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How to Set, Waterproof, Change Bands, Use Light and Fit Small Wrists for Venhoo Kids Watches - 3D Cute Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Watch for Girls Ages 3-10

How to Set, Waterproof, Change Bands, Use Light and Fit Small Wrists for Venhoo Kids Watches - 3D Cute Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Watch for Girls Ages 3-10

How to set the time on the Venhoo watch?

Setting the time on the Venhoo kids watch is easy and straightforward. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Press and hold the SET button on the right side of the watch for 3 seconds until you see the time digits flash on the screen.
  2. The hour digits will be flashing. Press the UP or DOWN buttons on the left side of the watch to set the current hour.
  3. Press SET again and the minute digits will start flashing. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to set the minutes.
  4. Press SET again to confirm and exit the time set mode.

The Venhoo watch shows time in 12 hour format, so make sure to set the hours accordingly - 1 to 12. The watch will automatically switch between AM and PM.

Some tips when setting the time:

  • Make sure the watch is not in stopwatch or countdown timer mode before setting the time.
  • Press and hold the LIGHT button to switch between 12 and 24 hour time formats.
  • If you hold down the UP/DOWN buttons, the digits will change faster.
  • After setting, press the START/STOP button to synchronize the seconds back to zero.

Once the time is set, the Venhoo watch will keep time accurately like any digital watch. The time memory is maintained even when you remove the batteries for battery replacement. It's that easy to set the correct time on this fun and stylish kids watch!

How to make the Venhoo watch waterproof?

The Venhoo kids watch has a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means it is water resistant up to 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes. However, there are a few tips to make sure it remains waterproof and undamaged:

  • Make sure the watch band is securely attached. A loose band can allow water to enter.
  • Check that the battery cover on the back is tightly sealed. Use a coin to turn it clockwise to tighten.
  • Do not press any buttons while the watch is submerged in water.
  • Rinse the watch with fresh water after swimming or exposure to salt water.
  • Dry the watch completely before charging it. Do not charge when wet.
Water ConditionPrecautions
Swimming in poolOK to wear
ShoweringOK to wear
SnorkelingOK for shallow depths
Surfing wavesExercise caution
Scuba divingNot recommended

By following these usage tips, you can safely wear the Venhoo watch when swimming, bathing or playing in the rain without damage. Just avoid pressing buttons under water and re-tighten the seals regularly. With reasonable care, your child can enjoy this watch for extended periods while still maintaining its water resistance.

How to change the wristbands on the Venhoo watch?

The Venhoo kids watch comes with multiple colored silicone wristbands so you can change them according to your mood or outfit. Here is how to easily switch and replace the watch bands:

  1. Turn the watch over and find the quick release pin on the strap.
  2. Using your fingernail or a small tool, press down on the pin to release the strap from the watch body.
  3. Gently pull the strap end out of the lug opening.
  4. Repeat steps for the other side to detach the strap completely.
  5. To install the new band, align and insert one end of the band lug into the watch lug hole.
  6. Press the lug pin into the cleat to lock it in place.
  7. Repeat to attach the other end of the new watch strap.
  8. Check that both ends are securely connected.

Tips when changing the watch bands:

  • Be gentle when removing the pins to avoid scratching the watch body.
  • Ensure that the replacement band has the same 18mm lug width.
  • Match the band markings (L and R) with the correct side.
  • After installation, carefully pull on the straps to verify they are locked in.

With multiple colored strap options like pink, purple, blue, black etc, you can coordinate your child's watch to match their outfit. The silicone bands are washable as well. Periodically clean them with mild soap and water to keep them fresh.

Change the watch straps to give a new look for special occasions like birthdays or holidays. Personalize your kid's watch and make it more fun to wear. With easy band replacement, the Venhoo watch grows with your child for years of enjoyment.

How to turn on the light on the Venhoo watch?

The Venhoo kids watch has a built-in LED light that illuminates the watch face for reading the time in the dark. Here is how to operate the light:

  1. Press and hold the LIGHT button on the bottom left of the watch for 2 seconds.
  2. The watch face will light up for about 5 seconds before automatically turning off.
  3. Repeat pressing the LIGHT button whenever you need to activate the backlight.

Tips for using the watch light:

  • The light will only stay on for a few seconds to conserve battery.
  • Press and hold the button continuously to keep the light on longer.
  • Use the light sparingly to preserve battery life.
  • Recharge the battery when it gets low after repeated use.
  • In daylight, the light may be faint - it is brightest in the dark.
SituationUse Light
Checking time at nightYes
Reading time in dark movie theaterYes
Looking at watch under bedsheetYes
Checking time in bright daylightNo needed

The simple one-button light operation allows kids to independently turn on the backlight as needed for reading the Venhoo watch in dim conditions. It's a useful feature that makes the watch easy to use at night.

How to get the Venhoo watch to fit smaller wrists?

The Venhoo kids watch comes with a flexible silicone strap that fits wrists from 5.5 to 8 inches. For smaller wrists, here are some tips to get a good fit:

  1. Insert the watch strap pin into the innermost hole on the band.
  2. Adjust the strap snugly around the wrist and fasten the clasp.
  3. If still loose, create additional holes in the strap using a leather hole punch plier tool.
  4. For a better fit, install an aftermarket narrow width 16mm strap.

Things to keep in mind for small wrists:

  • Do not overtighten the strap - it should feel snug but comfortable.
  • Measure the wrist size to determine ideal hole position.
  • Punch new holes close to the watch body for stability.
  • Check that the lug ends do not overlap when tightened.
Wrist SizeFit Recommendation
5 - 5.5 inchesPunch 1 extra hole in strap
4.5 - 5 inchesInstall narrower aftermarket strap
Under 4.5 inchesSize too small, do not use

With some simple adjustments, you can modify the Venhoo watch to comfortably fit smaller wrists for kids under age 5. Ensure the watch hugs the wrist securely but does not pinch. For best results and safety, monitor the fit closely as the child grows.