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Patrick Masar
October 28, 2023
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The Perfect Accessory - How to Choose the Right Size Kids Long Satin Gloves with Pearl Bowknot for Your Daughter's Wedding Dress

The Perfect Accessory - How to Choose the Right Size Kids Long Satin Gloves with Pearl Bowknot for Your Daughter's Wedding Dress

How to choose the right size gloves for my daughter?

When picking out formal gloves for your daughter's special occasion, getting the right size is crucial for comfort and a proper fit. Here are some tips for choosing the correct glove size:

Measure Her Hand

  • Use a fabric measuring tape to measure all the way around the widest part of her hand at the knuckles. This is her glove size in inches.
  • Compare the measurement to the glove sizing chart for that brand. Sizes can vary between manufacturers.

Consider Room for Growth

If your daughter is still growing, size up so the gloves will still fit comfortably in the next few months. Going a half or whole size larger is better than gloves feeling tight and restrictive.

Try Gloves On

When possible, have your daughter try on the gloves for fit. The gloves should go on easily without feeling loose. Make sure the finger lengths are right - her fingertips should reach the ends but not be cramped.

Glove FitFinger Room
Too tightFingers pressed at ends
Too looseFingers don't reach ends
Just rightFingertips gently meet ends

With the right size gloves, your daughter will look elegant and poised for her special event.

How to care for satin gloves?

Satin gloves add elegance for formal events, but require some special care to keep them looking pristine. Follow these tips to extend the life of your satin gloves:


  • Keep gloves in their original box or a cloth glove bag. This prevents wrinkles and stains.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Place gloves flat or stuff with tissue to retain shape.
  • Avoid folding or bunching which can cause permanent creases.


Spot clean stains immediately with a white cloth and cold water. Gently dab the stain until it lifts. Harsh rubbing can damage the delicate satin.

For deeper cleaning, use a specialty satin glove cleaner or gentle soap and cold water. Soak the gloves, then rinse thoroughly. Allow to fully air dry over a towel to avoid water spots.

Avoiding Damage

  • Apply lotion before wearing satin gloves to prevent snags and tears.
  • Pull gloves on gently, do not yank fingers to avoid seams popping.
  • Remove rings and bracelets that could catch on the fabric.
  • Check for rough nails or hangnails that could snag the satin.

With proper care between uses, quality satin gloves can last for many special occasions. Teach your daughter care tips so she can treasure her elegant gloves.

How to get stains out of white satin gloves?

White satin gloves can easily become stained during wear. Luckily, there are methods to remove common stains and restore their pristine look.


  • Mild liquid soap or glove cleaner
  • Clean white cloths
  • Small soft bristle brush
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3%)

General Stain Removal Steps

  1. Blot stains immediately with a dry white cloth to absorb excess.
  2. Mix a mild soap with cool water. Swish gloves gently to loosen stain.
  3. Dab soapy water on the stain with a clean damp cloth. Avoid harsh rubbing.
  4. Rinse thoroughly under cool running water.
  5. Allow to fully air dry over a towel before wearing again.

Stubborn Stains

For persistent stains, try these targeted treatments:

  • Food stains - Dab with diluted hydrogen peroxide. Rinse.
  • Makeup/lipstick - Gently brush baking soda paste on stain. Rinse.
  • Wine - Blot with white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Mud/dirt - Let mud dry fully then gently brush off.

With some targeted stain removal techniques, you can give new life to stained satin gloves.

How to keep gloves secure on my daughter's hands during an event?

It's frustrating when formal gloves keep slipping off your daughter's hands during a wedding or other special event. Use these tips to keep her gloves in place:


  • Make sure gloves are properly fitted - not too loose or tight.
  • Size up if her hands are still growing to allow some room.


Satin and silk fabrics are slicker and can slide off easier than textured fabrics like lace. Opt for gloves with some grip if she'll be active.

Finger Loops

Many gloves come with small stretchy loops that go around each finger. Make sure these lay flat against the base of her fingers for security.


  • Double sided fashion tape inside the wrist edge can help gloves stay put.
  • Bandaids or medical tape work too. Just avoid direct skin contact.


  • Pearl or jewel bracelets over the gloves help hold them in place.
  • elastic wrist bands also help gloves grip better.

Practice wearing the gloves fully secured before the big event. Check fit throughout the night and gently pull back up if slipping. With a few simple tricks, her gloves will stay put and she can focus on having fun.

How to store satin gloves to prevent damage?

Taking proper care of your satin gloves between wearings will keep them looking pristine. Follow these storage tips:


  • Clean gloves before storing to prevent stains setting in.
  • Use a mild detergent and cold water, then air dry fully.


Avoid folding satin gloves as this can cause creases. Instead:

  • Lay gloves flat in a glove box or cloth bag.
  • Or gently stuff with acid-free tissue paper to hold shape.

Temperature & Humidity

Store gloves in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Ideal conditions:

  • 60-68°F temperature
  • 50-55% relative humidity

Heat and moisture can damage the satin fibers over time.


Insects like moths are attracted to silk. Use cedar blocks or lavender sachets as natural deterrents.


  • Avoid unnecessary bending and twisting of the gloves.
  • Do not hang gloves or bunch tightly which can stretch the silk.

With proper at-home storage habits, your satin gloves will stay pristine and ready for the next formal affair.

How to style gloves with my daughter's formal dress?

Adding gloves elegantly complements your daughter's special occasion dress. Consider these tips when styling gloves for her outfit:

Dress Style

  • Full length satin gloves work well with classic ball gowns.
  • Shorter gloves pair great with tea length or cocktail dresses.
  • Lacy gloves add romance to feminine chiffon dresses.

Dress Color

Match the glove color to the dress for cohesion. For example:

  • White gloves with a white or pastel dress
  • Black gloves with a black or bold colored dress
  • Metallic gloves with a sequined or beaded dress


Consider other accessories when choosing gloves:

  • Longer gloves work better with short sleeve dresses.
  • Jeweled bracelets worn over gloves nicely complement the look.
  • Carry gloves when wearing a corsage to avoid crushing.

For the best results, purchase gloves after the dress so you can match elements like color, length and embellishments.

Proper glove styling will make your daughter's special occasion ensemble look complete.