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Optimize Comfort and Mobility Wearing Under Armour HeatGear Mid Rise Shorts for Netball

Optimize Comfort and Mobility Wearing Under Armour HeatGear Mid Rise Shorts for Netball

How to choose the right size HeatGear shorts for netball?

Finding the perfect fit for netball shorts is crucial for comfort and performance during games. The right size HeatGear shorts will allow freedom of movement while providing coverage and support. Here are some tips for choosing the best size HeatGear shorts for netball:

Check the size chart

Consult Under Armour's size chart for HeatGear shorts. Measure your waist and hip circumference and cross-reference the measurements against the chart to find your size. Keep in mind that netball shorts are meant to fit snugly to prevent riding up or shifting during play.

Consider your usual size

Think about what size you normally wear in shorts from other athletic brands. Under Armour sizes often align with standard clothing sizes. If you typically wear a size medium in workout clothes, a medium in HeatGear shorts will likely fit well.

Take body type into account

The right shorts size will fit comfortably around your widest part without being too tight in other areas. Those with curvier figures may need to size up for the hips and derriere while taking in the waist. Opt for a larger size that you can adjust to fit your body shape if needed.

Try them on

If possible, try the HeatGear shorts on in person for the best sense of fit. Move around and do some lunges or squats. The shorts should feel snug but not dig in, and they shouldn't ride up or shift out of place as you move. Try a few sizes to determine which feels most comfortable.

Finding shorts that fit properly makes a big difference in comfort and confidence on the netball court. Consult Under Armour's sizing guidelines and don't be afraid to try multiple sizes to determine the best fit HeatGear shorts for your body type and netball needs.

How to care for Under Armour HeatGear fabric?

Under Armour's HeatGear fabric is designed to be ultra-soft and smooth to keep athletes cool and comfortable. With the right care, HeatGear clothing will provide durability and enhance performance. Here are some tips for extending the life of Under Armour HeatGear apparel:


  • Turn clothes inside out before washing to protect the fabric
  • Wash in cold water using a gentle cycle setting
  • Don't use fabric softener or bleach that could damage the material
  • Wash dark and light colors separately as the fabric is prone to color transfer


  • Lay flat or hang to dry - avoid putting HeatGear in the dryer
  • If drying outside, keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • If hang drying, clip shorts and sleeves to retain shape

Stain Removal

  • Pretreat stains with a gentle laundry detergent or spot cleaner
  • Avoid vigorously rubbing the fabric when trying to remove stains
  • Rinse thoroughly after pretreating to remove any cleaning solution residue


  • Fold or hang HeatGear clothing to avoid compression and wrinkling
  • Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct light to prevent fading
  • Consider off-season storage in a breathable container

With proper care, Under Armour HeatGear can maintain its soft, lightweight performance and moisture-wicking abilities wash after wash so athletes can stay comfortable on the court or field.

How to style HeatGear shorts for netball games?

HeatGear shorts are a netball staple thanks to their lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric. While they’re designed for performance, you can also style them for a cute court-side look. Here are some tips for styling your HeatGear shorts for game days:

Choose the right shorts

  • Opt for a 5-6 inch inseam for the most flattering fit
  • Consider colors like black, gray, or bright accent colors for versatility
  • Try both the original smooth HeatGear fabric or the printed HeatGear fabric

Pair with the right top

  • A form-fitting HeatGear tank, tee, or long sleeve complements the shorts nicely
  • Bold printed tops let the shorts be a neutral foundation
  • Cropped tanks and tees highlight the shorts when warmups come off

Add stylish layers

  • Toss on a loose mesh jacket or hoodie on top for a sporty look
  • A bomber jacket layered over a tank gives an athleisure vibe
  • For cooler days, add tall socks layered under the shorts

Pull together with accessories

  • Complete the outfit with sporty sneakers like Under Armour HOVRTM
  • Add simple jewelry like stud earrings, bracelets, and necklaces
  • Stylish sunglasses, headbands, and low ponytails polish off the look

With the right mix of fabrics, colors, layers, and accessories, HeatGear shorts become the stylish foundation of a fashionable netball outfit. Don’t be afraid to get creative and develop your own unique netball game day style.

How to maximize comfort and breathability when wearing HeatGear shorts for netball?

HeatGear shorts are designed for ultimate ventilation during intense sports like netball. With the right fit and fabric care, you can optimize the shorts' comfort and breathability.

Find the right fit

  • Consult Under Armour's size chart and reviews to pick the best size
  • The waistband should fit snugly without digging in
  • Shorts shouldn't be overly loose or compressive in the hips and thighs

Care for the fabric

  • Wash in cold water to preserve the heat-wicking finish
  • Air dry instead of machine drying to prevent damage
  • Use a garment bag when washing to protect from friction

Enhance breathability

  • Opt for the laser-cut vented HemiTM design for maximum airflow
  • Choose lighter color fabrics that are cooler in the sun
  • Size up if between sizes for a looser fit

Maximize mobility

  • Perform dynamic stretches while wearing the shorts
  • Ensure the inseam doesn't constrain your lunges or jumps
  • Focus on a streamlined fit through the hips and thighs

Use proper undergarments

  • Wear lightweight, breathable underwear and sports bras
  • Choose seamless underwear styles to prevent friction and lines
  • Apply anti-chafe balms or lotions during hot, sweaty play

With the ideal fit, fabric care, design features, and undergarments, Under Armour's HeatGear shorts will feel cool, dry, and unrestrictive all game long.