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Patrick Masar
October 25, 2023
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Optimize Performance and Maintenance of Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 for Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Optimize Performance and Maintenance of Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 for Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

How to set up Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 for your aquarium?

Setting up the Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 properly is important for keeping your aquarium water clean and clear. Here are the steps to set it up correctly:

Parts of the Filter

  • Filter body
  • Intake strainer
  • Output nozzle
  • Filter media
    • Mechanical - sponges/floss pads
    • Biological - ceramic rings/bio balls
    • Chemical - activated carbon

Installation Steps

  1. Install the intake strainer and output nozzle on the back of the aquarium, ideally at opposite ends.
  2. Fill the filter body with filter media in this order:
    1. Mechanical media at the bottom
    2. Biological media in the middle
    3. Chemical media at the top
  3. Connect the intake and output tubes to the strainer and nozzle.
  4. Hang the filter on the back of the aquarium.
  5. Prime the filter by filling it with aquarium water to eliminate air bubbles.
  6. Plug in and turn on the filter to start the flow of water through the media.
  7. Adjust the flow rate if needed by turning the flow control dial.

Be sure to periodically check the filter media and replace as needed. Annual replacement of chemical media is recommended. Following these steps correctly will ensure your Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 keeps your aquarium water clear and healthy.

How to clean Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000?

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential for keeping the Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 running efficiently. Here are the steps to properly clean the filter:

Supplies Needed

  • Bucket
  • Filter brush
  • Dechlorinator
  • Replacement filter media

Cleaning Steps

  1. Unplug the filter and disconnect the tubes.
  2. Bring the filter to a sink or tub. Remove the filter media basket.
  3. Discard old chemical filtration media like activated carbon. Rinse mechanical and biological media in old tank water if reusing.
  4. Wash the filter body and impeller shaft using a filter brush to remove debris and algae buildup.
  5. Rinse the inside of the motor housing using low water pressure. Ensure no debris blocks the impeller.
  6. Refill the filter basket with clean media in this order:
    1. Mechanical media at the bottom
    2. Biological media in the middle
    3. New chemical media at the top
Media TypeExamplesFunction
MechanicalSponges, floss padsTraps particles and debris
BiologicalCeramic rings, bio ballsProvides surface for beneficial bacteria
ChemicalActivated carbonAdsorbs impurities and odors

Reconnect the tubes and plug the filter back in. Refill the aquarium with dechlorinated water to the normal level. Monitor flow rate and filter function. Deep clean every 6-8 months for optimal performance.

Regular cleaning keeps the Ultramax filter's impeller and media working efficiently to remove waste from the aquarium. Replace chemical media as needed to maintain crystal clear water.

How to replace cartridges in Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000?

The filter cartridges in the AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 will need periodic replacement to keep the filtration system working properly. Here are the steps for replacing the cartridges correctly:

Cartridge Types

  • Mechanical - Sponge cartridges trap debris and particles
  • Biological - Ceramic cartridges provide surface area for beneficial bacteria
  • Chemical - Activated carbon cartridges remove odors, discoloration and impurities

Replacement Steps

  1. Unplug the filter and disconnect the tubing.
  2. Open the filter and remove the old cartridges. Rinse any reusable biological media.
  3. Insert the new cartridges in the correct order:
    1. Mechanical cartridge at the bottom
    2. Biological cartridge in the middle
    3. Chemical cartridge at the top
  4. Refill the filter box with aquarium water up to the water level mark.
  5. Reconnect the tubing and plug in the filter.
  6. Let the filter run for 15 minutes to fill and prime.
  7. Observe water flow and check for leaks.
CartridgeReplacement Frequency
MechanicalEvery 2-4 weeks
BiologicalEvery 3-6 months
ChemicalEvery 4-6 weeks

Routine cartridge replacement is key to maintaining proper biological and mechanical filtration. Use genuine AQUAEL cartridges for the best performance and water quality.

Always unplug the Ultramax when working on it and never let it run dry. Following the proper cartridge replacement steps helps ensure healthy water conditions in your aquarium.

How to prime Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 before first use?

Priming the filter properly is an important step when setting up the AQUAEL Ultramax 2000 for the first time. This process eliminates air from the system allowing smooth water flow.

Priming Steps

  1. Install filter media into the filter box in the right order:
    • Mechanical media at bottom
    • Biological media in middle
    • Chemical media at top
  2. Connect all tubing to the filter intake and outflow.
  3. Fill the filter box with aquarium water up to the water level indicator.
  4. Open the primer valve on top of the filter.
  5. Plug in the filter to start water flow for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Close the primer valve when a steady stream of bubbles stops coming out.
  7. Adjust flow control dial to the desired setting.

Why Priming is Important

  • Removes air bubbles from the system
  • Allows unobstructed water flow
  • Prevents filter from running dry and burning out
  • Maximizes filtration performance

It is crucial to fully prime the Ultramax canister filter before plugging it in for normal operation. Trapped air pockets will cause the impeller to run dry, overheat, and fail.

Prime in the sink before attaching to a filled aquarium. Monitor the output nozzle for a steady stream of bubbles, then close the valve. Your AQUAEL filter will now run quietly and efficiently.

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How to adjust flow rate of Filter AQUAEL Ultramax 2000?

The Ultramax 2000 filter has an adjustable flow rate to customize water circulation for your aquarium size and needs.

Adjusting Flow Rate

  1. Locate flow control dial on top of filter.
  2. Monitor filter output nozzle while turning dial.
  3. Turn clockwise to decrease flow rate.
  4. Turn counterclockwise to increase flow rate.
  5. Set to desired flow level for your aquarium.
Aquarium SizeRecommended Flow Rate
Up to 65 gal211 GPH
65 - 125 gal264 GPH
125 - 250 gal317 GPH


  • Start flow rate low and gradually increase.
  • Observe fish behavior to ensure no stress.
  • Adjust as needed after initial setup.
  • Decrease flow if output current is too strong.

Proper flow rate provides optimal filtration while minimizing fish stress. Monitor your aquarium inhabitants and adjust the Ultramax 2000 flow control dial as needed.

Finding the right balance ensures a healthy aquarium environment. Test different settings to determine the ideal flow rate for your tank size and fish species.