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How to Wear and Style Earnda Women's Wide Obi Belt for Dresses - Tips and Ideas

How to Wear and Style Earnda Women's Wide Obi Belt for Dresses - Tips and Ideas

How to wear an obi belt with dresses?

Obi belts can add visual interest and cinch the waist when worn with dresses. Here are some tips for wearing an obi belt successfully:

Choose the right belt for your dress style

  • Wide obi belts work well with casual, flowy dresses and help define the waist
  • Skinny obi belts pair better with more formal or structured dresses
  • Match the thickness of the belt to the dress - a thick belt overwhelms a delicate dress

Pick a belt that contrasts or matches

Use color, texture or embellishments to make the belt stand out or blend in:

  • A brightly colored belt is eye-catching against a neutral dress
  • Metallic, jeweled or embellished belts complement fancy dresses
  • Match the color and fabric closely for a more seamless look

Place the belt correctly

For the most flattering proportions:

  • Cinch the belt directly at your natural waist
  • Make sure it's tight enough to stay in place
  • Let any dress fabric drape loosely below the belt

With some practice, you can master how to wear obi belts stylishly with all kinds of dresses for any occasion!

How to tie an obi belt?

Obi belts can seem tricky to tie at first. With a few simple steps, you'll be able to create different stylish obi belt knots in no time!

Get started

  • Wrap the belt around your waist and overlap the ends
  • Position the overlap on your left side for traditional obi knot placing
  • Make sure the belt is tight enough to stay securely in place

Tie a basic knot

  1. Take the longer end of the belt across the front over the overlap
  2. Bring it under and across the back to the right side
  3. Loop the end over itself and tighten into a knot
  4. Adjust the knot placement and flatten any wrinkles

Create a butterfly knot

For a symmetrical knot:

  1. Tie a basic knot first
  2. Then take the longer end and wrap it around the front of the belt again
  3. Thread the end under the belt behind the knot
  4. Bring it back to the front and tie another basic knot

Add flair

Customize your look:

  • Let the ends drape in front or behind for drama
  • Bow the ends for a cute touch
  • Incorporate decorative fabric roses or cords

With a few tries, you'll get the hang of tying obi belts in creative ways!

How to choose the right obi belt for your body type?

Choosing an obi belt suited to your body type can help accentuate your best assets. Here are some tips:

Hourglass figure

  • A medium width obi belt worn at the narrowest part of your waist creates curves
  • Try a structured fabric like denim or leather to define your shape
  • Add a decorative knot, bow or buckle for interest

Rectangular figure

  • A wide, soft fabric belt worn at the natural waist gives the illusion of curves
  • Cinch it tightly to create a defined waistline
  • Let the belt ends hang loose to add volume

Pear shaped figure

  • A thin obi belt draws eyes up and slims the lower body
  • Position it higher than your natural waist
  • Pair with empire waist dresses to enhance the effect

Petite figure

  • A medium-width belt with subtle ornamentation maximizes your frame
  • Wear it at the smallest part of your waist
  • Minimize extra fabric or bulky knots

Plus size figure

  • A wide obi belt provides definition while smoothing lines
  • Solid bold colors or striking prints make a statement
  • Pair with A-line dresses and empire waists

The most flattering obi belt highlights your best features. Experiment to find your perfect fit!

How to incorporate an obi belt into your wardrobe?

Obi belts are a fun way to add interest to your outfits. Here are tips for incorporating them into your wardrobe:

Consider your lifestyle

  • Casual obi belts work for daytime wear
  • Thinner dressier options pair well with formal outfits
  • Choose washable fabrics if you have kids or pets

Coordinate with your clothes

  • Match or contrast colors to complement your outfit
  • Pair wider belts with flowy dresses and tops
  • Use skinnier belts to cinch structured garments

Know what silhouettes to belt

  • Cinch A-line and empire waist dresses at the narrowest point
  • Belt maxi dresses and tunics above the hips
  • Define peplum and babydoll tops at the waist

Play with proportions

  • Thick belts balance voluminous tops or dresses
  • Thin belts streamline boxy shapes
  • Cinch billowy wide-leg pants for definition

Incorporate into different styles

  • Use an obi belt to pull together a romantic floral dress
  • Cinch a flowy tunic over leggings for an effortless daytime look
  • Add polish by belting a silky blouse with a pencil skirt

With some styling techniques, you can easily integrate obi belts into dressy, casual or professional outfits year-round!

How to care for an obi belt?

Obi belts can add flair to your outfits, but only if cared for properly. Follow these tips to keep your belt looking its best:

Read the care instructions

  • Check the belt's tag to see if it has specific washing, drying or ironing needs
  • Handwash decorated silk or delicate materials
  • Machine wash sturdy cottons and thicker fabrics

Clean as needed

  • Spot clean stains gently with a damp cloth
  • Use mild detergent and cool water for washing
  • Allow belt to air dry fully before wearing or storing

Store belts properly

  • Hang belts on a wider hanger to avoid creases
  • Roll up or coil belts for drawer storage
  • Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading

Make belts last

  • Avoid overstretching elastic or woven fabrics
  • Prevent damage by removing belts before ironing clothes
  • Use belt loops to distribute weight evenly

Know when to retire a belt

  • Replace belts if leather cracks or fabric frays
  • Toss belts with broken buckles or damaged holes
  • Retire overstretched belts that gap or slip

With proper care and storage, your favorite obi belts can stylishly cinch your waist for many seasons!