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Maximize Strategy & Training With The GoSports Dry Erase Coaches Board - Sketch Plays, Plan Drills, Track Progress

Maximize Strategy & Training With The GoSports Dry Erase Coaches Board - Sketch Plays, Plan Drills, Track Progress

How to plan plays and strategies with the coaches board?

Using a coaches board is a great way to visualize and plan out plays and strategies for your team. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your GoSports Dry Erase Coaches Board:

Sketch out formations

Use the markers to sketch out offensive and defensive formations. Draw positions for each player and map out how you want them to move on the field. This allows you and your players to literally see the bigger picture.

Map out plays

  • Diagram specific plays with X's, O's and arrows to demonstrate player movements.
  • Mark key blocks, holes or gaps for running plays.
  • Identify receiver routes and passing options for passing plays.

Brainstorm strategies

Use the board to collaborate with your coaching staff to brainstorm game strategies. For example:

  • Determine which plays you might start with to set the tone.
  • Plan a 2-minute drill strategy for end of half/game situations.
  • Devise red zone play packages.

The spacious surface allows plenty of room to think through multiple ideas and scenarios.

Adjust on the fly

The board's erasable surface makes it easy to adjust plans on the fly during games. Quickly modify formations or plays based on what the opposing team is showing.

With some markers and creativity, a coaches board can help take your planning and strategizing to the next level!

How to organize team practices and drills with the whiteboard?

A whiteboard is an invaluable tool for organizing productive team practices and running engaging drills. Here are some tips for maximizing a GoSports Dry Erase Coaches Board during practices:

Plan the practice schedule

Use the board to map out the timing for each segment of practice. For example:

5:00-5:15 PMDynamic warm up
5:15-5:35 PMDefense drills
5:35-6:00 PMOffensive drills
6:00-6:15 PMBreak
6:15-6:45 PMScrimmage
6:45-7:00 PMCool down and review

Diagram drills

Visually demonstrate drill setups and player movements. For example, sketch out passing routes or gap assignments for defensive line drills.

Track progress

Note players' improvements in certain drills over time. This allows you to identify strengths to praise and weaknesses to work on.

Make adjustments

If a drill is not working, quickly modify it on the board. Having the visual allows you to explain adjustments clearly.

With accessible sketching and erasing, the whiteboard is ideal for keeping practices crisp, organized and engaging from start to finish.

How to maximize the coaches board for training sessions?

A coaches board is a versatile tool that can elevate your training sessions when used strategically. Here are tips for maximizing its potential:

Review game film

Use magnets or tape to attach printed still shots from game footage to the board. Analyze and discuss what worked well and what needs improvement.

Break down techniques

  • Diagram proper form or footwork for sport-specific skills.
  • Outline progression drills for mastering techniques.

Set training goals

Write out individual and team training goals. Review them at the start and end of each session to stay focused.

Track metrics

Monitor progress by tracking stats like times, distances or weights lifted. Use magnets to display this data for motivation.

Plan circuits

Design exercise circuits and use arrows to indicate movement patterns. This allows for smooth transitions between stations.

Sketch plays

For coaches, diagram offensive and defensive plays to teach positioning and assignments.

Customize workouts

Tailor training plans for each athlete by listing their specific drills, sets and reps on the board.

With smart and strategic use, a coaches board can optimize training sessions and give athletes a performance edge.

How to utilize the markers effectively for the dry erase surface?

Using dry erase markers on a whiteboard surface requires some strategy to maximize legibility and minimize mess. Here are some tips for utilizing GoSports board markers effectively:

Choose appropriate colors

Use darker bolder colors like black, blue and green for main ideas, diagrams or headings. Use lighter colors like orange, pink or purple to accent or highlight certain elements.

Replace markers regularly

  • Old markers lose intensity and may leave faint lines.
  • Replace any markers that feel dry or skip along the surface.

Store markers properly

  • Keep cap secured tightly to avoid markers drying out.
  • Store horizontally instead of upright to maintain ink flow.

Clean thoroughly between uses

Erase the board fully after each use. Leftover marker residue can affect the glide and clarity of new markings.

Don't press too hard

Let the chisel tip glide across the surface. Too much pressure can dent the surface or cause skips.

With high quality markers and proper care, your coaches board can maintain bold, crisp lines during many planning sessions and practices.