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Cory Jacobson
October 25, 2023
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Keychron K3 Keyboard Setup Guide - Connect, Customize Backlighting, Switch Modes, Change Keycaps & Adjust Height

Keychron K3 Keyboard Setup Guide - Connect, Customize Backlighting, Switch Modes, Change Keycaps & Adjust Height

How to connect the Keychron K3 to your computer?

Connecting the Keychron K3 mechanical keyboard to your computer is quick and easy, whether you use a Windows PC or Mac. Here are the steps to get your K3 keyboard up and running:

For Windows

  • First, turn on your Keychron K3 keyboard by pressing the power switch on the side.
  • Plug the included USB-C cable into the USB-C port on the back of the keyboard.
  • Connect the other end of the cable into any free USB port on your Windows PC.
  • That's it! The keyboard will automatically pair with your PC. The backlighting should turn on indicating it's powered on and connected.

For Mac

  • Turn on your K3 keyboard and plug in the USB-C cable as above.
  • On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Set up Bluetooth keyboard and select the K3 from the list of available devices.
  • The K3 will pair with your Mac over Bluetooth. The keyboard can also be used wired with the USB-C cable if preferred.

Once connected, you can start using your new Keychron K3 keyboard right away! The low-profile mechanical switches provide a responsive and comfortable typing experience. Let us know if you have any other questions getting your K3 set up.

How to customize the RGB backlighting on the Keychron K3?

One of the best features of the Keychron K3 is the vibrant RGB backlighting that can be customized to your liking. Here's how to change the backlight colors and effects on your K3 keyboard:

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • To cycle through backlight color presets, press FN + Spacebar.
  • To increase backlight brightness, press FN + Up Arrow.
  • To decrease backlight brightness, press FN + Down Arrow.

Using the Software

For more advanced customization options, you'll need to use the Keychron QMK/VIA software:

  1. Download and install the Keychron QMK/VIA software on your computer.
  2. With your K3 connected, open the software.
  3. You can now customize the backlight color, effects, and brightness for each key individually.
  4. Some effects like rainbow or reactive typing can also be enabled.
  5. Once done customizing, make sure to click "Compile" to save the changes to your keyboard.

Using the software gives you limitless backlighting options for your Keychron K3. You can set up color schemes, animations, and other effects to get the perfect look!

How to change keycaps on the Keychron K3?

The Keychron K3 allows you to customize the look of your keyboard by swapping out the keycaps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the keycaps:

You will need:

  • Keycap puller tool
  • Replacement keycap set


  1. First, use the keycap puller to gently remove each keycap from the K3 keyboard. This may require some wiggling to loosen the keycaps.
  2. Pay attention to the row and position of each keycap as you remove it so you can place the new caps in the correct spots.
  3. Once all the original K3 keycaps are removed, you can start replacing them with the new set. Align each keycap properly before pressing down firmly to attach.
  4. For larger keys like the space bar, carefully pull from the side to remove and realign when replacing.
  5. Make sure each new keycap is pressed flush and sits evenly. Check alignment of lettering as well.
  6. Replacing all the keycaps will allow you to customize the look or feel based on the material like PBT or ABS plastic.

Take your time when changing the keycaps and be careful not to damage the switches underneath. With a compatible keycap set, you can give your Keychron K3 keyboard a whole new look!

How to switch between Mac and Windows mode on the Keychron K3?

One of the best features of the Keychron K3 is its ability to seamlessly switch between Mac and Windows keyboard layouts. This allows you to use the keyboard with multiple devices without remapping keys.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To quickly toggle between Mac and Windows mode:

  • Press FN + S on the K3 keyboard to switch to Mac mode
  • Press FN + D to return to Windows mode

For example, I use my K3 with both my MacBook Pro and my Windows gaming PC. When I'm done working on the Mac, I simply press FN + D to switch the keyboard back to a standard Windows layout before using it with my PC.

Change Default Mode

You can also change the default mode the K3 boots up into:

  1. Press FN + B to enter Bluetooth pairing mode
  2. Then press D or S to choose either Windows or Mac mode as the default

So if you primarily use Mac, you'd want to set the K3 to default to Mac mode and only toggle to Windows when needed. This saves having to switch modes every time.

Being able to seamlessly switch between Mac and Windows makes the Keychron K3 extremely versatile. It's one less thing to worry about when using the keyboard with multiple devices.

How to adjust the height of the Keychron K3?

One advantage of the Keychron K3 is the ability to adjust the keyboard angle and height for improved ergonomics. Here are a few ways to customize the height of your K3 keyboard:

Flip-Out Feet

The K3 has two flip-out rubber feet on the back edge. These can be flipped out to raise the angle of the keyboard. Having the feet folded out improves wrist positioning when typing by tilting the keyboard.

Magnetic Leg

For even more height adjustment, the Keychron K3 comes with a detachable magnetic leg. This leg attaches to the middle of the keyboard bottom and snaps into place.

With the magnetic leg attached, you can adjust the keyboard to 3 different angles - 4°, 7°, and 10°. Just pull the leg out and adjust it to different notches to change the typing angle.

Palm Rest

Keychron also sells a matching wooden palm rest accessory for the K3. This can be paired with the fold-out feet and magnetic leg to raise the overall height.

Resting your palms on the wooden wrist pad reduces strain on your wrists when typing for longer periods. It also adds some aesthetic flair to your desktop setup.

Using a combination of the built-in stands and detachable accessories allows you to dial in the perfect front height and angle for the Keychron K3. This enhances the ergonomics and typing comfort.