into a cluttered shelf - give it room to breathe.

Only active controllers

Limit the stand to controllers you actually use. Box up old or broken controllers to declutter.

Group by console

Organizing by console makes it easy to identify and grab the correct controller. For example:

  • Top shelf - Switch Pro controllers
  • Middle shelf - PS5 DualSense controllers
  • Bottom shelf - Xbox Series X controllers

Wind cables neatly

Use velcro strips to neatly wind up controller cables along the stand poles. Prevent a tangled mess.

Clean regularly

Dust and wipe down the stand and controllers weekly to keep your display looking sharp.

Limit decorations

While some figures or framed art can enhance the look, avoid cluttering up the stand's shelves and distracting from the controllers.

With some routine maintenance and organization, your controller stand can keep even large collections tidy. Game on!

How to choose the right stand for your game controllers?

With so many controller stand options available, it can be tricky to select the best one for your needs. Here are some tips for choosing the right stand for your gaming setup:

Measure your space

Consider where you want to place the stand and measure the area to ensure the stand will fit. Allow for enough room around the stand for accessing controllers.

Count controllers

Take inventory of how many controllers you need to organize to determine the stand size and number of shelves required.

Console compatibility

Make sure the stand has designated spaces or shelves for each of your gaming consoles - PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.


Stands made of acrylic or metal materials will best withstand wear and tear from regular gaming use.

Adjustable shelves

Look for a stand with height adjustable shelves to accommodate controllers of all sizes.

Cable management

Search for a stand with holes or slots to neatly wrap and run charging cables through.

Extra features

Additional features like LED lighting, charging docks, and risers can enhance the look and utility of your stand.

Choosing the right sized stand made of durable material with necessary features will result in an organized controller collection that's a centerpiece of your gaming area.