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Cory Jacobson
October 25, 2023
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How to Store, Keep Fresh, Gift Wrap & Portion Out Treats Using 300-pack Cello Bags with Twist Ties

How to Store, Keep Fresh, Gift Wrap & Portion Out Treats Using 300-pack Cello Bags with Twist Ties

How to store leftover candy bags?

Having leftover candy bags after a party or event is common. Properly storing them will help the candy stay fresh and tasty for longer. Here are some tips for storing leftover wrapped candy:

Use airtight containers

The best way to store leftover candy is in airtight containers. Plastic containers, jars, or resealable bags with zipper seals all work well. The airtight environment keeps moisture and air out, preventing the candy from getting stale.

Organize by type

Group similar types of candy together in containers. For example, put all the lollipops together, chocolate bars together, and so on. This keeps flavors from mingling and makes it easier to find what you want later.

  • Chocolates prone to bloom (get whitish spots) do best stored alone.
  • Keep strong mints away from other candies they can flavor.
  • Separate anything extremely sticky that may get on other candy.

Store in a cool, dry place

The ideal storage location is cool, dark, and dry. Heat and humidity can cause candy coatings to melt, get sticky, or develop bloom. A pantry, cupboard, or basement around 60-70°F is a good spot.

Use small containers

When possible, divide candy into smaller containers rather than one large one. This limits air exposure when opening and closing. Only take out what you need at the moment, keeping the rest sealed.

Following these tips will help extend the shelf life of candy bags, keeping the treats fresher for longer. Proper storage lets you enjoy the leftover candy for weeks or months down the road.

How to keep wrapped treats fresh longer?

Whether it's for a party, gift bags, or personal snacking, it's handy to know how to extend the freshness of pre-wrapped candy and treats. With some simple storage methods, you can keep the snacks tasting great.

Check the packaging date

First, look for any expiration or best by date printed on the packaging. This gives you an idea of how long the manufacturer guarantees freshness for unopened treats.

Seal containers airtight

Place treats in airtight plastic containers, bags, or jars. An airtight seal is the most critical factor for maintaining freshness. It prevents moisture from affecting candy and stops flavors from mixing together.

Use original packaging

If repackaging into containers, keep treats in their original packaging. It's designed to protect the shelf life. Just place the whole packaged candy into an airtight container.

Store in cool, dry location

Ideal conditions are 60-70°F and low humidity. Avoid warm, damp places like beside ovens or dishwashers. Warmth and moisture speed up staling.

Keep away from strong odors

Onions, spices, coffee, and other strong scents can permeate candy packaging over time. Store treats away from these odor sources.

Limit light exposure

Light can diminish candy freshness too. Store containers in a dark pantry, cupboard, or basement when possible.

Don't open until ready to serve

Each opening exposes treats to air and moisture. Leave wrapped candy sealed in storage bags or containers until you're ready to serve it.

With proper storage methods, most wrapped candy and treats stay fresh for many months beyond any expiration dates. Keep your stash tasting great with these tips!

How to wrap homemade treats as gifts?

Giving homemade edible gifts is a thoughtful way to show someone you care. With the right materials and techniques, you can beautifully package your homemade treats to present as gifts.

Choose containers or packaging

Pick packaging suited to the treat type:

  • Cookies, brownies, candy - Cellophane bags, plastic containers, boxes
  • Breads, muffins, cupcakes - Cardboard bakery boxes, cake boxes
  • Jams, sauces, honey - Jars with tight lids

Prepare the containers

Wash and dry any reusable containers thoroughly first. Insert cupcake liners or parchment paper if needed. Place treats gently inside.

Seal food safely

Seal all containers completely to prevent spills. Jars should have vacuum tight lids. Plastic containers should have snap tight lids. Any box openings can be sealed with tape.

Use gift wrap & ribbons

Choose colorful, festive gift wraps and ribbons to decorate. Wrap fully around boxes and jars, sealing edges with tape. Tie ribbons around necks of jars, handles of boxes or bags.

Attach gift tag

Handwritten gift tags add a personal touch. Include the recipient's name on one side and a note from you on the other.

Keep items stable

Use shredded paper, tissue paper or crumpled newspaper to surround treats and prevent shifting during transport.

With attractive packaging and secure sealing, your homemade edible gifts will look as great as they taste! It shows you took time to make something special to share.

How to easily portion out candy for parties?

When hosting gatherings, an easy way to portion out candy is essential. Follow these tips to quickly prepare the perfect amount for your party.

Determine how much you need

First, consider the guest count, kids vs adults, and length of party. A good estimate is 2-3 pieces per child and 1-2 pieces per adult per hour.

Use portion control tools

  • Candy scoops - Fast way to quickly portion chocolate, jelly beans, etc.
  • Scale - Weigh out exact amounts into bowls.
  • Measuring cups - Good for round candies like M&Ms.
  • Cookie scoops - For uniformly sized candies and snacks.

Pre-wrap portions

Separate candy ahead in treat bags. Twist tie the bags closed for easy grabbable portions.

Set up candy buffet style

Use tiered platters, dishes, and containers to display pre-portioned amounts for self-serve. Include scoops for any bulk bins.

Label clearly

Signs indicating candy types and allergy warnings help guests make informed selections.

Replenish as needed

Check back and refill dishes as they empty to maintain stock. Extras can be offered in take-home bags at the end.

With the right tools and planning, you can easily portion candy for parties without time-consuming weighing and counting each piece.